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Saturday, December 5

Know thyself

It’s 8:41am Saturday morning. It’s bright and nippy outside. I took Bitzi for a walk around Wildflower Lake earlier. There was frost on the ground and ice on the water. We’ll go for another walk later. Today I’m going to devote several hours creating sub plans and practicing with the new technology so I don’t feel frustrated and panicked like I did Wednesday and Thursday. I want to put my full attention to the kids and teaching and not worry about all the other shit. Before long this temporary job will be done. I’ve lost eighteen pounds since October 21 when I started keto and fasting. I’ve had a few blips on the radar when I’ve had too many carbs but overall I’m good. This is a lifestyle change. I’m walking more. My gut and my breathing are much improved. I’m no longer having knee and back pain. It’s going well. I’ve made out a schedule for myself today so I’m going to go get to work. I have a tendency to procrastinate and put off doing things.....I always feel so much better after I get my stuff done ( aka know yourself.)I believe Mike has some work to do today

I am feeling very happy and blessed today. The sun shining helps greatly. I can’t believe how far my health has come since the return of my brain cancer and stem cell transplant in spring of 2015. I thank God for my blessings every day ( even though I complain and gripe some times, know I have won the ultimate lotto of life!)

2:38pm. I’ve gotten a whole bunch of school stuff done today and taken two long walks with the dog. I’m not 100% finished yet but I’ve made really good progress. Tomorrow I’ll be testing my media and setting my timing and plans. 

Saturday, October 24

If he loses will Trump exit the office gracefully?

7:40am I’m the only one who’s awake. I left Mike to sleep. It’s weird being empty nesters but for sure it’s more calm and peaceful. I love to go visit my kids and grandkids but after a couple days I’m physically and emotionally worn out. Sleeping on a bunk bed with a bad mattress doesn’t help. It’s good to spend time with them though. It feeds my soul and restores me. I’ll go see them again in a couple weeks. 

The two landscapers are here. I can hear them using a weed eater out back. It’s extra brisk out there this morning. I took Bitzi out to pee about a half hour ago. I have on long pants, wool knee socks and two hoodies and I was still cold.

I’m finishing my black coffee and have to run over to the Griffins’ house and take care of the Tibetan spaniels Holly and Divot. They’re nice old gentle dogs. I feed them and let them out in the small fenced yard. I take them for a walk at noon if the weather is okay. Holly pulls at the leash but Divot lags behind and struggles. I think he has some hip problems and doesn’t see well.

Yesterday morning I dropped off some clarinet books & music to another music teacher in Elgin and then drove to St. Charles to my mother-in-law Annette’s house. She has recently got a 2 year old female Yorkie. Her old Yorkie died a few weeks ago. The new dog is much healthier and prettier but has ear mites and Annette couldn’t get the ear drops in so I went over and chatted a bit and showed her how I put ear drops in. I let the dog smell me, then I petted her and rubbed her ears. Then I put her on my lap and petted her and massaged her ears. Then I wrapped a towel around her to swaddle her and calm her down and put the ear drops in with no trouble at all. Annette said the dog fought her and absolutely would not allow her to put them in. You have to warm them up first so they’re not afraid. 

I’ve been afraid for a while that if Trump loses he will tweet out rage to his evil horde of followers and there will be a shitstorm of violence across the country. I seriously am dreading it. I WANT HIM OUT but feel like we need to prepare for a political explosion from his deplorable. 

8:29 I just took Bitzi over to the spaniels’ house, fed them, let them out to potty then let them sniff Bitzi for a bit before leaving. I’m getting Bitzi socialized with all sorts of animals and people. She’s doing really well, gets along with everything and is not fearful or aggressive at all. I’m still leaning toward having a litter of puppies with her once she hits 18 months but Mike wants to get her fixed. She should know motherhood. She’d be a great mama. 

Im still on my first cup of black coffee. I’m still doing keto and intermittent fasting. It’s good for your immune system and longevity. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Keto kills off my sweet / carb cravings by lowering my blood glucose. I ate dinner a little late yesterday so now I can’t eat until 12:30.

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