Saturday, November 14

Chilly in da house

For some reason I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s chilly in the house and I have a blanket on my lap. Still cold.
I just got up and got my coffee that just finished brewing and put on my long pink fuzzy robe. That should help. Mike just got up and turned the heat on.unless I have my reading glasses and a flashlight I can’t read the controls on the thermostat.

I’ve been offered the long term elementary music sub job for D300 that lasts from as soon as I can get my forms in until Jan.15. It would be all online. They don’t pay as well as U-46 though. I told the lady from HR I’d tell her yes or no by noon Monday. 
Mike is putting me on his group insurance Jan.1 to save money but I verified I can go back on the teachers’ retirement insurance if he retires or gets laid off. He’ll be 62 on Monday.
We have to stop at the bank this morning and get cash for the gift card and for my fingerprinting at the Kane ROE ( for D300) and go to St.Charles and pick up Annette then go to GlenEllyn and drive by Casey & Jackie’s house for the “ drive by baby shower” and quickly drop off the gifts. This is the weird way things are done during a pandemic. Annette has stopped taking her antidepressants again so probably before too long there will be issues again. She’ll be 82 in January. Jerry passed away 5 years ago in March. They were married 52 years.
With my family there’s a bunch of drama going on as usual. My youngest daughter has left her husband. My older daughter’s oldest daughter has been having a lot of depression and anger, rebellion,problems. There’s always something of concern happening. I haven’t seen my family since early October. Due to the surge of the pandemic I’ve been trying to stay home and be more careful.
I’m still doing keto and fasting. I’ve been at a plateau the last couple days and feeling pretty draggy and low energy ( it may be my worries about the kids too).I manage to get Bitzi out for walks a couple times a day but no pool time or very long walks. My middle is feeling a bit smaller which is good. I have a long way to go. This snowball has been rolling downhill getting bigger since the transplant. It’s a lot harder and slower to push it back up the hill and lose a little at a time. The top of the hill is months away. 
We started watching season one of The Crown on Netflix last night. It was very good. I love all the historical epochs with the awesome sets, costuming, makeup, locations to create the time period. We stopped on the second episode to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. I fell asleep soon after it started though. We’ll watch it tonight. He’s only on for one more week then he’s done until January. He does that every year.
6:52 It’s starting to get fully light out now. Mike is sitting in the adjoining living room on the couch watching The Masters. I haven’t taken Bitzi out to pee yet. He took her out at 2:30am. I bet she’d be fine going all night without going out to pee but he sits up every night watching TV after I go to bed and he always takes her out. Although he grouches and grumped about getting her and said he didn’t like little dogs and I was crazy to pay $1800 for a 2-lb puppy she has melted his heart and he genuinely loves her. He gets down on the floor and rolls around and pretends to wrestle with her. He takes her back to his office when I’m gone. She’s brought us a lot of joy. 

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