Saturday, November 11


It’s pretty cool to think as of today I’ve been on this planet and traveled around the sun 64 times. 

Our combined birthdays splurge surf and turf buffet dinner yesterday was really good. When we left we both were uncomfortable full and looked forward to changing into comfortable pajamas and lounging on the couch cuddled up watching a few episodes of “ The Circus”. Shortly after we were home and had changed and just settled in the phone rang and there was another crisis with Mike’s mom so we had to get dressed and drive the 45 minutes over there. There were 6 other relatives there all fussing and hovering about. His mom was okay, she just had an awful coughing attack that scared them. Why on earth they didn’t just call 911 I have no clue. His mom’s oxygen levels and pulse were normal. She was in no pain. We told all the relatives to go home and we’d stick around. It took them FOREVER to leave because they just cannot stop talking. They chatter incessantly, seriously. After they left his mom was relieved. She got up and walked around unassisted. No coughing. We stayed for a long time. She fell asleep. There was no problem .

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