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Tuesday, July 20


Good morning all. It’s 8:14am. Mike and Hennessy are still sleeping. I planned to take Henna back to the waterpark at 9 when they open today for an hour or so. Tomorrow morning we go home so I want to try to get all the fun stuff in today. There are still two more pools left at this resort that Henna hasn’t been in yet. Her swimming has already improved so much since Monday. She’s a fearless little commando. 
I bought Sarah’s boys Lake Geneva T-shirts yesterday. I’m pretty sure they’ll fit.

7:58pm Hennessy and I went to the waterpark for a couple hours. We floated on the lazy River a couple different times and went down a water slide. Henna went down slides a ton of times. After that we came back to our room and changed and went shopping at a couple stores. We went swimming in the outdoor pool down the parking lot from our room for about 90 minutes then to another store, then to dinner. I’m super tired now. We’re going home tomorrow and will pick up Bitzi from the kennel along the way. I have chiro appointments Wednesday and Thursday and meetings to attend. Friday morning we’re driving Hennessy back to meet her mom in Wenona so she can take her the rest of the way home to Norris. Sarah and the three boys ( Milo 11, Oscar 8 1/2 and Arlo 4)are coming up Sunday through Wednesday. It will be so good to spend time with them.

My son will be 37 tomorrow 

I have joined too many clubs and groups at Sun City. I’ve taken the last week off for family and next week too. Many of the residents have nothing to do so want to give me shit when I don’t show up. I have a life and a family. Sometimes I feel like curling up into a cocoon and being alone for a long time. I have too many irons in the fire - or it just feels like it sometimes.

Mikes mother is worrying people again. She has angry depressive mood swings and complains she’s deathly exhausted all the time but seems to have energy for certain things. There has to be something that can help her but I don’t know what it is. Her incident that sent her to the ER last week was transient global amnesia. She had it once before around 8-10 years ago - scary  freaky stuff.

I’m going to buckle down and start pushing myself a lot harder. I don’t do very well just floating around in easy mooshy mode. I need a hard core boot camp gear. I like sweat and intensity. 

Monday, July 19

Morning peace

It’s early morning and I’m the only one awake. I made myself a pot of coffee. It’s so still and silent now, I love it. 

We got here to the resort yesterday around 1:30 and drove around a bit until our rooms were ready. We had Holiday Inn Club timeshare points built up from the pandemic that had to be used so I booked 2 different stays at the Grand Geneva resort here in Lake Geneva in July .

Mike and I were here 2 weeks ago with his son Casey and wife Jackie & baby Aiden. It rained both days then and it was sucky. Now we’re here again with Hennessy for 3 nights and it’s supposed to be sunny and hot. 

Yesterday we went to the fish oil place and swam. Hennessy has the whole adjoining unit to herself. We left the door open. I helped her rinse her hair out and apply conditioner after the pool. I helped her put her clothes in the drawer in her own bedroom dresser. I went in and tucked her in bed last night. She was exhausted after swimming.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do today. We may go to the waterpark or drive to OshKosh or go shopping here in downtown Lake Geneva. My lower back has been flaring up again. Due to the Annette emergency situation last week I canceled my chiro appointment. This week I have one this week on Wednesday and Thursday so hoping to resume my progress. 

Our ground floor condo unit here is pretty nice and one of the resort’s 2 golf courses is directly behind this building so from our little patio you can walk right out onto the golf course. The views are beautiful. 

I am a comfort / stress eater. The past several months with all the family fighting, drama and angst have triggered me to medicate my anxieties with comfort and junk for so now I’m not feeling nearly as good as I had been and it’s exactly by falling off my exercise and healthy eating routine. 

I seriously considered a few times going back to counseling but just ended up using strategies I’ve learned in the past. Somehow the diet and exercise didn’t get incorporated in that. 

I took the teaching jobs in April, May and June for the inflated pay rate offered but also to keep my mind off worrying about my kids. That, then, was my excuse to not exercise or “ have the time” to prepare healthy meals or plan them. It was like shooting my own foot.

Thursday I have a first rehearsal for the small chorus ( a “ select” subset) of the full Sun City Chorus. Friday I have a meeting of the new 15 members of the 325- member Sun City Garden Club. We’re forming our own “buddy group” subgroup. There are many existing buddy groups. Since we’re new members we’re starting our own group. 

I haven’t been going to Wednesday afternoon Concert Band rehearsals since the wreck June 17. I had whiplash & concussion and then caught some virus at school. The last couple weeks I’ve had family things going on. 

