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Monday, December 28


3:15 pm Monday

The two men are here working on the kitchen. They sanded the cabinet boxes Saturday and are painting today. The main guy said his paint sprayer at home isn’t working right so the doors that he took home aren’t done yet. I hope to hell they hurry up. This is all, of course, a giant pain in the ass.

I have been working on my schedule and plans for the remaining days of my current sub job. My old school district HR called me this morning wanting to know if I would be a daily building sub for one of their middle schools and work every day for the rest of the school year. I told them maybe depending on what building. I told them I won’t be done with my current job until the 15th I don’t really want to but it would help pay for some of this remodeling we’re doing. We also need to put in new flooring and buy some new furniture so every bit helps. The sub jobs are now going to be in person at least most of the time. Schools are going back no matter what. 

Mike’s employers computers system was attacked by ransom ware a couple months ago and a lot of sensitive information was stolen. He now has had someone apply for unemployment insurance with his name and social security number so now he has to make a bunch of calls and do a whole bunch to make sure nothing else gets screwed up. Mike Smith is a super common name as you know.Bastard hackers!

So I bagged up all the Christmas stuff this morning and am waiting for the painting guys to leave so I can put the stuff out in the garage. We have all our extra kitchen stuff from the drawers and cabinets placed here in the spare bedroom where I’m typing now. It’s a mess......but it will be worth it eventually.

Monday, December 7

Getting pumped up

6:24. I’ve been up an hour. I’m subbing for an elementary general music teacher until Jan.15 when she returns from maternity leave. This morning I have five fourth grade Zoom classes back-to-back. This afternoon I have five kindergarten classes. It’s fast and furious for 30- minute classes. When we return from winter break in January the kids are set to return to school my last week working.

I’m just drinking coffee now trying to mentally prepare for the day... Mike is still sleeping. I have to take Bitzi out for a little walk before I get ready to start work online. I’m just going to do my best, try to shine and enjoy the kids as much as I can. On the 19th I’m driving to Canton & Lewistown to deliver Christmas presents. That’s not so far away. I’ll live on that until I go.

Sunday, December 6

Trudging through the pandemic

7:29am Sunday morning

I just turned the heat up. My fingers are cold. Mike is comatose on the couch with the TV news chattering away. I’m drinking my coffee ( black with MCT oil) and getting geared up to go walk. I think Bitzi is still sleeping in her fabric igloo in her little kitchen pen. I fed and watered her but she didn’t come out of her igloo. We walked three miles yesterday- quite a lot for her tiny puppy legs. I’m wanting another shihtzu male puppy but haven’t told Mike yet. He grouches over everything. We have room for another one. 

We’re going over to see Annette ( Mike’s mom) in St.Charles later this morning around ten when she’s done watching her mass service on TV. I’m leaving my mask on while we’re in her house because who knows which relatives she’s been around and I could have it and not know. I’m taking no chances. 

I just ordered some gifts through Amazon to be delivered to my sister Vicki ( who is mentally and physically handicapped and 70 and lives in a group handicapped home with three other women in Peoria) because I don’t anticipate being able to see her soon. The company is very careful with the residents.


I’m sitting here on the couch by Mike watching The Bears game. I could care less. I just did some practice lessons to get more comfortable with the technology on my laptop. I’ll try again later. Fairly awkward switching between videos and sharing the Zoom screen. My poor vision doesn’t help.

We went to Mike’s mom’s house. She is obviously depressed again. She refuses to take her prescribed antidepressants. It is what it is.

Tuesday, November 17

Just be safe and smart. Stay the course.

I’m feeling better today. I’m not sure what was wrong yesterday and the night before last other than taking that really long walk out in the brutally cold wind Sunday morning. Because I felt so shitty yesterday I went off my diet and fasting a bit. Nothing too radical but now I’m back on track. There are a whole bunch of sub jobs available but all are in person in schools and I’m not doing that. The virus numbers are just rising too rapidly and I certainly don’t want to chance it. Next week my former district is shutting in- person classes down again and going back to e- learning for all until Dec.4 when they’ll reassess. I feel like I should drive down and see my kids but I’m even hesitant to do that.
I’ve come to far to be stupid and get the virus and risk having it take me out. And it might only be the sniffles but my immune system still isn’t mature and that strong. My common sense says I should stay home as much as I am able. 
Cancel Thanksgiving

Yesterday I drove to Bartlett to my family doctor’s office to do the urine drug screening test to be approved to sub for D300 but I don’t really even want to now. It’s just that I had sent a my chart request to him last week. That district isn’t very friendly or welcoming as my other two and they have a lot more hoops to jump through for a lower daily sub pay rate so I’m now not enthused about working for them. Life is too short to deal with things that don’t give you joy.

