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Friday, June 12

Days of the week confusion


Mike is getting ready to leave for physical therapy. He'll be back in a half hour. The office is close and their exercise routine is quick. 

I'm having to check and remind myself what day it is nearly every day now with neither of us @ going" to work. Mike is still working but he's here at home. It still seems strange after three months of it. 

I just gave the puppy a good scrubbing bath in the utility sink in the laundry room. I havent given her a bath all week since the girls have been here. Mike is going to take care of her this weekend when I leave tomorrow to take the girls home to Norris and then go to Lewistown to get the boys and bring them back home for next week. It was a bit too wearing for me last weekend trying to manage the puppy while away. Since then she has stopped going to the back door to ring the bells when she needs to go out.

The landscapers are here. I just went out there and gave Rene his payment for May and checked to make sure they'll trim the bushes in front of the house that have grown up taller than the windows. The tree service is coming in a week or two when the get caught up to remove a couple big overgrown bushes and a tree or two. There are a lot of things that haven't been touched in twenty years since this house was built. The trees and those monster lilacs have never been trimmed. The roof needs replaced and we're waiting on insurance to approve it. It's sustained storm damage several times and needs replaced. 

I just got back from the community garden for the second time today. I bought two jalapeƱo plants at Walmart earlier today so went back out to the garden. My sweet corn is coming up. I have four tomato plants, 6 yellow squash plants, radishes, sweet corn and now the peppers.

Lola doesn't have a headache today but has mostly been camped in the recliner in my bedroom watching TV and eating junk all day. Hennessy went to the garden with me both times. I guess Lola is being a teenager. I took the girls to the Rookies restaurant here in town for lunch. They had outside dining on patio tables with umbrellas. Of course there was WAY too much food. Hennessy just nibbles a little bit frequently like a mouse. Lola just wants expensive sweet Starbucks stuff most of the time. I'll leave here around 10-11 tomorrow to take them home. It bugs me my car is dirty but realistically it won't do me any good to clean it until I take the boys home next week because it's just going to get messy again with them. I'm tired. 
In trimming the front bushes this morning the landscapers chopped off my foxglove that's was getting ready to bloom!!! I said a lot of bad words when I discovered that. I knew I should have cut the bushes myself. Mike insisted on having the landscapers do it. Damn it! 

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