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Monday, April 27

Sleep drunk


I fell asleep on the couch last night and slept for hours. When I woke I was uncomfortable and felt groggy as I staggered to the bathroom then climbed in bed then cuddled up to soundly sleeping Michael. We’ve been watching the TV series Ozark on Netflix. It’s kind of dark, funny, creepy. There are three seasons and we fell asleep on the first episode. I have five Zoom lessons this afternoon if they show up and remember. 

8:49 pm

I went to two stores and the post office today. It felt good to get out and drive. I had five Zoom private lessons.I made salsa verde.

Saturday, March 21

Saturday surreal feel


I am up and awake alone. The sun is bright and cheery and the house is silent except for the furnace noises. Mike was up during the night ( I’m not sure why) but he came back to bed as I was getting up so I’m not bothering him. Our bedroom is huge and when we close the blinds it’s like a big dark cave. I only sleep late a couple times a year if I’m sick. I am morning girl.
So now I’m starting to panic over our school district’s requirements for distance learning. There are all these apps and software colleagues are utilizing that I don’t know how to use and I only have a few weeks left before retirement ( supposedly unless this pandemic quarantine bullshit lasts all summer) so I’m not really motivated at this point to learn a bunch of new bells and whistles. I’ll just try to do my best. That’s all I can do. 

My stepdaughter Shannon, her husband Justin and their new son Jackson 

I’m trying really hard to stay grateful and positive in these very trying times. Mike’s mom went for her tests to map the exact pinpoint location of her tiny brain tumor so they can zap it with one blast of radiation. After that she’ll be getting immune therapy for her lung cancer. Mike’s sister took her for the tests yesterday.
I am still getting no communication from my oldest daughter. I have talked on the phone and texted my granddaughter. I pray everything will resolve. I still don’t know what happened to cause her to shut everyone out.

It’s been so weird this week with us both being home. It’s weird when we go out to the stores as many of the shelves or entire aisles are bare. And no one strikes up a conversation. I guess everyone suspects everyone else of being contagious. When I go for a walk in our neighborhood no one is out and it looks like a ghost town. The Tv is all news about the latest deaths or which celebrity has tested positive. I feel like we’re sliding into a Great Depression, so many out of work now. These are trying times. If it weren’t for Michael I would have jumped off the deep end.

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