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The world getting vaccinated

It’s daybreak and I’m facing the East window in the front room watching the soft blurred pink and blue muted colors of dawn breaking. I love this special silent fresh time. I made a pot of too-strong coffee. I grabbed a new kind at Aldi the other day. It’s even a bit strong for me. Mike won’t drink it. It’s too strong and bitter for him. The past couple bags have been milder Dunkin Donuts blend for him.  My braided trunk money tree is dying. Most of the leaves turned yellow brown and fell off. It was doing fine on the porch all summer. Things got bad when I brought it inside at the end of summer and put it in the bedroom by the window. I don’t know if it got drafts from the window, too much heat from the vent, too much water. I pulled the roots out of the soil yesterday to see if they were rotting but I couldn’t tell. It’s just too cold in the garage right now to do a messy repotting. I put some baking soda in the pot soil and mixed it around and cut off all the dead parts. I moved it

Moving slowly

It’s midmorning Wednesday. I slept late and still am feeling slow. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling sick at my stomach and between 2-10 had about thirty bathroom trips. I’m not sure what caused it ( maybe these new keto capsules I just started taking) but it was pretty awful. I will be throwing those capsules in the garbage. I feel like a limp dishrag today.I canceled my fitness appointment yesterday and my pool appointment today. I’m going to give it a rest.  Yesterday afternoon my ex called me and talked for a really long time about his cancer treatment and our kids and grandkids. I’m sure we haven’t talked like that since the mid eighties. It felt pretty surreal. It’s weird how things evolve. I’m going to go to Kohls and Aldi in a bit and that will be my big accomplishment for the day.  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4:57 pm It’s almost 5pm and still light out so that’s progress! I am still feeling pretty blah and weak today although I’m not running to the bathroom like yesterday. My muscles

Stay at home extended until April 30.

I’m pretty bummed out but not surprised at all that the Governor today extended the stay at home order to April 30. I know the virus is going to spread and things are going to get a lot worse, no doubt about it. It just sucks. 

Zoomin in pajamas

7:49 This morning I have three Zoom video conferencing meeting training sessions starting at 8 am. I haven’t been getting up this early the last couple weeks. Everything now is weird. I still have my pajamas on and no makeup. I did was h my face and put on moisturizer. It will have to be good enough. I’m on coffee #2 so far. I’m typing on my IPad with my headphones on. Mike has the TV news on chattering away. He’s oblivious to the fact I’m going to have to go in to my meeting in a minute. When he takes his work meetings at home he goes back to my office and closes the door for privacy. He has completely taken over my office for his work from home. He used to work at the kitchen table until I offered my office. Now I’m SOL. I’m going to re-do the spare bedroom into another office area.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 9:27 I finished my first Zoom class session. Pretty cool. I have another one on how to use Zoom with students at 10. 

The abyss of staying put

Watching the news is now an endless infusion of doom relating to the spreading virus and rising death toll across our nation and the world. Scenes from Italy and Spain hospitals are nightmarish. Now our governor has announced all schoolswill be closed until April 8 but I’m pretty certain it will be much longer than that.

Saturday surreal feel

7:54am  I am up and awake alone. The sun is bright and cheery and the house is silent except for the furnace noises. Mike was up during the night ( I’m not sure why) but he came back to bed as I was getting up so I’m not bothering him. Our bedroom is huge and when we close the blinds it’s like a big dark cave. I only sleep late a couple times a year if I’m sick. I am morning girl. So now I’m starting to panic over our school district’s requirements for distance learning. There are all these apps and software colleagues are utilizing that I don’t know how to use and I only have a few weeks left before retirement ( supposedly unless this pandemic quarantine bullshit lasts all summer) so I’m not really motivated at this point to learn a bunch of new bells and whistles. I’ll just try to do my best. That’s all I can do.  My stepdaughter Shannon, her husband Justin and their new son Jackson  I’m trying really hard to stay grateful and positive in these very trying times. Mike’s mom went for

Stir Crazy

As I’ve mentioned before , all through the month of December I kept having this feeling that something BIG was coming. That feeling just kept bugging me. It felt like it was something that would be at least partly bad. And now here we are in the world’s current situation..... I got to talk to my granddaughter yesterday so that makes me feel better. My stepdaughter is having her baby tomorrow morning. A boy named Jackson, at least 10 pounds. I went for a walk in the park across the street this morning before it started raining. Now it’s raining, chilly and foggy. 3:04pm     It’s still raining and chilly outside. Mike is hold up in the office working away. 

Nesting instinct

3:20pm  It’s a rainy chilly day in sharp contrast to yesterday’s beautiful weather. I’ve only poked my head outside a couple times. Mike has been working quietly in the back office all day. He worked until 12:30am this morning for the election coverage. He did sleep a few hours after that. 

11% Irish

8:16am  It’s St. Patrick’s day. There is none of the usual celebrations or silliness due to everybody isolating at home. It’s pretty weird. Yesterday the president said this pandemic emergency in the US could last until July or August or longer. I’m supposed to go back to work on the 30th but highly doubt that will happen. As of 5 pm today our community, Sun City in Huntley, IL, is closing down all of our indoor facilities. No pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, library, ballroom, etc... It makes sense. I’m going over to the lodge to swim one more time before they close for an undetermined period. I’m also going for a walk around our lake. Mike is working from home again and it’s Election Day so he’ll be going until late. His last deadline of the night is 11:30.  I cleaned up my little office for him so all my assorted junk wasn’t all over. I should take a bunch of my instruments out of there so it’s not quite so claustrophobic.  At least the sun is shining. That always helps me. Yesterday I go

Isolation inspiration

I’ve been pretty worried and bugged out lately by my family issues. I’ve tried not to show it or talk to people about it. Mike, while to be a very strong loyal husband supporter and advocate, is not a sensitive person at all. He doesn’t pick up on subtle things. A lot of the time he doesn’t get me. If I do tell him what’s bothering me, instead of empathizing, he tries to tell me what to do. So I don’t tell him a lot of the time because it’s useless. He’s like Andy Cypowicz from NYPD Blue  NYPD Blue  Lou Grant from Mary Tyler Moore and Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners  Honeymooners all rolled into one. Big Heart. Anyway the past few weeks I’ve been eating too much and unhealthy things so now I’m feeling too fluffy. I’m going out for a walk and to the pool. There’s nonstop media coverage on the pandemic. Gaaaahhhhh! Just get over this shit! Actually I’m pretty sure this is going to last longer and get a lot worse.  I usually plan for worst case scenario. Now all the restaurants and ba