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Stay at home extended until April 30.

I’m pretty bummed out but not surprised at all that the Governor today extended the stay at home order to April 30. I know the virus is going to spread and things are going to get a lot worse, no doubt about it. It just sucks. 

Professional development

5:15 am Monday Mike is sitting upright on the couch in the living room snoring loudly while the morning ABC7 news jabbers away. I tried to get him to go back to bed and he answered me but he’s pretty zonked out. I’m always amazed how he can fall asleep anywhere any time. Weirdly amazing. Illinois Covid-19 stats So today I have an online meeting at 8 followed by seven online technology training sessions. Honestly it’s all kind of a blur. In reality I’ll probably only use a couple different apps. I only have 7 weeks left and the other teacher wants to be in charge of our fifth and sixth grade students so I’m just providing support and enrichment materials and going with the flow. I wish it was already over. Seriously.

Day 16 of sheltering at home

8:24 am I slept like a stiff all night. Evidently around 11:30 pm there was a violent storm with high house-shaking winds. I didn’t wake up. Since I had the flu / virus / whatever in late January my eyes have been watering, crusting, sensitive to light. Last night I noticed that the outside lower edge of my left eye was sore to touch. I hadn’t hit it or hurt it in anyway. I didn’t know what was wrong with it so I put a soft clean hand towel on it and that felt soothing and I fell asleep that way. It’s still feeling weird this morning but not as sore. I think it’s a combination of aging, dry eye, too much screen time lately, antihistamines, etc..... very bothersome. I’ve been taking a Benadryl at bedtime to help the sinus draining / coughing. Probably screwing with my eyes.  I can  hear the wind gusting outside, hitting the siding and rattling the vents. There is some standing water in the small trenches around the flowerbeds but not as bad as I thought. I just showered and put on a pai

Rain on the roof

4:52am I’ve been up for quite a while. I couldn’t get back to sleep and laid there tossing and turning, bothering Michael so I finally got up, put on my tone and slippers, washed my face, took out my retainers, brushed my teeth and came out to the kitchen and made myself a coffee with milk and cinnamon in it. I can hear the heavy rain on the roof and the gentle growl of thunder. I think it’s supposed to rain all day and night and into tomorrow. This whole pandemic is like some weird bell tolling in my mind. I keep thinking of the principal of naturally occurring forest fires supposing to be nature’s way to clear the way for new growth. Is that the same deal as pandemics?Ive become so troubled watching the news with increasing numbers of deaths across the world. It’s very hard not to get bugged out by it. I’ve been trying hard to not let it get to me. Yesterday Mike got an email from his company notifying all employees that effective immediately there would be an across the board 15% sa

Zoomin in pajamas

7:49 This morning I have three Zoom video conferencing meeting training sessions starting at 8 am. I haven’t been getting up this early the last couple weeks. Everything now is weird. I still have my pajamas on and no makeup. I did was h my face and put on moisturizer. It will have to be good enough. I’m on coffee #2 so far. I’m typing on my IPad with my headphones on. Mike has the TV news on chattering away. He’s oblivious to the fact I’m going to have to go in to my meeting in a minute. When he takes his work meetings at home he goes back to my office and closes the door for privacy. He has completely taken over my office for his work from home. He used to work at the kitchen table until I offered my office. Now I’m SOL. I’m going to re-do the spare bedroom into another office area.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 9:27 I finished my first Zoom class session. Pretty cool. I have another one on how to use Zoom with students at 10. 

The days are a blurry haze

12:00pm  I’ve been up since around 8. I’ve been sleeping later lately because I have nowhere to be. I’ve been riding along to stores with Mike but staying in the car while he goes inside to shop. I went to Loyola Tuesday for a check up with my oncologist / transplant doctor. My labs were all really good. He said my immune system is now like a 6 year olds. Still not normal but improving a bit each time I go. I go back in another six months. I went for a walk but it started raining after a little while so I came back. It’s pretty hazy and damp-ish out there. 1:51  2:53 It’s doesn’t even feel like a Thursday. Every day just melts into the next like a slow thick blanket of fog. Mike is still working in my little back office. It would be nice to be able to use it next week when I’m supposed to start distance teaching but I’ll have to make do and figure something else out. He does have to take work group video meetings several times a day so that little office space would be the most sound a

The abyss of staying put

Watching the news is now an endless infusion of doom relating to the spreading virus and rising death toll across our nation and the world. Scenes from Italy and Spain hospitals are nightmarish. Now our governor has announced all schoolswill be closed until April 8 but I’m pretty certain it will be much longer than that.

