Thursday, February 8

Comfort and joy

The dog is curled up on the soft, cozy Bears blanket on my lap. She feels like a gentle little heating pad. I can hear the high- pitched jingle of the metal wind chime hung outside the front door stoop along with the background hum and whoosh of the furnace blowing. I have my little cup of coffee with sugar-free chocolate macaroon flavor syrup added to it. Not bad. I got a bunch of flavored syrups for my new coffee bar on top the new cabinets we had put in a few weeks ago. It makes things a little more interesting in the mornings.

We did a lot of errands yesterday so I didn’t get all of my to-do list tasks accomplished but today is a new day. I did manage to get my old ratty sewing basket sorted and cleaned out and my crochet bag too. I need a new container for those. It sounds pretty gusty / windy outside. I haven’t read the weather forecast. 

My intention was to take Bitzi somewhere different for our big walk today. I like walking. It always makes me feel better. I like the fresh air. Going to the gyn or walking the inside track will do if you have to but I’d rather be outside. I usually walk to fast-paced music and March in place while Bitzi is sniffing stuff. I’m supposed to keep an elevated heart rate for 40 minutes or so a day. 

Today I’m going to the grocery store to stock up on healthy foods. Then I’m going to prepare a big bowl of mixed greens salad to keep in the fridge along with diced up proteins to add in. I need to avoid junk and refined carbs and red meat, fried stuff and fatty foods. 

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