Tuesday, January 30

Just breathe

My goals today are to keep moving, keep positive and be happy. I was supposed to go to central Illinois yesterday for a few days but didn’t end up going due to my daughter. I was really aggravated at her yesterday but I’ll just move on and let it go. I don’t need to brood and fester about stuff. Life is short. You cannot control the behavior of others. I need to take care of my own business and stay in my own lane. I am not on of those meddling mothers or mother-in-laws. I mind my own business. I really hate pushy people. 

Whatever is going on in the atmosphere is making my nose run and causing me post-nasal drip that makes me cough. That’s what woke me up this morning and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. The damp foggy weather always triggers it. My wheezing has been worse. I took a nice long walk with Bitzi yesterday but didn’t make it to the lodge for my heavy workout. I’ll do that today. I need 40 minutes of cardio a day for my heart. Gotta keep all the body mechanics working. I am sick of this chronic bronchial congestion and wheezing. What a blessing it would be to consistently breathe free and clear! 

We got four new cabinets put in the kitchen a few weeks ago and created a coffee bar on top of the two bottom ones. I have my Keurig there with three different flavor pumps and mugs, sugar, creamer and pods in the cabinet above. It’s very handy. Also all the cabinets were repainted- the base cabinets are a nice dark green, the wall cabinets white, the walls are pale faint green and we have a new vent hood, new relocated microwave and new white and green backsplash. I really like it a lot. In a month or so we’ll replace the stove and fridge and dishwasher.

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