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Saturday, February 17


I haven’t posted in a while. There is some family drama going on I’m trying to ignore and let the universe work it out. I am not in charge of worrying about and fixing every thing and every one. Just let it be, stay in your lane and focus on your own path. If someone calls for help so be it but otherwise don’t stick your nose in. Leave it be. Yes I have a burr under my saddle blanket but I’m going to ignore it and let it go away on its own.

I took Bitzi for a nice brisk walk this morning. It was pretty chilly in the wind on the park trail. I had my puffer winter coat on, gloves, stretchy ear flap hat with my coat hood up and it was still abrasively cold out there. But we survived! 

Thursday, February 8

Comfort and joy

The dog is curled up on the soft, cozy Bears blanket on my lap. She feels like a gentle little heating pad. I can hear the high- pitched jingle of the metal wind chime hung outside the front door stoop along with the background hum and whoosh of the furnace blowing. I have my little cup of coffee with sugar-free chocolate macaroon flavor syrup added to it. Not bad. I got a bunch of flavored syrups for my new coffee bar on top the new cabinets we had put in a few weeks ago. It makes things a little more interesting in the mornings.

We did a lot of errands yesterday so I didn’t get all of my to-do list tasks accomplished but today is a new day. I did manage to get my old ratty sewing basket sorted and cleaned out and my crochet bag too. I need a new container for those. It sounds pretty gusty / windy outside. I haven’t read the weather forecast. 

My intention was to take Bitzi somewhere different for our big walk today. I like walking. It always makes me feel better. I like the fresh air. Going to the gyn or walking the inside track will do if you have to but I’d rather be outside. I usually walk to fast-paced music and March in place while Bitzi is sniffing stuff. I’m supposed to keep an elevated heart rate for 40 minutes or so a day. 

Today I’m going to the grocery store to stock up on healthy foods. Then I’m going to prepare a big bowl of mixed greens salad to keep in the fridge along with diced up proteins to add in. I need to avoid junk and refined carbs and red meat, fried stuff and fatty foods. 

Tuesday, January 30

Just breathe

My goals today are to keep moving, keep positive and be happy. I was supposed to go to central Illinois yesterday for a few days but didn’t end up going due to my daughter. I was really aggravated at her yesterday but I’ll just move on and let it go. I don’t need to brood and fester about stuff. Life is short. You cannot control the behavior of others. I need to take care of my own business and stay in my own lane. I am not on of those meddling mothers or mother-in-laws. I mind my own business. I really hate pushy people. 

Whatever is going on in the atmosphere is making my nose run and causing me post-nasal drip that makes me cough. That’s what woke me up this morning and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. The damp foggy weather always triggers it. My wheezing has been worse. I took a nice long walk with Bitzi yesterday but didn’t make it to the lodge for my heavy workout. I’ll do that today. I need 40 minutes of cardio a day for my heart. Gotta keep all the body mechanics working. I am sick of this chronic bronchial congestion and wheezing. What a blessing it would be to consistently breathe free and clear! 

We got four new cabinets put in the kitchen a few weeks ago and created a coffee bar on top of the two bottom ones. I have my Keurig there with three different flavor pumps and mugs, sugar, creamer and pods in the cabinet above. It’s very handy. Also all the cabinets were repainted- the base cabinets are a nice dark green, the wall cabinets white, the walls are pale faint green and we have a new vent hood, new relocated microwave and new white and green backsplash. I really like it a lot. In a month or so we’ll replace the stove and fridge and dishwasher.

Thursday, January 18

Pushing onward

It’s mid morning. I’ve been reading the news, took the dog out to pee, made coffee and oatmeal and got dressed. Mike is in the office on the phone with his brother talking about things to settle their mother’s estate. In an hour we have to stop by a neighbor’s house and then go out to the hospital lab to get my blood drawn to check my immunoglobulin levels. I’m due to get another infusion and Aetna is strongly pushing for me to start getting them at home rather than travel to Loyola in Maywood. I guess it will be scheduled for next week but the nurse hasn’t called yet to set up the appointment. It’s a hassle but I’ll do whatever I have to do. 

Wednesday, January 17


Good morning universe. It’s still unpleasantly cold outside. Shortly I’ll go to the lodge and do my exercise routine. I’ve been going every day lately. I need the cardio for my heart health. I’ve been slacking off the past few months so trying to get back at it. I’m so grateful to still be alive and need to do all I can to be healthier. God has given me this enormous blessing and I need to cherish it. 

Tuesday, January 9

Snuggly Snow Day

We got about 3” of snow last night but it’s supposed to keep snowing all day until midnight. I would rather have pretty snow than plain overcast dismal gloom any day. It’s also a plus that O don’t have to drive to work or go anywhere. Mike got up before me today so I got up, opened the window blinds, fed and watered the dog and made myself a cup of coffee with my new sugar-free coffee flavors. I just put two pumps of hazelnut in the first one. I also have vanilla and caramel flavorings. Since we had new cabinets added with the remodel I’ve urned the top into a coffee bar. One of the upper cabinets stores th pods and mugs, sugar and creamer.

I made some French toast to use up the bread and some fresh blackberries. It was okay. Normally I wouldn’t use that seeded bread to make it. I’m going to clean up, finish the laundry and attempt to take Bitzi for a walk. Then I’m going through our closet to get ride of stuff. 

