Monday, September 21

How to keep swimming

Another week has started. It’s a chilly Monday morning. Overall this week is supposed to be warmer. It’s 8:33 and Mike hasn’t started working yet. I’ve been up for about an hour, got dressed, had my oatmeal and am working on my first cup of coffee. Mike already took the dog out. I’ll take her for a walk shortly. I have an indoor pool time scheduled for 3:45. I haven’t been for a couple weeks.

I’m hoping we can just completely forget about the trip to northern Wisconsin with Mikes mother. I can’t take it. He always wants me to go with him when he visits her and I guess I serve as the buffer but now I’m just plain tired of it and don’t want to. I suggested this morning that he takes time off from work and just he and I go somewhere. He seemed to like that idea. The second weekend in October I’m going to Lewistown to stay with my grandsons. I’ll probably take them to the Apple orchard, to Emiquon wildlife refuge near Havana and maybe other places. The foliage should be beautiful then. 
I keep trying to stay hopeful and think positive and count my blessings. I can feel myself struggling and trying to sink all the time. I have to grab desperately for emotional pool noodles to help keep me from drowning. You have to latch on to whatever you can. Sometimes you’re just barely floating with your head above water. 


A while ago I just discovered an email from the school district in my spam folder. I've been waiting on that email for days to get my district email & ID back so I could complete a bunch of stuff. Now I'm logged on and completing a bunch of mandatory training modules. 

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