2016 after the stem cell transplant -driving again after many months 

I’ve also been asked to join the smaller 16- member dance band. The leader wants me to play alto & clarinet. I haven’t been practicing lately. I have a hard time getting motivated plus I have a small house plus Mike is working during the days with frequent Zoom meetings. Plus I just plain don’t SEE well to be about to see the printed music. SOOO

Going to the waterpark.

And that’s all folks. Peace out.



We went to the waterpark for a couple hours and came back to the room and changed and then went to Nextdoor Pub for lunch. After that we went shopping in the downtown and walked down by the lake and got an ice cream cone. Now we’re going swimming in the pool near our room.

I have got to get myself in gear and snap out of this draggy funky I’ve been in. I have to stop out my negative self- defeating habits. I am SO much better than this!!!!

Sunday, July 18

Second surge

Fitzgerald’s Fish Boil

Tomorrow we’re probably taking Hennessy to the waterpark here.  She’ll love that. We thought about taking a lake cruise but Hennessy and I just took one Tuesday with my neighborhood ladies and it’s fairly expensive. 

Timberridge Water Park

The last couple weeks I’ve been reading and watching TV news about the growing numbers of hospitalizations due to Covid-19. The Delta variant is spreading quickly and I fear we may go back to masks and quarantine! How to avoid the Delta variant  It’s being called the “second surge.”

 It would be heartbreaking to return to quarantine phase. I couldn’t possibly take that again. I’m already so close to losing it as it is. All those people who refused to get vaccinated are now being stricken with the new wave. Oops.
  1. Get your vaccines
  2. Keep your distance
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Cover ( or just shut) your mouth
  5. STAY HOME if you’re sick
  6. READ newspapers. Pay attention to what’s going on!

Sunday, July 4

4 de Julio

Mike is on the phone with his mom. She is all shaken up because she has a rash around her mouth. It’s probably a reaction to the steroid cream she’s been using on her leg rash. She is obsessive about everything and is constantly going to different doctors. We have to go over there tomorrow so Mike can help her set up a video psychiatrist appointment. He’d better hurry up and retire.

I hardly slept at all last night due to coughing. I feel exhausted and like I’ve been drug behind a truck on a gravel road. I am tired. 

Tomorrow I have another chiropractor appointment and more physical therapy exercises. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t already feel like crud.

My sister Sallie and her husband Pete are headed up to Mayo Clinic for more of Pete’s kidney transplant testing and to go through their transplant classes. They have already gone through the same stuff in Peoria at OSF hospital so Pete will be on 2 transplant lists to increase his chances. After they’re done at Mayo they’re driving to Huston to help settle his deceased brother’s affairs. John recently died of ALS, a horrible disease. Very difficult times they’re going through, my sister and brother-in-law.

Sunday, May 16

I refuse to sink!

6:00 Sunday

I took a hot bath last night and got some decent sleep. This morning Mike and I went to the pool at 8:00. I did my workout with foam barbells and he swam laps. My sore back and achey joints feel better. The water exercise helps and I had been for over a week. After we got home we drove to Mike’s mom’s house in St. Charles. It took him over an hour to balance her checkbook. Then we took her to Lowe’s and bought flowers and then went for lunch. I’m feeling better today. I talked to my older daughter Samantha for a long time once we got home. Stuff is changing every day. I think my girls got this. They have a lawyer trying to overturn the will. They’ve talked to the slime all banker from Monmouth that did business with their dad. They’re selling off cattle and getting bills paid. They got an offer from a neighbor to buy part of the acreage. Progress is being made. There’s still a long way to go but at least there’s good news.

Tuesday, March 16

Knowledge love wisdom patience

I love my mornings of quiet peacefulness and thought. It’s so serene and calming. Today I’m trying to skip my regular coffee. I’m going to go without it a few days and see if my blood pressure is lower with no coffee and lots of water. Usually it’s lots of coffee and very little water. I’ve been off blood pressure medicine a couple years and don’t want to go back on. I want to do all I can to stay healthy.

One of my old friends and former colleagues called me yesterday to say she just found out she has a type of cancer in her abdomen called liposarcoma. It’s in the belly fat not in the stomach. She sees an oncologist Wednesday and she’s hoping to find out if it’s spread. She’s scared and I understand how she feels. She’s in her early 70s.

I went with Mike to his doctor appointment checkup yesterday. He had gained weight over the past year and his blood pressure was up. He had blood taken for lab tests but we haven’t gotten results back. He has to make an eye exam appointment and also a colonoscopy. At least it’s getting done. I’ve been reminding him for months. I’m hoping he retires soon. He’s been under so much stress the last month with the increased workload.