9:48. I just took Bitzi and drove up to the big main lodge here in Sun City. The sidewalks all around there are always shoveled well in the winter on messy days. I tried walking her around a bit but there is a wet snow slush coming down. I could feel it under my feet. I had on my best traction thick-soled hiking shoes. I kept feeling like I was going to slip and fall so after she peed once I put her in the car and came home. She wanted nothing to do with staying outside and walking around so I put her inside and went back out on the driveway to help Mike shovel. It’s super wet slushy stuff and it’s snowing a lot faster and heavier now. We got the driveway all scraped off but it will be covered again in no time at this rate. 

Sunday, January 7


Today my Casey and Jackie and the kids are coming over for a late lunch and o watch The Bears vs. Packers game. Aiden is almost 3 and Charlotte is 18 months so they’re at the very busy stage. I sill have some more house prepping to do. They’re such sweet kids. One of my goals for this year is to spend more time with all of our grandkids. You never know how much time you have left. When your number is drawn that’s it. Game over, cash in your chips. Peace out. More time with our kids, grandkids and my sisters,  more time with nature near water. Less stress, less drama.

We are taking a Bahamas / Key West 7- night cruise out of Tampa in May and another 7- night Alaskan cruise out of Seattle in August. We’re going to Gatlinburg and Asheville in July. I’m trying my best to get and stay healthier. I am SO blessed and stunned to still be kicking after coming so close to death in 2008 and circling the drain again in 2015. Really dumbfounding…..I am SO GRATEFUL. And oh also the heart attack in September of 22 - another strike against me. Soooo just keep swimming! 

Yesterday I made some frozen chicken breast tenders in the crockpot with onions, garlic, jalapeƱos and spices. Last night we had chicken tacos with the shredded up meat and piping’s. They were very good. The leftovers are going to be chicken salad and chicken tortilla soup. Now that the kitchen remodeling is finally done after at least four to five weeks of having it torn up I feel like cooking again. This week I’m going to try again making a sourdough starter. I did it last year but realized after about 2 weeks of daily tending that using regular tap water doesn’t work. Doh! I was so pissed off for a while but now I’m ready to try again. I’m also going to make some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies this morning. 

7:04 a.m. I made myself a third cup of coffee, fed the dog and opened all the window shades. I’m going to tidy up a bit and take Bitzi for her morning walk before I come back and make the cookies. Mike is still sleeping. He likes to stay up late at night watching TV ( falling asleep on the couch snoring). I need to go to bed by 10 or I feel awful. I usually wake up between 3 and 4 a,m. to use the bathroom and usually can’t go back to sleep so just stay up. By 8 or 9 pm I’m feeling twinkly and ready for bed. A nice hot bath in the evening helps me get sleepy. 

Every morning I read the Daily Herald newspaper and my Apple News feed on my IPad. It’s easier for me to read than actual newspapers since I can adjust the font, contrast and brightness. It seems to me lately most every story is embedded with all sorts of ads and links that zoom you somewhere else to try to sell you something. AND the story headlines seem interesting until you open them up to discover it’s just another friggin trap to get you to buy something. Everything is a sales pitch now! I’m tired of having all the ads shoved down my throat. I need more time out in the woods! 

Saturday, January 6

Saturday, Jan.6, 2024

I love mornings. Mornings are some of life’s most wonderful pleasures. Just the fact to wake up and be given another day, another chance, another blessing. Each day is filled with possibilities. You have to be able to see the miracles in all things. You have to be able to suck all the juice out of the life you’ve been gifted. You have to wake up and smell the coffee and connect with the universe and your spirit ancestors and angel guides. Count your blessings, not your sorrows. 

It’s 5:56am and I’ve been awake since about 4. As usual I tried to go back to sleep after I used the bathroom but I just couldn’t fall back asleep so I got up so I wouldn’t disturb Michael. He fell on black ice Thursday morning walking the dog. Although he never tells, me I knew he was sore yesterday. Falling when you’re older is much more serious than when you’re a kid. Last night we got some snow and the temperature has dropped so it seems like winter has finally arrived after so much mild weather lately.

The remodeled kitchen is looking much better than before. We still have to get the walls painted. Pete, the carpenter, installed a new electric fireplace and moved our wall- mounted TV up on the new panel he installed on the living room wall. We’re getting a new mantle next week. It looks really good. We brought a few things home from Mike’s mom’s house and have been rearranging furniture accordingly. We went and looked at a house for sale in our neighborhood the other day. It’s the same model as ours but has an extra bedroom and bathroom in the finished basement and it is on a quiet Culver’s-de-sac sitting on the edge of the golf course. It has NO updates at all. It had all the original 1999 carpeting and appliances and laminate counters. The kitchen had wood floors that needed refinished and cabinets needing replaced.We decided that we’ve done WAY too many updates to our current house to start over so we’re just going to continue improving this one to suit our needs. 

In the last few months I’ve gotten my shingles, Covid, flu and RSV vaccines. I got an immunoglobulin infusion at Loyola in November and December. I get another one on the 18th then 3 more until April when I go back to see my oncologist. I haven’t been subbing. I’m trying to limit my exposure to crowds (and humans in general…) in an attempt to be healthier. I need to ramp up my exercise and nutrition and be more consistent. I can always do short intense bursts of about anything but it’s the long haul stuff that’s the real challenge and true test of real change and improvement. Am I tough enough and mean enough? Can I switch in to full “ Rocky” mode? Tuesday I go for my annual check up with my family doctor (I already had the labs and they’re good). I seem to be getting more high maintenance!