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Wednesday, February 17


It’s a blah day today but at least it’s not as cold and the snow is melting. I’ve taken the dog for two walks. She was thrilled that it wasn’t horribly cold out.

I went to the grocery store and got a couple bags of food. I made a Bundt cake. We have two kinds of soup, salad and rice and sausage in the fridge so I’m not cooking dinner. I’m tired and my nose has been running. I took. Benadryl a while ago and turned up the heat. I watched both Grumpy Old Men movies today. I played with Bitzi on the floor and wrestled with her and played throw stuff for her to fetch. She’s so cute and feisty and funny. I laughed big belly laughs until my eyes water from her every day. 
Tomorrow I have a 6:30 am pool appointment and some Zoom sub training for D300 from 12-4. I’m not considering subbing until the end of March.

Tuesday, February 16

Snow and more snow

We got another 4-6” of snow last night on top of the piles that were already out there. In our small yard some of the drifts are more than 18” high. I went out with Mike and helped clear the driveway and walks. Thankfully I have my super warm long quilted coat and tall fur-lined boots for times like this. It’s actually not as wickedly cold out today as it has been recently so at least that’s good. I don’t think I’m going out anywhere today. After Mike gets done with work tonight we’ll drive the one mile to Beef Shack for their $1.00 hot dogs Tuesday special. They’re pretty good fully-loaded Chicago style dogs. 

Saturday, February 6


It’s Saturday afternoon. It’s overcast and treacherously icy outside. I’ve been outside four times today with Bitzi and slipped every time. Thank goodness I didn’t fall clear down and bash anything. It makes me not want to go out. But with a dog you have to. 

I made a vanilla Bundt cake to take over to Casey & Jackie’s tomorrow. We’re going to meet and watch the new baby for a bit to give them a break. We entered a Sun City contest for the Super Bowl winner and the point total. I picked Tampa Bay. 

I feel like an armadillo rolled up into my shell today. I’ve got stretchy yoga pants, a big Green Lake Wisconsin hoodie, alpaca socks and my fuzzy slippers on-super cozy and warm. 

It’s snowing again! Gaaah

I did get an appointment to get my first Moderna Covid vaccine this Tuesday morning in Elgin through my school district so I’m relieved by that. Onward and upward!

Tuesday, February 2

Be careful what you wish for....

It’s early morning again. I have 6:30 pool slots all week. I’m dressed and drinking my coffee, trying to wake up. Yesterday Mike told me his superiors piled an impossible amount of extra work in endorsement interviews on him and the rest of the staff. They have let so very many people go but they’re still trying to do everything they’ve always done but with a skeleton staff. I’ve never seen him upset like this. He told me he may quit today. If he does we’d be okay just a little careful for a while until we adjust. We have quite a bit of money invested so we should be okay ( hopefully) but this is BIG. He has a Zoom meeting this morning regarding the extra work and I’m sure that shit is going to hit the fan. I was shocked when he told me he may quit. He doesn’t say random crazy shit like I do. 

I don’t like driving to the lodge in the dark to swim but it’s only a mile and I wear my yellow sunglasses that help. I’m not supposed to drive at dark but there’s nobody out at 6:15. By the time I come home it’s light out. Living on the edge.... 

9:05 I cannot believe what a mess this vaccine distribution is. No clue when we’ll actually be able to get it and there’s all sorts of conflicting information regarding various sites and supply of doses. What a clusterfuck. 

In a while I’m driving over to Glen Ellyn to deliver soup to my stepson and his wife. She had a difficult C-section delivery and he’s taking care of her and the new baby. 



I got back from Glen Ellen around noon. I just took the food and dropped it off and left. I didn’t want to intrude. I know how exhausting a baby can be. Mike and I are going over there Sunday to watch the baby for a while so Casey & Jackie can get out of the house for a bit.

Mike didn’t quit his job this morning. I don’t know if he changed his mind or what. 

I’m really mentally exhausted now. 

Sometimes a nice hot bath is the best remedy 

Sunday, January 17

Suck it up Buttercup

It’s Sunday and it snowed a bit. I’ve been out for a couple walks in the slush. I’m not feeling as angst filled today but I haven’t heard from my kids. I have a slight sinus headache and took two Advil cold and sinus tablets. I haven’t taken any of those for months. I flushed my sinuses and rubbed some Vics vaporub up in my nostrils. Hey, whatever it takes. I’ve been re-watching The Office on the Peacock app. Pretty good stuff. 

Friday, January 15

Breathe deep, blow it out.......

6:40am Friday

I’ve been up for a while and am now drinking my coffee with MCT oil. Mike just got up and is sitting on the couch in the living room with the morning news on. I’m wrapped up in a blanket typing with one finger on my iPad. 

I've been cheating on my diet plan the past few weeks but am back on track and starting to lose again. Amazingly I didn’t gain any back despite the slip ups. I’m not trying to be all or nothing just trying to move more, eat low carb and healthy fresh vegetables. I tend to cheat and eat “ comfort foods” when I’m stressed or feeling ill. At least I’m aware now.......