Saturday surreal feel

7:54am  I am up and awake alone. The sun is bright and cheery and the house is silent except for the furnace noises. Mike was up during the night ( I’m not sure why) but he came back to bed as I was getting up so I’m not bothering him. Our bedroom is huge and when we close the blinds it’s like a big dark cave. I only sleep late a couple times a year if I’m sick. I am morning girl. So now I’m starting to panic over our school district’s requirements for distance learning. There are all these apps and software colleagues are utilizing that I don’t know how to use and I only have a few weeks left before retirement ( supposedly unless this pandemic quarantine bullshit lasts all summer) so I’m not really motivated at this point to learn a bunch of new bells and whistles. I’ll just try to do my best. That’s all I can do.  My stepdaughter Shannon, her husband Justin and their new son Jackson  I’m trying really hard to stay grateful and positive in these very trying times. Mike’s mom went for

Stir Crazy

As I’ve mentioned before , all through the month of December I kept having this feeling that something BIG was coming. That feeling just kept bugging me. It felt like it was something that would be at least partly bad. And now here we are in the world’s current situation..... I got to talk to my granddaughter yesterday so that makes me feel better. My stepdaughter is having her baby tomorrow morning. A boy named Jackson, at least 10 pounds. I went for a walk in the park across the street this morning before it started raining. Now it’s raining, chilly and foggy. 3:04pm     It’s still raining and chilly outside. Mike is hold up in the office working away. 

Nesting instinct

3:20pm  It’s a rainy chilly day in sharp contrast to yesterday’s beautiful weather. I’ve only poked my head outside a couple times. Mike has been working quietly in the back office all day. He worked until 12:30am this morning for the election coverage. He did sleep a few hours after that. 

11% Irish

8:16am  It’s St. Patrick’s day. There is none of the usual celebrations or silliness due to everybody isolating at home. It’s pretty weird. Yesterday the president said this pandemic emergency in the US could last until July or August or longer. I’m supposed to go back to work on the 30th but highly doubt that will happen. As of 5 pm today our community, Sun City in Huntley, IL, is closing down all of our indoor facilities. No pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, library, ballroom, etc... It makes sense. I’m going over to the lodge to swim one more time before they close for an undetermined period. I’m also going for a walk around our lake. Mike is working from home again and it’s Election Day so he’ll be going until late. His last deadline of the night is 11:30.  I cleaned up my little office for him so all my assorted junk wasn’t all over. I should take a bunch of my instruments out of there so it’s not quite so claustrophobic.  At least the sun is shining. That always helps me. Yesterday I go

Isolation inspiration

I’ve been pretty worried and bugged out lately by my family issues. I’ve tried not to show it or talk to people about it. Mike, while to be a very strong loyal husband supporter and advocate, is not a sensitive person at all. He doesn’t pick up on subtle things. A lot of the time he doesn’t get me. If I do tell him what’s bothering me, instead of empathizing, he tries to tell me what to do. So I don’t tell him a lot of the time because it’s useless. He’s like Andy Cypowicz from NYPD Blue  NYPD Blue  Lou Grant from Mary Tyler Moore and Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners  Honeymooners all rolled into one. Big Heart. Anyway the past few weeks I’ve been eating too much and unhealthy things so now I’m feeling too fluffy. I’m going out for a walk and to the pool. There’s nonstop media coverage on the pandemic. Gaaaahhhhh! Just get over this shit! Actually I’m pretty sure this is going to last longer and get a lot worse.  I usually plan for worst case scenario. Now all the restaurants and ba

Just stay calm and breathe

The chicken I roasted turned out very so-so. I cooked it in my new stoneware pot. I’ll have to get used to it. I’ll turn the leftover chicken meat into something else. I’m looking forward to the debate tonight. I don’t know what else Bernie could possibly say at this point. It will do him no good to try to cut down Biden or boast about his platform. The horse has left the barn. It also will be weird with no spectators. I’m just intrigued enough to watch it. I have a bunch of work assessment tests to grade and calculate. I’m not looking forward to doing that. Next week will be better for that. Mike’s newspaper company has them all working from home for now. He’s head of sports but there are no games being played so his department is scrambling to come up with interesting stories. On Tuesday, election day-night, he’ll be going in to the office though. It’s so weird how things have changed so quickly- the state, the country, the world.  I cleaned the kitchen up and scrubbed my stoneware


Hello, it's me I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet To go over everything They say that time's supposed to heal ya But I ain't done much healing Hello, can you hear me? I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be When we were younger and free I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet There's such a difference between us And a million miles Hello from the other side I must've called a thousand times To tell you I'm sorry For everything that I've done But when I call you never Seem to be home Hello from the outside At least I can say that I've tried To tell you I'm sorry For breaking your heart But it don't matter, it clearly Doesn't tear you apart anymore Hello, how are you? It's so typical of me to talk about myself, I'm sorry I hope that you're well Did you ever make it out of that town Where nothing ever happened? It's no secret That the both of us Are running out

