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Monday, March 16

Isolation inspiration

I’ve been pretty worried and bugged out lately by my family issues. I’ve tried not to show it or talk to people about it. Mike, while to be a very strong loyal husband supporter and advocate, is not a sensitive person at all. He doesn’t pick up on subtle things. A lot of the time he doesn’t get me. If I do tell him what’s bothering me, instead of empathizing, he tries to tell me what to do. So I don’t tell him a lot of the time because it’s useless. He’s like Andy Cypowicz from NYPD Blue NYPD Blue Lou Grant from Mary Tyler Moore and Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners Honeymoonersall rolled into one. Big Heart.
Anyway the past few weeks I’ve been eating too much and unhealthy things so now I’m feeling too fluffy. I’m going out for a walk and to the pool.

There’s nonstop media coverage on the pandemic. Gaaaahhhhh! Just get over this shit! Actually I’m pretty sure this is going to last longer and get a lot worse. I usually plan for worst case scenario. Now all the restaurants and bars are closed. The economic impact of this is going to be devastating.germ masks

I have papers to grade and online blackjack and word brain to play. 

I got some housework done and started sorting my hundreds of pages of year-end assessment tests for fifth and sixth grade band kids from my five schools. Mike is working from home in what has been my back office. It’s so piled up and loaded with instruments I feel sorry for him. After I retire I’m getting rid of a bunch of stuff! When he takes a break I’ll go in there and move a bunch of stuff out of his way. I did get all my test papers sorted and marked. I’ll have to enter the averages for all schools into online documents. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.
It snowed for a while this morning but now it’s all melted.

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