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Wednesday, March 1

March 1 - spring is on the way!

It’s afternoon. Mike and I are going to the pool shortly. I subbed at a middle school yesterday and got really tired and stressed out walking all over the building and up and down ten or more flights of stairs. Last night and this morning I didn’t feel well like I was starting to come down with something. I canceled all my sub jobs until after we get back from Scottsdale.

I have a video interview to complete and send in for a job right here in Sun City. I’m not even sure I want it but I’m going to cast my fishing line out there and see if they bite. I’m fortunate to be considered and to complete the video.

Mikes mom continues to get worse. They have arranged for a home health nurse to start going to her house but it hasn’t started. About everyday she calls crying or hysterical. Mike goes over there several times a week.