A Whole New World

Sunday 8:27 am Mike and I have been up for a couple hours. We just went out to a couple stores, not so much that we needed anything but just to get out of the house a little. As yesterday the stores were pretty crowded and picked over. There are lots of bare shelves and no toilet paper, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes to be found.Most all events are canceled now and stores reducing their operating hours or closing entirely. Schools are closed until at least March 30 and may be extended when that dates arrives. At this point I’m dreading our school year being extended to June 3 but it may be even after that and there’s nothing I can do. Give it to God. I read an article this morning from a pediatrician suggesting the corona virus has been here in the US months earlier and just wasn’t caught. There was a super bad “ flu” going around in December and January and many school staff and students had it. I got it the second week in January and it was awful. I had a fever for eight days and m


5:29 pm Wednesday It has been gloomy, foggy, misty all day. It was a somewhat frustrating workday. We are supposed to be administering this mandatory written and playing tests to all of our band students but they also have other academic testing going on that we, of course, are not informed about in advance so some of my students were missing. The ones who did come we’re fine but I was frustrated and just wanting to get it done. Also now there is all this media coverage of impending doom from the exponentially spreading corona virus. I finish with my lessons and get ready to leave to travel to my second school but I decide I’ll go use the staff restroom down the hall but discover it’s locked with another teacher occupying it so I just went around the corner to pop into the girl students restroom and open the door to the back stall to discover some little girl has pooped numerous turds all around the toilet seat in a symmetrical artful fashion, as if one were decorating the top of a cak

Still dark

Now that we’ve changed the clocks back to daylight savings time it’s dark in the morning when I get up. Yesterday was a very difficult drive to work in the dark with the rain and headlight glare on the wet pavement. I missed the exit to I-90 so went straight on 47 to 20 East which took much longer. Then I took 20 to 25 south to Bartlett to my school. Very tense drive. Today I don’t have to leave as early and it’s not raining. I feel like I have this giant weight on me because of Annette’s cancer and because of my daughter cutting us off for 3 months now. No clue, no argument, no conflict. She just stopped talking and communicating around Christmas #familymatters, #familyissues, #cancerfight,#curecancer. Today after school we have 6th grade band rehearsal ( concert in one week) and then a 90- minute secondary music staff meeting. I know I’ll be dragging.  My stepson Casey’s new bulldog Eisenhower My zinnias are growing

Beef vegetable soup and homemade biscuits on a rainy day

3:31 Monday 3/9. I’m home from work. It’s been raining all day. I took some homemade vegetable soup out of the freezer and put it in a pot on the stove to simmer. I dazzled it up with some added ingredients. I made some biscuits but haven’t put them in to bake yet. Mike and his brother took their mother to the oncologist today to get the results from the PET scan and brain MRI. It’s stage 4 and has progressed from the lung to the brain and lymph nodes #cancersucks, #curecancer.   Mike said his mom was taking it well like nothing was wrong. In shock I’m sure. He’ll tell me more later when he gets home. I’m very sad. I know Mike is sad too but he won’t admit it or let it get to him.

Laugh a lot

6:26 am Sipping my second cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon looking out the front window at the hazy gloomy sky. At least it’s Friday. At least it’s Friday.  4:08. Due to my weak immune system and the fact I catch colds and flus and everything frequently I’m more than a little nervous of the spread of the corona virus. I’ve been trying to be extra careful and washing my hands thoroughly several times a day at school. SO many germs are at schools. We’re going to the Huntley legion fish fry later and then coming home to watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. We are not partners, drinkers or night owls at all. I almost never have an alcoholic drink and Michael less than me. Life is exciting enough. I’m six try now and trying to stay as healthy as possible and take care of myself inside and outside.  Great anti-aging creams .   best foundation  Best primer product Super foundation for aging skin    Great toothbrush!

Here comes the sun

6:36am Wednesday I sit in a brown leather recliner in the front sitting room facing the window with a view to the East in the morning. I like watching the sunrise. It’s here in this spot every morning I sip my coffee slowly to come awake, read the news on my IPad, check emails, check social media, post to this blog. Some days I don’t have time, have nothing to say or just plain don’t feel like “ talking”. Some times I prefer to stew in my own juices.   It’s hump day - usually a good work day for me with a big time gap in the middle between schools. Aft er work yesterday I went and bought a front entryway table. It’s pretty nice and I got it for a steal. It looks nice by our front door. I have to go pack my lunch and take my vitamins and get ready to leave for school. More later probably.  12:28    It's a nice warm sunny day. I have about fifteen minutes until I go in my next school. Biden came out ahead in yesterday's Super Tuesday primary elec