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I Know This Much Is True

It’s Saturday morning. I’m feeling better today. I’m not sure what was going on with my gut yesterday but it’s definitely purged now. I’m not sure if that’s what they call the keto flu or what. Bitzi is feeling better today too. Now I’ve moved to the spare bedroom where my new little mini office is set up. It’s cold in here. I have on an insulated Columbia shirt and pants and socks and shoes but my upper arms are still chilly. I’m wondering if this front window has a draft. It probably does. I know the window above the sink in the kitchen is drafty and our bedroom windows too. This home was built twenty-one years ago with all contractor grade materials. We could probably use some window insulation for winter ( or eventually new better windows...) It’s always something, isn’t it? That much I KNOW is true. There’s always something that needs replaced or fixed wherever you live. So now the counter stores says that due to Covid their supplier is behind so now we won’t get out counters inst