Tuesday, November 30

Monday, November 29

Coffee dog

When I get up in the morning I open the window shades, make myself a cup of coffee, wash out the dog dishes and give her fresh food and water. Then I come to my recliner in the front sitting room and read the newspapers on my IPad while sipping my coffee. Bitzi finishes eating then comes to my chair to sit on my lap while I read. She’s my cozy lap warmer.

Mike still isn’t feeling well ( from the cold I passed to him) and I’m worried. He’s had some feelings of heart racing that’s bothering him. He generally is grouchy but way more when he’s not feeling well. I hope he’ll call the doctor today. I had him sleep on the wedge pillow last night. 

This afternoon I have to meet with the other two neighborhood representatives regarding details for our big December 12 all- neighborhood Christmas party lunch in the ballroom here at Sun City. I have a couple friends coming to play jazzy Christmas tunes for entertainment. Jameson’s Charhouse is doing our meals, serving and drinks. Today we have to decide on the games, raffles and prizes. We’re needing more helpers. I sure hope we get them.

I cleaned up the kitchen, answered emails, took the dog out, made poached eggs and toast, cleaned the bedroom and bathroom and now finally finishing my coffee. It’s so overcast today and it’s not even winter yet. I can take the cold but not the gloomy overcast endless days without sunshine. 

I’ve gotten three of my Christmas gifts taken care of. So far so good.

Saturday, November 27

Peace and calm

It’s a cozy slow overcast November morning. I’m sipping at my coffee. I’ll taking Bitzi outside to pee in a little while. I slept through the night without any coughing attacks. I’m so thankful. Mike isn’t done with his cold yet and still coughing a bit but greatly improved. I can’t remember the last time we were sick together. He never catches the bug. We had a good thanksgiving. Yesterday I scrubbed out the oven and put all the leftovers in the freezer. It’s good to have it done. I’m thankful for so very many things.

Tuesday, November 23


Good morning! I have a little more spring in my step today as I slept very soundly. The sun is shining and it’s a good day. I’m going out to a couple stores in a bit to see what I can find.

Sunday, November 21


It’s Sunday morning and overcast. Whatever virus-bug-cold I started getting a week ago, Mike started getting Tuesday so both of us have not been feeling well the past several days although I’m feeling better than him. He never gets sick so this worries me. 

I just took the dog out for her first morning pee. It’s not so cold out there. Actually now that I’m back inside and the heat has been turned on I’m actually too hot.
Now Sarah and her family may not come for Thanksgiving dinner. The long term facility in which she works has had five positive Covid cases on her wing this past week. She’s afraid of infecting me if she picks it up. My immune system is weak. I feel sad. I am so very sick of this shit in general. 

Overall I’ve kind of pulled back from everyone ( gone into my shell) for a while. I need to heal and process. Life can be hard to navigate. It’s hard to know who is your true friend, who is just along for the ride and who is faking it just to use you. I’ve been deeply hurt by a few of them. I get overly stimulated and need to retreat and recharge.

Today I plan to pull down the Christmas decorations and get out the new light projector and figure out how to set that up. 

I’ve been trying to write in my gratitude journal and add to my memoirs. That helps me mentally and emotionally.

Wednesday, November 17


It’s Wednesday night. I’ve been sick a few days and am feeling a little better tonight. I took a nap this afternoon and have been using my nebulizer and flushing my sinuses and trying to cough out as much of my lung goo as I can.

Last week I went down to Fulton County and saw all my kids and stayed over night Thursday in a hotel with Sarah and the boys. In the middle of the night Arlo, 4, woke up coughing and crouping and crying. I took him in the bathroom and washed his face off, got him a drink and put a warm washcloth on his throat. The next morning his nose was running badly. I came back home Friday and the next day my sister and a friend came to my house and stayed and then we went to Lake Geneva for two nights but I started getting sick when they arrived. I came home yesterday and have been resting since.


Our 10th grandchild - Connor Howard 8.5 pounds