Friday, November 10

Looking up

It’s Friday morning, the sun is shining and it’s a good day. I woke around 5 and laid there for a while but then got up. I made a cup of coffee and warmed up some of my oatmeal with berries I made two days ago and put the leftovers  in the refrigerator. I slept pretty well and so far haven’t had my usual coughing goo attack. This is day 7 of no gluten or dairy. Actually it has been fairly easy so I’m going to keep going for at least 6 weeks to see if I feel better and have less mucous and congestion. I would do anything at this point. 

Later today we’re going to the Port Edward in Algonquin surf & turf Friday buffet as a treat for our combined birthdays. Mike is turning 65 on the 16th and I’m turning 64 tomorrow. They haven’t had this buffet in three years so it should be a great splurge and treat.

Yesterday we went to Mike’s mom’s and she was really weak and hadn’t been up out of her chair much at all in three days. Her three sisters and brothers were there hovering around. Mike was trying to pay her bills over the phone and go through her mail. Somehow in the last couple weeks she has misplaced an envelope with $800 so everybody was searching for that. Technically his mom is still living on her own but somebody’s there almost 24-7 now. She has dementia and is tiny and frail. She has lung cancer that has spread to her brain. It’s a very depressing situation. 

I’m going for a nice long walk with Bitzi in a little while. It always makes both of us feel better. The fresh air and exercise and connecting with nature is very uplifting. I have more work I need to doin the yard today. I need to dig out the Christmas stuff. Hopefully I can check a lot of things off my list today. 

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