 I’ve been taking Bitzi on several walks a day and getting around 2 miles in most days which is more than I had been doing. Walking helps with anxiety too.

I took a nice hot bath last night in my jetted tub with my new eucalyptus- scented Epsom salts bath mixture. It was wonderful and relaxing. 

Yesterday I cleaned out my two bedroom dressers and threw some stuff away and took some stuff to Goodwill and a bag of pictures to put up on a ceiling shelf in the garage. I moved one of the empty dressers to the spare bedroom and got rid of my flimsy laptop table that was in there and rearranged things.


7:53 pm
I’m just in a really glum, shitty mood. I haven’t accomplished much today short of a couple walks, some laundry and a bit of house cleaning. We got Chinese takeout for dinner. It wasn’t that great tonight and now my stomach feels squishy. I got my shrimp and broccoli with no sauce, had no rice or egg roll.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I am just sick and f- ing  tired of all the shit going on. The sun has to come out at some point and things get better. Crying doesn’t help.

Thursday, January 14

Hunkered down in the bunker

It’s Thursday morning and I am trying to pick myself up and get going. I deactivated my Facebook account last night. My brother-in-law, who never communicates with me in any way, posted a smartassed, nasty comment to my FB page in support of Trump and all the ugliness with the Republican Party last night. He and his wife have been big pro-Trump supporters for years and I have managed to sidestep any arguments or ugliness until last night. Fuck him and all of them. I just deactivated my account and blocked him. I don’t care what he or the rest of his ilk say. The last several months I’ve been unfollowing and paring down my social media feeds anyway. I did continue to post relevant newspaper articles but that’s about it. I have had it and the gloves are off as far as that shit is concerned.

I’m also going through a lot o worry and emotional stress due to my kids and shit that’s going on, I can’t really tell my husband because he has blabbed to his asshole relatives in the past when I’ve confided in him. I don’t need that shit. So I don’t tell him much of what’s going on. I keep it to myself but it makes me on edge. Oh well I’ve fought tougher dragons than this. Bring it on...........

The sun is shining but the snow is still covering most things outside. Yesterday I went on four walks and noticed the ice was starting to melt a little. The days are starting to get longer and it’s no longer pitch dark at 4:30 now. There is hope. Just keep swimming. I have to watch my caffeine intake and try to stay busy and calm. I’m going to take the dog for another walk and then clean out my dressers and closet. I can’t let things eat at my brain and rattle me. That will never work. It never goes well when that happens.

Wednesday, January 13

Only US President to be impeached twice!

Today President Trump was impeached for the second time. I don't give a shit about that I just want the SOB out and the never hold office again. His presidency has been a nightmarish train wreck clusterfuck. He made some bullshit speech this afternoon-too little too late. Didn't admit responsibility for anything.
He needs to be shut up and locked up and his cult followers too.

There's some upsetting family issues going on and I've been gone for a couple days. My heart is heavy and I feel vexed with worry but there's nothing I can do. Things need to fix themselves. I've been for several walks today. I made spaghetti sauce. I've fudged on my diet many days. I need to get my head out of my ass, snap out of it and get back on track.

Friday, January 8

Coup d'état

I cannot wrap my head around what’s going on in the United States of America. I can’t remember a time of unrest and volatile political divisiveness as we have now. The current president is a monster with a cult. Despite his most recent announcement declaring he accepts the election results and wishes for a smooth transfer of power I absolutely know that’s a lie and he’s planning to incite more violence. He is a cult leader. 

I’ve decided that I’m not working again until a couple weeks after I’ve taken both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Until then I’ll keep my ass at home and away from people. I’m an introvert and hermit anyway. 

I took the dog up to the main lodge where it’s mostly shoveled and pretty cleared and we walked up and down the full length and back through the parking lots to my car. Yesterday I walked her around fountain view lake but the sidewalks aren’t very cleared and I slipped pretty bad once ( didn’t fall down) so mostly walked in the snow the rest of the time. Bitzi, at 6 pounds, mostly just skitters across the snow. 

I have laundry going and I’m getting ready to go to SuperWalmart here in Huntley. I’m going to make split pea and ham soup. Mike asked for it.

Tuesday, January 5


 So I’m up early and dressed, trying to read the news and wake up. At 7:00 I have to drive over to the elementary school in Carpentersville to work online teaching to get the staff used to coming back in to work. Next week the students will be back so we’ll be teaching kids in person while also teaching the kids at home online. I will only have four days of that luckily. I’m not going to worry about it. It’s only a few days. It is what it is. I just have to get it done. 

Mike will have to be tending the dog until I get home this week and next week. He isn’t as good about walking her as I am. I’ll walk her when I get home. I’ve been offered a building sub position at my old school district and could work every day of the rest of the school year but what’s the point in being retired if I do that? Plus it will be in person assigned to various classes around a middle school. I’m sure a lot of retirees don’t want to sub during the pandemic. I’m sure subs are in short supply. 

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