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Monday, January 25

Early morning rising

It’s 5:49 am. I have 6:30 pool exercise sessions all week . I went at 6:30 Friday and it was great. There were only three of us in the pool and the other two people were in the far lanes on the other side lap swimming. I do a vigorous 35-40 minutes of water aerobics with my foam dumbbells and then leave. Fast and furious.
We’re supposed to get a snowstorm later today and tonight. I’ll get a couple walks in with Bitzi later before the snow comes.

11:45 I did my pool time. There were three other old men swimming laps with snorkels! It was a good workout and nobody bothered me.
I took my vaporizer back to Kohls for the Amazon return. The water tank leaked!
I walked two miles with Bitzi and it’s getting overcast and colder. I’m going to walk her a couple more times before dark.

Out of the pool. A bit damp and chilled.

3:05 Mike just took a break from his work to duck into his bathroom to discover Bitzi had been in there and had a poop accident so he came screaming out of there and went to my bathroom so I cleaned it up and put fresh rugs in there and put Bitzi in her pen in the kitchen. I’m not sure what the problem is. She pooped when I took her for a walk earlier so she usually only goes once a day. 

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