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Wednesday, March 4

Here comes the sun

6:36am Wednesday

I sit in a brown leather recliner in the front sitting room facing the window with a view to the East in the morning. I like watching the sunrise. It’s here in this spot every morning I sip my coffee slowly to come awake, read the news on my IPad, check emails, check social media, post to this blog. Some days I don’t have time, have nothing to say or just plain don’t feel like “ talking”. Some times I prefer to stew in my own juices.  

It’s hump day - usually a good work day for me with a big time gap in the middle between schools.After work yesterday I went and bought a front entryway table. It’s pretty nice and I got it for a steal. It looks nice by our front door. I have to go pack my lunch and take my vitamins and get ready to leave for school. More later probably. 

12:28   It's a nice warm sunny day. I have about fifteen minutes until I go in my next school. Biden came out ahead in yesterday's Super Tuesday primary elections. Bloomberg is out and endorsing Biden #Democrats,#makeamericasmartagain, #coronavitus, #weneedarealpresident

4:58.  I’ve been home for a while. Mike worked from home this afternoon following lunch with one of his former Cubs reporters. Mike is still out at the kitchen table editing stories on his MacBook Pro.
Yesterday he went to the doctor and got his shoulders examined and x-rayed. He got cortisone shots in both shoulders and has to have physical therapy for a month to see if that helps. The shoulders have been causing him neck pain as well. It has been a beautiful unusually warm pleasant day today. I am so thankful for my blessings. 

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