Thursday, June 27


I haven’t been posting much lately. Too many creepers, bots and web crawlers out there. This is our world now. Suck it up, Buttercup.
I have continued to have lots of bronchial congestion for many weeks. I am so beyond tired of it. Also I seem to be more achey lately and my hips start feeling weird and burn when I walk very much. So fun. At least I’m still alive.
And SO very blessed. I never forget that.

Monday, June 10

Begin again

Monday morning and I’m starting over for the new week. I have several things on the schedule this week and new goals to work on. The yard is looking good and most of my plants are doing well. We had some new bushes planted in back and some new bedding edges cut out and and mulched over to revamp the planting space by the patio. I’m liking it.

The last few weeks Mike and I have been coughing a lot from whatever we caught on the plane home from Tampa on May 11. It’s not completely gone from either of us but it’s better and less frequent. Whatever it was it was bad. For our trip to Seattle and the Alaskan cruise in August I’m going to wear a mask a lot of the time and use hand sanitizer all the time and keep it handy in my pocket. Being sick for weeks just isn’t worth it. I’m finally starting to take longer walks again. I’ve had bad shortness of breath for weeks. Bad deal. I’m going to a water aerobics class at 8 this morning, the first in several weeks.