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Saturday, November 30

Put your bright light on and shine!

6:17 Saturday

Today is supposed to be a rainy, windy day switching over to snow tomorrow. Some friends are supposed to stop by this morning and we’re supposed to go see my mother-in-law Annette in St. Charles. She’s still living by herself even though there have been concerns for some time. I just keep my mouth shut and let her kids deal with it. She shouldn’t be living alone.

Today I’m feeling a little better and more clear with less congestion and coughing. I took two short naps yesterday, used my nebulizer three times and flushed my sinuses with salt water with the water pik three times. Crazy but whatever works...At least I haven’t had full blown pneumonia.

I did go out to Costco, filled up with gas and went to Walmart. There was a lot of suburban Black Friday shopping crowds and traffic. I hate both crowds and traffic so I just got my few needed things and got the hell back home. Being congested, walking around in those big stores made me more wheezey and weak feeling.The last several days since Tuesday I’ve felt weak in the legs. I felt like I’d caught some virus Tuesday night as I felt SUPER creepy shitty, bad chills and a fever. Who the f knows? Feeling better and clearer today and legs feel better. 

I’m concerned about both my daughters and am praying things resolve and improve. I hadn’t seen my sons in a while. On Thanksgiving they looked healthy and happy. I hugged them tight and held on to them a couple times. This has been a long bumpy winding road with my tribe.

I have backed way off social media for a number of reasons. Hacking, scams, way too much marketing and charity begging, waaaaay too much bragging, fighting, drama, political conflict, too much fake news and let’s not forget the Russian meddling are just TOO much to tolerate any longer.  So F it. I subscribe to Apple news and can read the Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Trib and tons of other newspapers and magazines. I watch CNN News, Anderson Cooper and ABC 7 TV news. Sometimes too much news is stressful itself. I have books on my Kindle App and Audible to get to. 

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