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Sunday, February 9

Sunday snow’s a-comin

I made some cinnamon rolls this morning and now I’m finishing my second cup of coffee. It’s supposed to start snowing soon up to three inches and then start raining. I just don’t like the sleet and ice so maybe the rain will just melt all the snow. My friend who lives in Denver just got slammed with a crazy amount of snow so this stuff won’t seems like much compared to that. 

Mike and I didn’t do too much yesterday. We took his car ( black Chevy Tahoe) to Fast Eddies here in Huntley for an exterior wash and interior cleaning. I took my Kia Sorrento there Friday afternoon but just got the exterior wash as it was full of my instruments and school stuff. After the car wash yesterday we went to a couple stores then came home and stayed home. Neither of us are feeling very good or frisky. We’re both tired.  

Mike’s mom had a lung biopsy Thursday of a spot that showed up on a CT scan and she should get the pathology report back tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s the left lung. She had breast cancer on the left about fifteen years ago and was treated with a simple lumpectomy and a little radiation. She’s been pretty depressed since her husband Jerry died three years ago. She’s stopped going to mass, bingo and doesn’t want to go anywhere or take a shower or get dressed. We’ve all tried and tried.      

At some Point we’re going to go away to somewhere warm and sunny during February. We both like the thought of the Florida keys. Neither of us like crowds or touristy bullshit places. We really love nature and water.

11:16 It’s snowing very heavily now - crazy heavy but it’s not supposed to last that long or accumulate to much.     We’re cleaning the house, doing laundry and preparing for the coming work week. I think we’ll run out briefly and drop a couple things off at Goodwill. Since our house is smaller than the old one we need to continually thin things down. I guess I’m now used to not having a basement but we need to redo the attic stairs so I can go up and down more easily and safely to store and retrieve things. The aluminum pull-down stairs are hard to pull down and just scary for me#seniorcitizen, #aginggracefully, #retire2020, #chicagowinters.

So after cooking a bunch this week we now have in the fridge vegetable beef soup, pulled pork, meatballs and cheesecake  I should put some in the freezer today.
cheesecake mix

2:30 It's STILL snowing! I just made chocolate chip cookies and will put a bunch of stuff in the freezer ( the squirrel in me!)

3:27   I did some school work in my little back office. After I retire I can get rid of a lot more stuff. I bought Milo a trombone and a different mouthpiece and a padded strap for his case and a beginner book to start. I’ll also give him a folding music stand to go with it.

I put the chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls I baked today in smaller bags in the freezer. I don’t need them sitting out on the counter tempting me. Mike and I are going to go out and shovel before the sleet starts and it gets dark. We have a lawn maintenance company mow and trim all summer. I just tend my flowers. Lots of residents here in Sun City have snow removal service but we shovel our own. Both of Mike’s shoulders are starting to go bad. I’m sure he’ll get them fixed at some point. We’ll probably have the snow removal service at some point too.

5:19 I know today is an unusually long post for me. Sometimes I get on a roll. Also being stuck inside with the snow gave me ample time to blabber on more than usual.

We went out and shoveled then went to the store and ran a couple errands. It’s misting rain now. There’s probably 2-3 inches of snow on the ground but it’s pretty wet and melting and slides easily. Since I’m so congested I got about a third of the driveway cleared and had to stop for a huge hacking attack before I continued. I had a couple of those before we were finished. Got a lot of gunk out from all the hacking though.
We just got home from errands and the neighbor lady kitty corner across the street from us with the loud vicious dog who always barks it’s fucking head off was out shoveling ( and of course, you could hear her fucking dog barking inside the house) so Mike gave me the bags to bring inside and said he was going to go help her shovel. I would have gone to help too if it weren’t for her having that loud fucking dog barking ALL THE TIME. Uh no....

I’m making a little fettuccine after while. I got a new seed starter kit and some zinnia flower seeds!!! The snow plow just went by. We live on a corner lot. Every time the snowplow goes by they pile our driveway closed! Damn it! I think they do it on purpose.

Friday, November 29


It’s now 4:36. I’ve been up about 90 minutes. I woke up coughing, needing to take my thyroid pill and pee. Since I was up I put my Eucerin dry skin cream on my face and neck and one my arms and legs. I get so dry in the winter. I brushed my hair and looked at in the mirror. I keep considering a short pixie cut but have let it grow down past my shoulders. I don’t want to be one of those eccentric old ladies who let their hair grow long and thin and scraggly and unkempt. I’m still considering it and have left it long at least for the winter. I am not someone to keep the exact same hairstyle all the time. At least with long hair you have options of doing it many ways. I like options and not to be stuck with just one look.

Yesterday I left the house before 7. I took 64 East to 39 by Rockford and went to Peoria that way. I got to Vicki’s house about 20 minutes early. Vicki has increasing bathroom control issues so I had her use the restroom right before we left and put on an additional absorbent pad so she had double protection. I also put a waterproof pad on the beautiful perforated leather front passenger seat on my new Kia Sorrento AWD SXL. Vicki can barely stand up to help herself from the wheelchair in and out of the car so you have to give her a lot of physical assistance. Her group home corporation transports her and other disabled residents with a big specially designed van with a wheel chair lift. Her wheelchair is fairly heavy fold me to fold up and hoist in and out of the back of my SUV. But once we got her in we were off and she was in a happy cheerful mood and was singing and seat dancing along to the radio.
At the restaurant was my younger daughter Sarah and her husband Keith and their three boys Milo, Oscar, Arlington and his mother Carol and her husband Joe and my ex mother in law Betty and my sons Alex and Brian and his girlfriend Jaime. Everyone was so happy to see Vicki and there were lots of hugs. I had to keep careful watch of what Vicki was drinking and eating so there wasn’t an unpleasant incident. It was a very nice get together. Then Vicki and I stopped at my daughter Samanthas in Norris to drop something off. They all had been sick and Samantha had a swollen infected tonsil so we didn’t stay long. Then I took Vicki back to her house and drove back home. I got to my house at about five and the last half hour driving at dusk dark was difficult for me but I made it. Mike got home from work about 6:30. It was a long good day. It’s a bit weird with combined families and divorces and exes but you do what you gotta do. Mikes daughter and her husband live a few blocks from Mike’s office. She cooked a big dinner yesterday and hosted her husband’s family but brought Mike 2 big containers of food to bring home so we had some of that.
It’s weird how the stages of your life and your role and obligations change as time passes. I’m no longer the one organizing, cooking and hosting things. That’s okay. It’s a little weird but okay.
I have another student band concert Tuesday night. I told the other two lady teachers I’d prefer not to lead the rehearsals and conduct this year. My vision and balance were a problem at times last year. It’s a little weird this year but it’s okay. I am teaching the lessons at five schools but just helping at rehearsals. The other teachers haven’t been much help the past couple years so I felt they could take it this year. I’m slowly exiting mentally and emotionally. So be it. Life moves on.

Mike went to work. I have some errands to run in a while. 

Hello darkness my old friend

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