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Sunday, December 1

Snowy rainy Sunday

Going out for brunch.


5:57  pm. I got all my stuff accomplished today that I planned. My congestion, energy and strength are better.

Sunday, November 24

Sunny day

Today I’m feeling better than the last two. I did sleep pretty well and wasn’t up coughing my guts out. I’ve started flushing my sinuses with saline every few hours and that’s helping. I’m so so tired of the congestion and wheezing and being out of breath. It’s hard for me to do my job. It’s hard to do just about anything. 
Yesterday we had an argument. I’ve just been pretty fed up for a while. We’ve kind of made up now but we, of course, haven’t talked or resolved anything.
In my experience men can never apologize or admit guilt or accept any responsibility for relationship problems. It’s just the nature of the beast. I guess I’m just now finally realizing it and it’s bitter to me. Yes he has done a lot for me but that doesn’t earn him the right to treat me like chopped liver or be an asshole. No sir-e.

Anyway so I’m not feeling as congested but feeling glum. I did finally repot my money plant tree so at least that was good. I’m making soup in the crock pot. I took some stuff out to the back patio and swept out the garage. I’m getting winded easily and start sweating. At least I haven’t had pneumonia this year.

I have to go to the store in a while to get a couple things. I’ll need to prep for work later. We only have Monday & Tuesday this week. Mike always has to work on Thanksgiving. I’m driving down to Peoria to pick up my handicapped sister Vicki from her group home and taking her to a restaurant in Lewistown that’s wheelchair accessible for Vicki and my kids and grandkids are coming for Thanksgiving lunch. After we visit I’m taking Vicki home and then staying over at my Daughter’s house. My kids’ houses have steps and are not wheelchair friendly. It’s just easier going to a restaurant.

I ordered an DNA test. It hasn’t come yet but I have been researching my ancestors and finding some int

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