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Thursday, July 7

6:30am Thursday

I’m awake in a hotel room waiting for my grandsons to wake up so we can get ready to leave and drive home to my house. It’s a good day and I’m looking forward to the fun we’ll have. There has been a lot going on the past several weeks and I haven’t had much time for the kids to come stay this summer. We have construction going on at home and I’ve had a lot of other things to tend to.
Family and health are the most important things. I need to keep working on both. My grandkids are Lola, Milo, Waylon, Oscar, Hennessy, Arlo, Jackson, Aiden, Oliver, Connor and coming soon in September Charlotte. Four are from Mike’s kids and the rest are from my kids. If Mike and I had had a child together I’m sure it would have had a big head and big eyes.
The boys want to go fishing when we get home. They’re pretty crazy about fishing now. 

Friday, June 3

Staying afloat

It’s 3:30 on Friday. I’m sitting in the bedroom. The flooring installer guy is out working in the main parts of the house. Mike is back in his office working. Most of the stuff from those rooms getting new flooring is piled up in this bedroom. I haven’t been feeling well the last couple days and my fever is back and I’m still congested. I’m so sick of this I could just give up and die. 

Tuesday, May 31


It’s 9:30. I’m hiding in the bedroom with the dog. The flooring installer is out in the living room using a loud grinder. Mike is leaving to take his mom to the oncologist. Tomorrow is her first chemo.

Autumn morning fog