Leaving for the pool now.

11:00 The pool was okay. Same people there everyday in the 6:30am time slot. I just get my exercises done and get out before the others so I can go to the locker room to dry off and dress in peace. I don’t dilly dally. I am more tired today than usual. It may be because I’m off caffeine. I don’t know. I’ve taken Bitzi for two walks around the block. There is still snow and ice slush trying to melt.
I ran over to Aldi and bought 2 bags of groceries including flowers for myself. I got myself a can of ground decaf coffee and made some. I talked to my oldest daughter on the phone for a long time.

Tuesday, February 16

Snow and more snow

We got another 4-6” of snow last night on top of the piles that were already out there. In our small yard some of the drifts are more than 18” high. I went out with Mike and helped clear the driveway and walks. Thankfully I have my super warm long quilted coat and tall fur-lined boots for times like this. It’s actually not as wickedly cold out today as it has been recently so at least that’s good. I don’t think I’m going out anywhere today. After Mike gets done with work tonight we’ll drive the one mile to Beef Shack for their $1.00 hot dogs Tuesday special. They’re pretty good fully-loaded Chicago style dogs. 

Saturday, February 6


It’s Saturday afternoon. It’s overcast and treacherously icy outside. I’ve been outside four times today with Bitzi and slipped every time. Thank goodness I didn’t fall clear down and bash anything. It makes me not want to go out. But with a dog you have to. 

I made a vanilla Bundt cake to take over to Casey & Jackie’s tomorrow. We’re going to meet and watch the new baby for a bit to give them a break. We entered a Sun City contest for the Super Bowl winner and the point total. I picked Tampa Bay. 

I feel like an armadillo rolled up into my shell today. I’ve got stretchy yoga pants, a big Green Lake Wisconsin hoodie, alpaca socks and my fuzzy slippers on-super cozy and warm. 

It’s snowing again! Gaaah

I did get an appointment to get my first Moderna Covid vaccine this Tuesday morning in Elgin through my school district so I’m relieved by that. Onward and upward!

Sunday, January 17

Suck it up Buttercup

It’s Sunday and it snowed a bit. I’ve been out for a couple walks in the slush. I’m not feeling as angst filled today but I haven’t heard from my kids. I have a slight sinus headache and took two Advil cold and sinus tablets. I haven’t taken any of those for months. I flushed my sinuses and rubbed some Vics vaporub up in my nostrils. Hey, whatever it takes. I’ve been re-watching The Office on the Peacock app. Pretty good stuff. 

Friday, January 15

Breathe deep, blow it out.......

6:40am Friday

I’ve been up for a while and am now drinking my coffee with MCT oil. Mike just got up and is sitting on the couch in the living room with the morning news on. I’m wrapped up in a blanket typing with one finger on my iPad. 

I've been cheating on my diet plan the past few weeks but am back on track and starting to lose again. Amazingly I didn’t gain any back despite the slip ups. I’m not trying to be all or nothing just trying to move more, eat low carb and healthy fresh vegetables. I tend to cheat and eat “ comfort foods” when I’m stressed or feeling ill. At least I’m aware now.......

 I’ve been taking Bitzi on several walks a day and getting around 2 miles in most days which is more than I had been doing. Walking helps with anxiety too.

I took a nice hot bath last night in my jetted tub with my new eucalyptus- scented Epsom salts bath mixture. It was wonderful and relaxing. 

Yesterday I cleaned out my two bedroom dressers and threw some stuff away and took some stuff to Goodwill and a bag of pictures to put up on a ceiling shelf in the garage. I moved one of the empty dressers to the spare bedroom and got rid of my flimsy laptop table that was in there and rearranged things.


7:53 pm
I’m just in a really glum, shitty mood. I haven’t accomplished much today short of a couple walks, some laundry and a bit of house cleaning. We got Chinese takeout for dinner. It wasn’t that great tonight and now my stomach feels squishy. I got my shrimp and broccoli with no sauce, had no rice or egg roll.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I am just sick and f- ing  tired of all the shit going on. The sun has to come out at some point and things get better. Crying doesn’t help.

Wednesday, January 13

Only US President to be impeached twice!

Today President Trump was impeached for the second time. I don't give a shit about that I just want the SOB out and the never hold office again. His presidency has been a nightmarish train wreck clusterfuck. He made some bullshit speech this afternoon-too little too late. Didn't admit responsibility for anything.
He needs to be shut up and locked up and his cult followers too.

