Sunday, June 20


It’s 6:57 am Sunday. I woke several times during the night with back and neck pain. I guess it’s the after effects of Thursday rear end car collision. The middle of my back is especially bothersome. I’m going to do some stretching and take naproxen sodium and see if that helps. 

I just made scrambled eggs and put some Frank’s hot sauce on mine- really good! I gave Bitzi some plain scrambled eggs and mixed it up in her dog food. There are some left from Mike whenever he comes out of his morning stupor. I’m going to take Bitzi out for her morning pee walk when she finishes feeding. Later this morning we’re supposed to go over to Mike’s daughter’s for a bit. She has an ice cream truck coming. There’s supposed to be a while big crowd of people coming. I don’t like crowds and don’t want to go. Not sure I can get out of it but I’m going to try….

2 more weeks of morning autistic preschool……

7:46 I took Bitzi for a little walk. It’s cool, fresh and quiet out there. I sat in my chaize lounge anti-gravity chair in the backyard for a bit after the short walk. My back is really bothering me. All I could hear were the birds singing, neighbors’ automatic lawn sprinklers spraying and a jet passing overhead going to O’Hare to land. A couple ladies buzzed by in their golf cart. You can drive golf carts around here throughout the community on streets and trails and around the lake. You can even drive them to many nearby businesses on the east side of Rt.47. We don’t have a golf cart yet. We’re waiting to trade off Mike’s big Tahoe for a smaller vehicle in hopes of fitting my car, the new smaller car and the golf cart in the garage during winter. Since March the Tahoe is just parked on the driveway all the time anyway. I’m still skeptical that will work. 

Friday, June 18

Hydro therapy

I’m feeling pretty glum, tired and blah. I’m going to the pool to try to rejuvenate myself and cleanse my soul.

One of our Sun City pools❤️

2:47.  I went to the indoor pool and worked out and stretched out my ache-y back and then went to the outdoor pool and waded around a bit and talked to a few strangers. Then I came home and changed and went to Walmart for groceries & Mike’s 3 prescriptions then I ran in Aldi’s and grabbed a few things and came home. I took my car for the errands and it drove fine and the end gate goes up and down fine despite yesterday’s accident.  

I put my grocery stuff away and took care of some business and then I took Bitzi for a walk. It’s getting pretty hot. We had a storm in the night but got very little rain. I need to clean out part of my bathroom and put the nightstand together that I got for the spare room. 

Thursday, June 17

Shit happens

This morning at 7:30 on the way to school I was stopped at a red light on Rt.47 and Main St. I was 3 cars from the front and stopped with ny foot on the brake when suddenly something crashed into the back of my Kia Sorento and my head smacked the headrest pretty hard. I was stunned but when the light turned green I slowly pulled the car forward off of bust 47 and into a parking lot on Main Street. After I parked my car I just sat there for a couple minutes, stunned.  White Equinox pulled in and parked beside me two spaces over- the car that hit me. I tried to call for police but my phone wouldn’t let me search for the number. I tried 911 but it wouldn’t ring through. I did manage to call and get Mike who just got out of the shower. He called 911 for me and said he’d be right over. I didn’t get out of the car because I felt so lightheaded, goodly and stunned. Before too long police and paramedics got there. They asked me a few questions and then they put a collar on my neck and loaded me in an ambulance and took me to the local hospital. I was in no pain or anything- just felt really spacey. Shortly after I got in the ER a police officer and Mike got there. I spoke to the officer a little and then I got a head & neck CT. I have a mild concussion and whiplash and since I was okay they sent me home. My car is drivable but it has a dented tailgate but it does go up and down. 

Mike just got off the phone with the insurance adjuster. I’m still feeling a bit whoozy and loopy ( as if I wasn’t nuts already..)

4:17 I’ve been on the phone with Country Company insurance people quite a bit today. I’m still feeling a bit funky and my neck hurts a bit. I’m sure a good night’s sleep will make things better tomorrow. I took Bitzi for a short walk to the park and I sat in the grass on the hill for a while. It’s pretty damned hot out there. 