7:46am now. I have taken Bitzi for a walk to the park. Mike is awake now. I made him a pepper and egg sandwich. Yesterday was his birthday (62). He had to work and I didn’t feel well. He doesn’t like holidays or birthdays and doesn’t do gifts. He got me a card for my birthday and that was it. I bought myself two bouquets of flowers. I might as well do it for myself. 

For his birthday yesterday I made tilapia, shrimp, scallops, corn and mashed potatoes for his dinner and gave him a card I had in my card box. He enjoyed it. I didn’t feel well. 

Saturday, November 14

Chilly in da house

For some reason I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s chilly in the house and I have a blanket on my lap. Still cold.
I just got up and got my coffee that just finished brewing and put on my long pink fuzzy robe. That should help. Mike just got up and turned the heat on.unless I have my reading glasses and a flashlight I can’t read the controls on the thermostat.

I’ve been offered the long term elementary music sub job for D300 that lasts from as soon as I can get my forms in until Jan.15. It would be all online. They don’t pay as well as U-46 though. I told the lady from HR I’d tell her yes or no by noon Monday. 
Mike is putting me on his group insurance Jan.1 to save money but I verified I can go back on the teachers’ retirement insurance if he retires or gets laid off. He’ll be 62 on Monday.
We have to stop at the bank this morning and get cash for the gift card and for my fingerprinting at the Kane ROE ( for D300) and go to St.Charles and pick up Annette then go to GlenEllyn and drive by Casey & Jackie’s house for the “ drive by baby shower” and quickly drop off the gifts. This is the weird way things are done during a pandemic. Annette has stopped taking her antidepressants again so probably before too long there will be issues again. She’ll be 82 in January. Jerry passed away 5 years ago in March. They were married 52 years.
With my family there’s a bunch of drama going on as usual. My youngest daughter has left her husband. My older daughter’s oldest daughter has been having a lot of depression and anger, rebellion,problems. There’s always something of concern happening. I haven’t seen my family since early October. Due to the surge of the pandemic I’ve been trying to stay home and be more careful.
I’m still doing keto and fasting. I’ve been at a plateau the last couple days and feeling pretty draggy and low energy ( it may be my worries about the kids too).I manage to get Bitzi out for walks a couple times a day but no pool time or very long walks. My middle is feeling a bit smaller which is good. I have a long way to go. This snowball has been rolling downhill getting bigger since the transplant. It’s a lot harder and slower to push it back up the hill and lose a little at a time. The top of the hill is months away. 
We started watching season one of The Crown on Netflix last night. It was very good. I love all the historical epochs with the awesome sets, costuming, makeup, locations to create the time period. We stopped on the second episode to watch Real Time with Bill Maher. I fell asleep soon after it started though. We’ll watch it tonight. He’s only on for one more week then he’s done until January. He does that every year.
6:52 It’s starting to get fully light out now. Mike is sitting in the adjoining living room on the couch watching The Masters. I haven’t taken Bitzi out to pee yet. He took her out at 2:30am. I bet she’d be fine going all night without going out to pee but he sits up every night watching TV after I go to bed and he always takes her out. Although he grouches and grumped about getting her and said he didn’t like little dogs and I was crazy to pay $1800 for a 2-lb puppy she has melted his heart and he genuinely loves her. He gets down on the floor and rolls around and pretends to wrestle with her. He takes her back to his office when I’m gone. She’s brought us a lot of joy. 

