Sunday, May 19

Morning bird song

It’s already a bit too warm this morning. I have the back patio screen door open and am listening to the gorgeous sounds of morning birds. I’m still struggling with my cold or whatever it is but now Mike is sick too. At least I can tell I’m at the end of mine and I feel like doing things again. Mike is still in bed sleeping. When we got off the cruise ship last Saturday morning and got on the bus to take us to the airport there was a man a couple rows ahead of us coughing his guts out ( a shocking, scary, awful cough). At the airport in our boarding area I could hear him too and he ended up several rows ahead of us on the plane. I’ve been suspecting I caught whatever he had because a few days after that I got sick and now it seems Mike has it too. It’s always something.

I ordered two planter boxes with trellises from Amazon. I put them together Friday. They’re not as big or sturdy as I’d hoped but I’ve got them now. I have to get some more potting soil and vining flower plants to put in them. I also finally got around to planting all my seedlings I started weeks ago and planted all my flower seeds. Now it’s a matter of keeping them watered. I bought a small lilac bush and planted it in the side yard near the hydrangea I planted last year. The mock orange bush I planted in front a few years ago looks like it’s finally starting to take off and get big and bud up to bloom this year. I’m just dreading the pending onslaught of the cicadas. I hate bugs anyway. Ick! 

Tuesday, May 14

Under da weather

It’s Tuesday afternoon. I just dropped Bitzi off at the groomer. They’ll text me when she’s ready. I haven’t done much today as I started coming down with a cold and sore throat last night. I have extra bronchial congestion, coughing, runny nose, whoozey head and feel somewhat crappy. I took 2 Advil cold and sinus pills a while ago so should feel some relief soon. I was supposed to go out to dinner with the neighbor ladies tonight but I’m not going. Too gross feeling. It’s rainy, overcast and chilly today. I put a whole bunch of my plants outside Sunday. I sure hope they don’t die. I have a bunch more inside to take out and plant but I’m not up to it today. I also have about a bjillion seeds to plant too. Next week is my oldest grandson’s 8 th grade graduation so I’ll be driving down to Lewistown. I can also deliver their Bahamas T-shirts I got them.