Wednesday, May 13

Grin and bear it

7:39am. I’ve been up for about ninety minutes. Mike went for physical therapy on his shoulders ( first time). The office is about a mile away from our house -very convenient. He has been having pain and loss of motion in his shoulder sockets for some time and I’ve been nagging him to get it taken care of. 

I have a bunch of back-to-back zoom private 5th grade lessons today between noon and four. Next week will be my last week doing these. The last day of school is May 26. Hurray!

I’m intending to drive down to Lewistown, Canton, Norris Friday and visit my family briefly and drive back home. I haven’t been down there since December. It will be good to take a nice drive and give Mike a break away from me. 👹 The weather is supposed to be really nice. I’m getting my car serviced today with an oil change, tire rotation and new batterie in my fob. I really love driving that car. So nice.

I had a phone interview yesterday with a lady in the home office in Nebraska for Resort Lifestyles Communities Inc. They have an opening for the lifestyle director at a new facility ( Huntley Springs) only about a mile from my house. It’s a 55+ resort all-inclusive community ( all apartments and condos) it is not part of the Sun City community in Huntley where I live.  The phone interview went pretty well I thought and now the site manager is going to call me. They’re going to have to raise the pay higher than the lady on the phone mentioned yesterday for me to even consider it. I don’t know how much wiggle room is there but considering the price the residents pay to stay there I’d say they ought to be able to go much higher. I just was sick of all the hoops and bullshit that have developed with teaching the last few years. Also I am not going to go on being exposed to all those kid germs and being sick constantly. Now that I’ve been out of the schools for a couple months I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. 

10:03. We took my car over to the mechanic and dropped it off. In a couple hours Mike will drive his Tahoe over there and leave it to be serviced and drive my car home then later this afternoon we’ll go get the Tahoe. Both were well overdue for an oil change.

I’ve been tending some sourdough starter for a couple weeks now and have gotten over it so used it all putting it into bread dough. I didn’t follow a recipe I was just free stylin as I usually do. I kneaded for a long time and added some olive oil to it. Now it’s in a big covered bowl on the stove for its first rise. It will either turn out good or suck big time. I like improvising when I cook. It gives an added element of excitement and anticipation for me. Some women have told me they ALWAYS follow recipes exactly. That’s just boring to me. I always have to jazz things up. I do read recipes to get general ideas though.

I just heard another bird hit the window. There are lots of birds around here. Mike hates them. I love them. He doesn’t want any filthy creatures around the house. I just roll my eyes and ignore it. 

10:17 I’m going out for a walk before I have to start teaching. Trying to keep a calm, positive demeanor

4:51pm So only one kid out of six didn’t show up for her Zoom lesson. Not as bad as usual.

8:50 pm  My bread turned out shitty, very dense and biscuit-like. I threw it away. You win some you lose some.

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