Tuesday, January 9

Snuggly Snow Day

We got about 3” of snow last night but it’s supposed to keep snowing all day until midnight. I would rather have pretty snow than plain overcast dismal gloom any day. It’s also a plus that O don’t have to drive to work or go anywhere. Mike got up before me today so I got up, opened the window blinds, fed and watered the dog and made myself a cup of coffee with my new sugar-free coffee flavors. I just put two pumps of hazelnut in the first one. I also have vanilla and caramel flavorings. Since we had new cabinets added with the remodel I’ve urned the top into a coffee bar. One of the upper cabinets stores th pods and mugs, sugar and creamer.

I made some French toast to use up the bread and some fresh blackberries. It was okay. Normally I wouldn’t use that seeded bread to make it. I’m going to clean up, finish the laundry and attempt to take Bitzi for a walk. Then I’m going through our closet to get ride of stuff. 

9:48. I just took Bitzi and drove up to the big main lodge here in Sun City. The sidewalks all around there are always shoveled well in the winter on messy days. I tried walking her around a bit but there is a wet snow slush coming down. I could feel it under my feet. I had on my best traction thick-soled hiking shoes. I kept feeling like I was going to slip and fall so after she peed once I put her in the car and came home. She wanted nothing to do with staying outside and walking around so I put her inside and went back out on the driveway to help Mike shovel. It’s super wet slushy stuff and it’s snowing a lot faster and heavier now. We got the driveway all scraped off but it will be covered again in no time at this rate. 

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