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Monday, February 15

Fighting off gloom and depression

This is a typical shitty cold overcast bucket of suck February day. I was up in the night coughing because my sinuses were draining despite my foam wedge pillow. I got up and took a Benadryl, used Flonase and read on my iPad for a while. I canceled my 6:30am pool appointment and turned off my 5:15 rooster crow alarm. I slept until 7:30 and now feeling okay. I took Bitzi for a short walk but it’s too bitterly cold outside for her. I rescheduled my pool time for 12:15. Mike is in election hell now and preparing to do all his Zoom candidate interviews. He has to record them all they’ll be published on the newspaper website. He is not happy. 



I had my pool time, drove to Discount Tires in Carpentersville and got air in my tires, drove to Algonquin Kohl’s to return two Amazon items and came home. Damn it’s cold! I made some chicken noodle soup and that’s about it. 

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