Monday, October 26

Dodging the Covid-19 bullet

It’s early morning. I got my rooster crow alarm to finally work. Sub finder called me twice. I’m tending the spaniels this week so not taking any sub jobs. I may try taking my first one next week. I am done submitting all my stuff in order to sub for Huntley school district but the lady in charge of the subs who actually enters you in the system is now quarantined at home due to exposure to Covid. Bitzi’s pet groomer is closed down this week due to two of the groomers testing positive. Our mechanic and his daughter just had it. Annette’s sister and brother-in-law died from it. Restaurants & bars indoor seating is now shut down again because of the virus surge. I’m trying not to freak out but am trying extra hard to be careful when we do go out. Even though all my other blood tests are fine and normal I still produce hardly any immunoglobulins in my blood so I have almost no fighter guys to fight off viruses. So I need to be careful. 

I have four alarms set on my phone and IPad to remind me to go tend the spaniels. I’ve overslept or gone late a few times. Four more days to go and then the owners return from Myrtle Beach. 

My oldest daughter is 38 today. I’ll call her later. I emailed her an Amazon birthday card gift card but don’t know if she got it.I have a 10:45 pool time scheduled this morning. They are actually allowing us to change in the locker rooms now after the one hour time slot. All summer they didn’t allow us in the locker room and we had to just towel off and leave. I put a big beach towel on the seat of my car to drive home. They’re still not allowing us to use the showers though. They still have the big hot tub drained and won’t let us use the sauna. At least we can use the pool though. I bought my own foam dumbbells to use as they don’t allow us to use theirs anymore. I have to go to the store today to get some keto foods. 

Wednesday, October 14

Remodeling angst

7:44am I have to take Bitzi over to the vet in a few minutes to get her leptospirosis vaccine. I have some stuff to get done around here later. Our house is all piled up with stuff out of the rooms and closets we’re having painted and worked on. The remodeling hell has officially begun. It will be worth it in the long run. 

I have brownies baking and I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my iPad and keyboard directly across from my husband doing work on his MacBook Pro. The workmen are hear painting the office, laundry room and closet, spare bedroom and closet. They’ve painted all the ceilings first. There are drop cloths  and paint cans and supplies all over. Combine that with our junk piled around (from the rooms being worked on) and it makes for a very hectic environment. 
It’s chilly and very windy outside. I’ve been for two walks with Bitzi. I’m feeling very good lately aside from the bug bites I got last week and my occasional left knee pain. I think I aggravated my knee by walking around a bunch in flip flops at the beginning of summer. I believe that’s what started it. I has felt much better since I got the Dr Scholl’s inserts designed for knee pain and put them in my Skechers. Mike thinks I need walking shoes with a thicker sole and better support. I hate heave clunky shoes though. I like my Skechers because they’re so light and flexible. Anyway I’m feeling good, exercising and sleeping well. 
Next Tuesday I got to Loyola for my check up with Dr. Stiff my oncologist who did my stem cell transplant. It will be five years on November 23. 
The brownies are out of the oven. I’m letting them cool before they’re frosted. They’re made with duck eggs Sallie gave me. I’m not telling the guys......

The brownies are a hit!  Really good.

The wind is super strong and nasty outside. After her lepto vaccine, Bitzi is pretty slow and lethargic. She’s walking like she’s a bit sore. They gave her a steroid pain killer and Benadryl. Poor little fluffkin.  

I’m reading Lee Smith’s Oral History again for the third time but I haven’t read it in a long time now. I love to reread and rewatch my old favorites. That’s just the way I am. 

4:37 after much research and thinking and pricing and investigating I decided not to buy a new laptop and I just bought a new nice higher quality keyboard for my existing iPad. I think it will suffice for my needs. Actually it isn’t even a new nicer keyboard it’s a refurbished nicer higher quality keyboard at half the price of new. I’m using now and it’s like driving a Cadillac compared to my old broken down jalopy keyboard. SO smooth......and nice and it actually FITS my IPad instead of slipping and being stuck on there with nano tape. So I’m happy for now. I feel fancy. I’m happy. The guys are still here painting and Mike is on a work call across the table from me. After while we’re going to the countertop place to finalize our selection and put down half on the quartz so they can come out and laser measure to cut the stone. I‘M SO excited!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13

Rise up

I met an old friend for lunch today. It had been over a year since I’d seen her. It was good to catch up. I also stopped to see another old friend in Peoria on my way home Sunday. I had never seen her new
house. I felt sweaty and cruddy from traveling and driving that day. It was good to catch up.

