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Sunday, January 12

Full belly

This morning Mike and I went outside and shoveled the driveway and both sidewalks ( we live on a corner lot). We only got 2-3 inches of snow, not the 6-9 that was forecast. It was actually nice out there and not too cold. We went to the pool. I used the foam barbells and worked out in the pool then I sat in the hot tub with Mike then I sat in the sauna for a long time then back in the pool. Mike had a headache so we came home for a while then we went back to the lodge and paid our HOA fees for the year then had brunch at Jameson’s char house in the lodge. It wasn’t very good but I filled up on my omelet and a chocolate chip cookie. The restaurant is so nice with beautiful golf course views, lots of plants and a huge stone fireplace and conveniently located right here in our main lodge.  When we got home I sent an email to the Jamesons’ company. They need to do better for the residents here who patronize them.

I really enjoy the amenities and surroundings here #55+community. I didn’t really imagine how much I would like it before we moved here #DelWebbsSunCityHuntley but I’m very happy with our decision to sell our old house and move here. I have four more months until I retire and then I’ll have some other job but I don’t know what that will be yet. I just want to be healthy #cancersurvivor. 

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