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Friday, December 27

Twenty-seventh of December

I’m really sore all over. Part of it is from trying to hoist Vicki after she slid off the shower bench, naked, wet, slick and shrieking her guts out like a banshee. It took a long time trying to lift by myself then Michael eventually came and helped me. She was fine. So that hurt my lower back but I hurt all over from all the water aerobics I did Monday and Tuesday. I feel like somebody beat me with a baseball bat.

The soup turned out well. Very hearty and tasty. I have 4 quart jars full left. I put all the Christmas sweets in the freezer. We don’t need them sitting around. We’re going out to run some errands in a little while. We’ve been doing some housework. Mike took today off as he had many vacation day left that needed to be used.

 Yesterday when I got back home from taking Vicki home to Peoria, I put the comforter from the spare room in the washer and didn’t think a thing of it. There was no unusual noise when it was running. A little while later I went in the laundry room to discover the floor was flooded. Two big rugs were sopping wet. I had to use about twelve big towels to clean it up but I didn’t do a very thorough job. I was too tired so we cleaned it up today and put things back in order. The washer is working okay today.

I am happy with our new smaller house and yard. It took some getting used to but I like it. As we get older we’ll be so happy with our move and very little yard work to do. There are tons of classes, events, shows, clubs and activities here. Everyone is so damned friendly. I feel lucky we live here in Huntley Sun City. The whole community is kept so beautifully decorated and pristine.

Monday, December 16

12.16.19 home stretch

This is an early day starting a short crazy work week. My gut is better after suffering with viral gastroenteritis all week. My breathing is better with the Symbicort and breathing treatments. I’m relieved and grateful. The illness and medicines have forced me off my keto diet I’d been on for months. Once my gut is normal and my antibiotic finished I’ll steer back to reduced carbs. I’ve just been surviving the past few days.I did some more decorating and organizing and purging over the weekend. It feels good to have things nice and in order.

Thursday, December 5


All our schools have MAP testing this week. As usual, a few have informed me of conflicts with my band students’ lessons but most have not. Mu morning students today will most likely miss but I still have to be there in case they finish early. A lot of sitting around. Swell. I was SO tired yesterday afternoon I could barely drag myself home. I can’t get rid of this congestion but it is better than last week.

My KEURIG machine has finally died so I pulled out my percolator this morning.

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