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Wednesday, February 22


I took a couple containers of beef & barley soup out of the freezer and have it warming on the stove in a big pot. It’s about 3:30 in the afternoon. I can hear the wind whistling and the sleet hitting the front window. I was supposed to sub today but canceled it last night after hearing the predicted ice storm on the news. I’m subbing at a different school tomorrow but the weather should be better. 

Saturday, February 11

Messed up

This blogger app I’m using is messed up. I’m not sure wtf is going on with it now. It’s 7:06am now and I woke up about 90 minutes ago not feeling too well. I had intended to wait until the Bill Maher show was over at 10 last night and then use my nebulizer and take two Advil cold and sinus tablets so I could breathe ( and sleep) better BUT I fell asleep on the couch halfway through Bill Maher, then woke up about 11 o’clock and just stumbled to bed. I woke up a couple times in the night not too feeling so well. That’s what this ( bucket of SUCK) time is about: colds, flus, gloomy overcast skies and misery until spring arrives. Bitzi is curled up on my lap sleeping. She likes her morning cuddles.


Because I’ve had a nasty cold this week ( that I caught subbing for a first grade class last week) I haven’t been doing much at all. The last two days I’ve felt somewhat improved and have taken Bitzi for some walks and done some brief cardio sessions and a little house. Yesterday Mike and I finally got out and went to a new restaurant we’d been wanting to try. We ended up not liking it at all. The waitress was very nice but everything else was not good. We had been hopeful we’d like it but alas, no. We may try to go out to a Mexican restaurant we know we like on Valentine’s Day. I have breakfast out that day with a bunch of neighbor ladies. I meant to go buy Valentine cards and send all the grandkids but didn’t get it done. I guess I could make some and get them in the mail today.

Mike has been trying to get his Social Security payments set up and started. What a hassle. There also has been something wrong with the living room TV reception that has consumed him the past week. I think it’s finally fixed now.

I haven’t seen my family since December and am missing them. The highways and phones work both ways. We do text but it’s not the same. Mike’s mother is continuing to decline and worry the family. She gets very forgetful, nasty and unpleasant at times. She insists she wants to keep living alone although she whines and cries she’s lonely. People call and go over there and try to take her places all the time. She’s becoming a lot more difficult.