I have to go meet with the lady about tending her two Tibetan spaniels for the next two weeks starting Thursday. I’ll have to go over to her house four times a day and let them out and tend them.
Thursday I also have to go to the McHenry county ROE in Woodstock and get fingerprinted for my criminal background check so I can be on the sub list for McHenry County and Friday I have to attend a 2-3 hour orientation to sub for Huntley school district. I’m not still even sure I want to but I do want to have options and keep contributing to my IRA so......

Tomorrow we’re having some rooms painted and the bedroom closet attic fixed so we can put luggage up there and the living room TV mounted on a wall bracket and some garage lights added. 

Sunday, October 4

Country comfort

I’m feeling very content and grateful this morning. I’m feeling better than the last few days. I’m truly grateful for my health and my life, sitting here in my cozy home in super soft lounge pants and shirt with my warm Sherpa slippers on. A few years ago I would never have guessed I’d still be alive or able to retire. Miracles do happen.

Friday, September 11

Soggy Bottom Boys

9:40M.  I’ve been on the phone trying to use my leftover flex spending account money on a bill. I should have had the brains to pay it before my insurance terminated with the school district. Now I have to fight to get it. I called HR but of course got a voicemail. I hate this bullshit!

I took Bitzi outside this morning and the ground is SO wet and soggy and squishy. It must have rained all night.

I have to go get my drivers license renewed AND take a vision test so I’m nervous about that. I’m positive my left eye won’t pass but you only need ONE to pass. On a good day my right eye might pass. Once I do that successfully I’ll have a big feeling of relief.

I’m going to try on all my clothes and clean out my closets and drawers, bring out my fall& winter stuff, put away summer stuff, clean up my bathroom and take stuff to Goodwill.

I split and repotted my new cacti yesterday. 


2:42pm. I’ve taken Bitzi Lu on two big walks today in this overcast wet gloom. I went through all my drawers and the big master closet and put my spring summer stuff away and brought out the fall winter stuff and organized the monster closet. I took 2 trash bags of clothes to Goodwill earlier but now have two more bags of old bedding stuff that also needs to go. In our two bedroom house without a basement I need to keep up on things and continually purge and reorganize things. I’m sweating a cold pasty sweat from all that work and stepping up and down off the step stool and reaching and carrying.

Tuesday, September 8

Roasted vegetables

2:11 pm when I went down to Canton and Lewistown Saturday I stopped at Sallie’s and she gave me a bunch of vegetables so I decided I’d better use them up today. I made some “ Dago salad” with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, vinegar, olive oil and seasonings. ( I hate that shit but Mike loves it. I haven’t made it in years.) He flipped over it and ate a huge anoint for lunch. I also cut up zucchini and yellow squash and added ones, baby carrots and mushrooms. I drizzled it with olive oil, seasonings and Parmesan and put it in the oven to roast. It smells good. I also have a couple big weird overgrown alien looking cacti Sallie gave me that I have to repot. Sarah and the boys took some of those too. It’s been raining and storming since last night. I took Bitzi to the groomer at 8 this morning. Her shorter cut is really cute. Her hair grows fast.

Friday, September 4

Delta Dawn

It’s early morning. The sun is just coming up. I’ve been awake for an hour or so and just got up.

We got home from Lake Geneva yesterday morning. I went for the interview at the dentist’s office. I kind of feel like I don’t like the main dentist ( my dentist). The other guy was way nicer. Not sure I want to work there. It IS really close and would be pretty easy at part time but I don’t know that I want to be committed. I’d like to stay free and fluid. Hmmmm I’ll have to think about it. Besides they’re interviewing other people for that job. I also did a phone interview for a neurologist but that would be full time . Not sure what I want to do. I guess I’m just easing into retirement and exploring available options.

I’m leaving around 10 this morning with Bitzi to go see my family. I’ll come home Sunday. Driving down there and back always wears me out but it’s good to see family. 

Wednesday, September 2

Meteorlogical fall

10:01am Wednesday

This is our third day staying here at the resort in a timeshare condo in Lake Geneva. Mike is in the shower. We're going over to Burlington in a little while, then I'm going shopping in downtown Lake Geneva. After that we're going to the spa and then to the fish boil and home in the morning. Mike is going to go pick up the dog from his mom's and I have a noon interview tomorrow for a dental office job a mile from our house.
Mikes mom Annette's sisters husband just died of Covid-19 last night. Annette played bingo with her sisters Sunday night. We were around Annette Monday morning. That's some scary shit to think about!

