Tuesday, April 4


It’s Tuesday morning and I’m staying at my daughter’s house. I’ve been here two nights so far. I drove down Sunday, took my oldest sister out for a while and went to the hotel where we were supposed to stay. My two daughters and my grandkids were coming to swim and stay over. When I arrive the desk clerk told me the pool was closed from damage the night before. The pool was the reason we were staying there so I canceled our rooms. Yesterday we took the kids to the park for a couple hours and had a good time. Today I’m supposed to get my grandson Oliver for a couple hours. Friday and Saturday I’m supposed to watch my baby granddaughter Mabel while her mom and dad work to fix and improve the house and yard they’re moving to soon. Mabel is just fourteen months old, toddling around and gets into everything. I’m gong to take Oliver and go see my other sister today. I have a plant and egg cartons for her. She raises hens for their eggs.

It’s good to have a little break away but I’m getting a little homesick already. The weather this time of year is unpredictable and I didn’t bring the right clothes. I didn’t bring enough stuff as I only intended to stay two nights but then Sarah asked me about watching Mabel Friday and Saturday so I said I would. At least I brought enough of my medications. Samantha and Henna are still sleeping so I’m the only one awake here and I’m trying to be quiet. 

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