There's some upsetting family issues going on and I've been gone for a couple days. My heart is heavy and I feel vexed with worry but there's nothing I can do. Things need to fix themselves. I've been for several walks today. I made spaghetti sauce. I've fudged on my diet many days. I need to get my head out of my ass, snap out of it and get back on track.

Thursday, January 7

Impeach Trump again!

6:16 am. I have to leave for work around 7. Today and tomorrow we have training on how to teach classes in person while teaching kids at home online at the same time. Next week I have four days of doing that with ten classes a day and traveling between each classroom with no time gap allotted in between. I will make my own time gaps. This is bullshit. I accepted this long term sub job because it was described by HR as all online but then the district decided to bring kids back Jan. 11 and I am trying my best to fulfill my agreement but I’m disgruntled.....
 I got ready to leave, loaded my car and then just finally decided I cannot do this- I cannot go into all those classrooms during the height of the pandemic without a vaccine with my low immune system. I came back in the house and emailed the principal that I quit. I’m not going to risk it. I already have all the classes set up online for three days. When they offered me the job they told me it was all online. I’m protecting my own health and my husband’s health.  

Tuesday, January 5


 So I’m up early and dressed, trying to read the news and wake up. At 7:00 I have to drive over to the elementary school in Carpentersville to work online teaching to get the staff used to coming back in to work. Next week the students will be back so we’ll be teaching kids in person while also teaching the kids at home online. I will only have four days of that luckily. I’m not going to worry about it. It’s only a few days. It is what it is. I just have to get it done. 

Mike will have to be tending the dog until I get home this week and next week. He isn’t as good about walking her as I am. I’ll walk her when I get home. I’ve been offered a building sub position at my old school district and could work every day of the rest of the school year but what’s the point in being retired if I do that? Plus it will be in person assigned to various classes around a middle school. I’m sure a lot of retirees don’t want to sub during the pandemic. I’m sure subs are in short supply. 

Monday, January 4

Hi Hi Hi Ho it’s back to work I go

It’s 6:42am Monday. I have two more weeks of my sub job. It was a bad decision to do this but I’m fulfilling my agreement. I’m teaching from home today but going in to the school Tuesday through Friday. This Thursday and Friday the students will be asynchronous while we teachers have training on how to teach in person while simultaneously teaching online the kids whose parents chose to keep them home. 

 Next week Monday through Thursday I’ll be teaching kids in person while also teaching kids online and going between ten classrooms in order to keep the kids inside all their classrooms. There is no time gap between scheduled classes so no clue how the fuck that will work..... On Friday they will be at home and asynchronous. I am NOT looking forward to going from classroom to classroom teaching in person and online at the same time. It sounds completely nuts to me. That’s only four days of it. I keep reminding myself.

I’ve felt unwell the last few days but my symptoms have been mild and I’ve had no fever. I’ll get mandatory Covid19 testing at school this and next Wednesday. My pay rate doesn’t bump up and double until I complete the day this Friday and then it will be retroactive to day 1. That will help make it worthwhile. 
I have to take Bitzi out for a walk in a few minutes so I can get back inside and prep to teach at 8:00. It’s still dark outside. 


7:45 I took Bitzi out for a little walk and got my computer logged on and set up and my lessons laid out for the day. I’m not going to worry and move forward with calm confidence. Attitude is everything. Let’s do this. I’m wearing my tight yoga pants, tiger print top and fuzzy slippers. It’s going to be a good day. 

Friday, January 1

A new year with new hope

2:34 pm

It’s new year’s day. It snow-raining. I’ve had Bitzi out a couple time walking. You have to be really careful with the ice.

I’ve been putting stuff back in the kitchen drawers and cabinets, sorting, organizing and throwing things away. I’ve also been disco dancing and singing on the microphone with my big Bluetooth speaker. 

Now I’m resting a bit with Bitzi asleep on my nap. It’s quiet in here now except for the dishwasher whooshing and the faint window rain spatter. Mike has been in his office all day working. The windows are covered with icy drizzle. 

Last night I made king crab legs, garlic butter shrimp & cod, stuffed mushrooms, tossed salad, mashed potatoes, corn and lemon cheesecake. It was pretty good but too much for the two of us. We have leftovers from a couple different meals in the fridge. It’s hard to cook for two. If I lived alone I’d probably just make a big pot of oatmeal and live off it all week. I still feel like I have a bit of a cold or something. I haven’t had a Covid test. I have no fever just mild cold symptoms, faint wheezing.... probably nothing. It isn’t always the boogie man. 

The waiting is the hardest part

It’s Saturday. I just got up, opened the window shades, made myself a cup of bold-roast coffee with French vanilla cream, sat down and Bitzi...