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Wednesday, February 17


It’s a blah day today but at least it’s not as cold and the snow is melting. I’ve taken the dog for two walks. She was thrilled that it wasn’t horribly cold out.

I went to the grocery store and got a couple bags of food. I made a Bundt cake. We have two kinds of soup, salad and rice and sausage in the fridge so I’m not cooking dinner. I’m tired and my nose has been running. I took. Benadryl a while ago and turned up the heat. I watched both Grumpy Old Men movies today. I played with Bitzi on the floor and wrestled with her and played throw stuff for her to fetch. She’s so cute and feisty and funny. I laughed big belly laughs until my eyes water from her every day. 
Tomorrow I have a 6:30 am pool appointment and some Zoom sub training for D300 from 12-4. I’m not considering subbing until the end of March.

Wednesday, January 20

Hope for our future

I can’t believe this day is here. It seems like it has taken forever.
Lady GaGa was Lip Syncing the anthem and was way over the top trying to steal the show. Puke. Garth Brooks did a really nice acapella version of Amazing Grace and Jennifer Lopez was very good yet tasteful. President Biden’s inaugural address was very powerful, healing, sincere and uplifting. Good job. 

It snowed quite a bit last night and it’s much colder. I’ve taken the dog out twice now but no boom- boom. I’ll have to try taking her out again in a bit. I’ve managed to snag a few indoor pool time slots this coming week. 3:45 today, 7:45 am tomorrow, 6:30 am Friday and three 7:45’s next week. I just exercise and jog with my foam dumbbells so my hair doesn’t get wet. The locker rooms still aren’t open for changing! I just wear my suit under my clothes going in there, strip down in the pool area and then leave the pool before the hour time slot is up so I can dry and change in the restroom. Pain in the ass but it is what it is. Oh and masks on all the time except in the water. I also have to scan my ID for entry into the building.

5:15 I went and did about thirty minutes of water exercise with my foam dumbells until I bumped my knee on the pool wall that’s still sore from my ice fall so got out and went to the locker room to dry off and dress. 

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