I'm going down to Lewistown Friday

Sunday, February 9

Sunday snow’s a-comin

I made some cinnamon rolls this morning and now I’m finishing my second cup of coffee. It’s supposed to start snowing soon up to three inches and then start raining. I just don’t like the sleet and ice so maybe the rain will just melt all the snow. My friend who lives in Denver just got slammed with a crazy amount of snow so this stuff won’t seems like much compared to that. 

Mike and I didn’t do too much yesterday. We took his car ( black Chevy Tahoe) to Fast Eddies here in Huntley for an exterior wash and interior cleaning. I took my Kia Sorrento there Friday afternoon but just got the exterior wash as it was full of my instruments and school stuff. After the car wash yesterday we went to a couple stores then came home and stayed home. Neither of us are feeling very good or frisky. We’re both tired.  

Mike’s mom had a lung biopsy Thursday of a spot that showed up on a CT scan and she should get the pathology report back tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s the left lung. She had breast cancer on the left about fifteen years ago and was treated with a simple lumpectomy and a little radiation. She’s been pretty depressed since her husband Jerry died three years ago. She’s stopped going to mass, bingo and doesn’t want to go anywhere or take a shower or get dressed. We’ve all tried and tried.      

At some Point we’re going to go away to somewhere warm and sunny during February. We both like the thought of the Florida keys. Neither of us like crowds or touristy bullshit places. We really love nature and water.

11:16 It’s snowing very heavily now - crazy heavy but it’s not supposed to last that long or accumulate to much.     We’re cleaning the house, doing laundry and preparing for the coming work week. I think we’ll run out briefly and drop a couple things off at Goodwill. Since our house is smaller than the old one we need to continually thin things down. I guess I’m now used to not having a basement but we need to redo the attic stairs so I can go up and down more easily and safely to store and retrieve things. The aluminum pull-down stairs are hard to pull down and just scary for me#seniorcitizen, #aginggracefully, #retire2020, #chicagowinters.

So after cooking a bunch this week we now have in the fridge vegetable beef soup, pulled pork, meatballs and cheesecake  I should put some in the freezer today.
cheesecake mix

2:30 It's STILL snowing! I just made chocolate chip cookies and will put a bunch of stuff in the freezer ( the squirrel in me!)

3:27   I did some school work in my little back office. After I retire I can get rid of a lot more stuff. I bought Milo a trombone and a different mouthpiece and a padded strap for his case and a beginner book to start. I’ll also give him a folding music stand to go with it.

I put the chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls I baked today in smaller bags in the freezer. I don’t need them sitting out on the counter tempting me. Mike and I are going to go out and shovel before the sleet starts and it gets dark. We have a lawn maintenance company mow and trim all summer. I just tend my flowers. Lots of residents here in Sun City have snow removal service but we shovel our own. Both of Mike’s shoulders are starting to go bad. I’m sure he’ll get them fixed at some point. We’ll probably have the snow removal service at some point too.

5:19 I know today is an unusually long post for me. Sometimes I get on a roll. Also being stuck inside with the snow gave me ample time to blabber on more than usual.

We went out and shoveled then went to the store and ran a couple errands. It’s misting rain now. There’s probably 2-3 inches of snow on the ground but it’s pretty wet and melting and slides easily. Since I’m so congested I got about a third of the driveway cleared and had to stop for a huge hacking attack before I continued. I had a couple of those before we were finished. Got a lot of gunk out from all the hacking though.
We just got home from errands and the neighbor lady kitty corner across the street from us with the loud vicious dog who always barks it’s fucking head off was out shoveling ( and of course, you could hear her fucking dog barking inside the house) so Mike gave me the bags to bring inside and said he was going to go help her shovel. I would have gone to help too if it weren’t for her having that loud fucking dog barking ALL THE TIME. Uh no....

I’m making a little fettuccine after while. I got a new seed starter kit and some zinnia flower seeds!!! The snow plow just went by. We live on a corner lot. Every time the snowplow goes by they pile our driveway closed! Damn it! I think they do it on purpose.

Saturday, January 4


I’m feeling really worried about the whole Trump bombing Iran and our country so deeply divided. Seriously.

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