For some reasons I’ve had a couple waves of wanting to cry. I haven’t cried in quite a while. I guess you get more insensitive and numb to things as you age. 

Wednesday, June 16


6:37am Wednesday

I don’t want to go to preschool today. I don’t want to go to band rehearsal today but I’m going to both. I’m feeling very tired and curmudgeon-y this morning. I need some alone time.  Maybe Friday.

Last night I learned a dear old friend’s melanoma has metastasized to his brain, lungs and liver. I am so sad and horrified. That’s what killed my mother. Watching her suffer and die still haunts me. 


5:28 I’m really drug out and tired. I keep forgetting to take my thyroid pill at night the last few months. School was okay but exhausting. 

Monday, June 14


It’s 9:17 pm Monday. It was a long, busy day but a lot was accomplished. The paper plate animals went over okay with the preschoolers. Nobody ate any parts of their art project. Win-win. The neighbor ladies’ picnic planning meeting went fine. Tomorrow I’m going to my first chorus meeting here. Wednesday afternoon is band. I’m not too crazy about the band group here. Very stale and too many corny jokes. I may quit after the June 26th performance - at least for the summer. Blah!

Now it’s Tuesday morning. I slept pretty well. I’m getting ready for a second cup of coffee. Mike is on the couch with the morning news chattering away but he’s fallen asleep and is snoring. He said he woke up early due to shoulder pain. He’s never going to go get his shoulders fixed. He’s going to bitch and complain and make us both suffer for the rest of our lives. Whee… He was supposed to go see his regular doctor yesterday but rescheduled it. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

I may actually go to the pool today after work. I also should practice my sax…..Hopefully this morning at work goes smoothly. It’s only 4 hours but it seems more like 8-10 because of so much stuff constantly going on! It’s SUCH a relief to walk out of there at 12:15 every day!


5:17 am Monday

I love the calm pastels of sunrise and sounds of the morning doves in the back yard. Today is day 5 of 16 with the autistic preschool boys. When I got home from work Thursday the lead teacher ,Kevin, texted me asking me if I would do paper plate animal art projects with the kids Monday & Wednesday and come up with something. They honestly can hardly do anything and try to eat or destroy everything. I made a couple simple projects and prefinished them for each kid so that I will simply assist them in gluing on eyes and a mouth. I still don’t even think that’s going to work but I’ll try. I’m thinking Kevin is just wanting the parents to see these art projects going home. It has the potential to turn into a screaming hot mess clusterfuck but we shall see.

THEN after I get home the ladies from the picnic planning committee are coming over again to confirm what caterer we’re getting. 

Tuesday, June 8

One down, 15 to go

Yesterday was my first day in class with the autistic preschool boys. One boy was on vacation so there were only 6 of them. One boy has his own personal aid so that left 5 for me, the lead teacher and an aid. It was still a handful. Trying to do art and music with them was nearly impossible. They can’t really even hold or use crayons. For the two that did try it lasted only a few seconds…. Trying to teach them simple songs and motions was a total bust until the lead teacher just turned on a couple music videos for autism.

The picnic planning meeting went fine. About 10 ladies came. We’re off to a good start! Today after school we have our neighborhood 3 June ladies’ luncheon at More Brewing company that I scheduled.   That should go well. Mike and I had a small argument last night so I just got up off the couch and went to bed. I’m just sick of his shit. He doesn’t understand at all nor does he bother to try. He can just stew in his ogre juices for all I care. 

After this morning there are 14 mornings to go!

10:11 pm

Preschool went pretty well this morning and I even enjoyed parts of it.

The neighbor ladies’ June luncheon went well today. There were about 30 of us. 


It’s 6:57 am Sunday. I woke several times during the night with back and neck pain. I guess it’s the after effects of Thursday rear end car ...