Wednesday, July 14

Get rolling

I’ve been awake for a while. I was pretty worn out and slept well. It’s such a Godsend to not be up all night coughing with my sinuses draining. I am so grateful for the simplest little gifts. I made coffee, had a cinnamon - raisin bagel with cream cheese, got dressed and took Bitzi out for a walk around the neighborhood. Hennessy is still sleeping. She had a big day yesterday so she can sleep as long as she wants. 

Tuesday, July 13

Heading to LG

7:52am Tuesday

At 8:30 Hennessy and I are picking up 2 neighbor ladies and driving to Lake Geneva for our Sun City neighborhood 3 ladies luncheon boat cruise. Hennessy is going along with me because Mike can’t watch her while I’m gone. His mother went to the ER yesterday with stroke symptoms and was admitted for further testing. Depending on how things go he may have to rush over there. When he left the hospital last night after sitting in the ER with her for 6 1/2 hours they took her for a sonogram of her neck and we’re going to put her in a regular hospital room. She will also have a brain MRI. We’re hoping for a good outcome but her short-term memory was completely shot yesterday. She kept repeating herself and asking the same questions over and over and over.
There are 30 of us going on this luncheon cruise. I’m going early as parking in downtown Lake Geneva in the summer is horrible. I’ll be so relieved when it’s over and we’re back home. 

10:25pm Things went smoothly today for the lady’s cruise luncheon. Henna was very polite and well behaved. She went to bed around 8:30. Mike’s mom is out of the hospital and home. Mike’s sister Nancy is staying with her for a few days. After all the testing they couldn’t find anything wrong. Something sure ain’t right no matter what they say. I’m tired. 

Monday, July 12


6:10 pm

Mike is at the hospital in Winfield with his mother. She had some crazy sobbing hysterical loss of memory this morning. His aunt called to alert him. She didn’t know what day it was or what somebody just said a minute before. Mikes been at the hospital with her 5 hours. She’s being kept over night for more tests but as of now still not taken to a regular room instead of the ER. Mike is tired and hungry. I’ve had a really bad day and want to move out of here away from these grouchy old entitled racist conservative c- suckers. I’ve had my fill of the bullshit. 

Friday, July 9

Good sleep

7:46 I’m leaving to drive to Lewistown shortly. It’s another hazy gloomy day. We got the big heavy dresser from Annette’s house loaded in my car and then unloaded here at home and brought in our bedroom. Earlier yesterday afternoon while I went for my massage and chiro appointment, Mike drove over there and got the 2 nightstands and all the dresser drawers so last night we were just hauling the dresser frame. It still was super heavy. When I was younger and my kids were little I used to have to lift, carry and mover everything myself so I’m used to it. I got used to manipulating heavy items by myself. Mikes mother insisted on getting in the way last night and trying to help. She is and always has been a very bossy woman and won’t listen to anyone. She will never change. Her family is so used to her browbeating and mostly just let her have her way. It’s pretty ridiculous coming from that tiny shriveled up old lady. Jesus just step back and let us do it. She was making things WAY worse. Sometimes the past many months her bossiness and craziness is just too much for me. It’s getting worse. For some reason she went out and bought a bunch of new furniture so now she’s getting rid of a bunch of good stuff. We are paying her for the things we’re getting. She claims she won’t take the money but we know she will. She always does. She’s always been a big spender and a gambler.

Thursday, July 8

The Garden Club

Good day. It’s Thursday at 1:26 pm. I’m doing laundry and waiting to go to my massage appointment. We got home from Lake Geneva a little before 10 and right away I left to go to the tea for new members of the Garden Club. It was very nice and lasted about 90 minutes. I’m looking forward to participating. There are over 300 members!

Tomorrow I’m driving down to Lewistown and staying overnight at Big Horse Inn with Sarah’s boys and seeing Alex’s new baby Oliver. I’m so excited! I’m coming back home Saturday and bringing Hennessy with me. She’s going into 2nd grade next year. She’s staying a couple weeks. I haven’t mentioned it to Mike yet. At 4:00 today I have to go back to the chiropractor. We’re also getting a dresser and nightstands from Mike’s mom. 

The waiting is the hardest part

It’s Saturday. I just got up, opened the window shades, made myself a cup of bold-roast coffee with French vanilla cream, sat down and Bitzi...