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Sunday, June 7

Just jump in there and try

7:12 Sunday June 7
Lola (13) and Hennessy (6) are here staying the week. They rode home with me. I didn't feel very well Friday or Saturday. I had a swollen painful left knee that was difficult to walk on and also what seemed to be the start of a UTI. I felt pretty shitty when I got all the way home with the puppy and the girls yesterday. I iced my knee and wrapped it and propped it up. I chugged a TON of water for hours trying to flush away my UTI or whatever was going on. I feel a LOY better today. I've been icing my knee and drinking a lot.

Thursday, February 6

The world as it is

Good morning. I go to six different schools during the week. My Thursday school just had the principal removed and put on administrative leave and I still don’t know why but the district has made counselors available to staff. Since I’m only there for three quarters of one day a week I’m not in the teacher gossip loop. Now last night someone posted a threat for this school I’m going to today and police have been called and plant ops came in to inspect the building to make sure it’s safe. This is the world we live in. I’m sure at some point I’ll find out about that principal.

Friday, January 31

You just gotta keep swimming no matter what

So I’m feeling pretty heart sick and angst filled. My oldest daughter hasn’t been talking to any of us since Christmas. It seemed like one day things were okay and the next day she completely cut everybody off so finally yesterday I kept texting her and calling her and texted her husband. Later in the afternoon she sent me an angry hateful cussing rant text. She has gone completely off her rocker. I’ve also been worried for her two young daughters. She evidently has started on some new strong dose of Cymbalta for her fibromyalgia and is trying to cut out all stress and anxiety but it’s obviously making her a crazy bitch. I’ve read up on it and adverse side effects can be anger, hostility, aggression and increased depression.  I’m just going to leave her alone and not contact her anymore. I will never forgive her for what she said. Karma is a bitch. She’ll wake up and realize at some point but I’m done and I’m really hurting. She’s thirty seven and I have to trust things will eventually be okay. It’s very hard and hurts though. I am really sad.

Wednesday, January 1

The fun never ends

So this is the first day of 2020. We are sitting around like bumps on a log. I finished the laundry, tidied up the house, made poached eggs and toast. In continuing to try to check on my oldest daughter yesterday she lashed out at me pretty bad in an overly harsh way. I’m leaving her alone to stew in her own miserable juices but now I’m even more worried. I have no idea but obviously whatever is wrong she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s 37 and can take care of herself. Happy f-ing  new year. The fun just never ends....

6:05 pm

We went to mike’s mother Annette’s this afternoon and then to a couple stores and then had a late lunch at Portillo’s. We’re trying to set up an appointment to take her to look at another Sun City house Sunday afternoon. She’s turned up her nose at all the others we’ve taken her to look at. Oh well, one more house to look at. 
Mike and I are going to Lake Geneva Friday for two nights and coming home Sunday morning. Tomorrow I’m going back to our Sun City lodge pool and spa.
No word from my older daughter, not that I expected it..... My younger daughter is much more easy going.

You teach people how to treat you. I’m not taking any more shit off anyone. 

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