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Tuesday, January 19

What do you believe?

I just dropped Bitzi off at the groomer, Doggie Styles. She’s just getting her feet, face and butt trimmed and a bath and blow dry. I want to keep her coat longer the next couple months. After I left the groomer place I went across Rt.47 and dropped off the load of bedroom stuff at Goodwill. Bitzi should be done in thirty minutes or so.

My daughter is accusing my two sons of something bad and they swear it isn’t true. Their father, my ex, being the total misogynist he is, sides with his sons. It’s a shitstorm. I believe my daughter. My sons swear it isn’t true. They’ve learned the lying from their father. I’m sad to say it but it’s true.

I watch ( on TV) and read daily news from a variety of reputable sources for my knowledge and to form my opinions. Yes if you only consumed one news source you surely would be more biased as to what that source was reporting. 

I just turned down a high school building float sub job from now until the end of the year. Bartlett High is a good school but I’m not doing any in-person jobs until I’ve had the vaccine.

4:54 I just turned down another full time building float sub from now until the end of the year from Huntley School District. Hurry up with the vaccines already!


Saturday, October 24

If he loses will Trump exit the office gracefully?

7:40am I’m the only one who’s awake. I left Mike to sleep. It’s weird being empty nesters but for sure it’s more calm and peaceful. I love to go visit my kids and grandkids but after a couple days I’m physically and emotionally worn out. Sleeping on a bunk bed with a bad mattress doesn’t help. It’s good to spend time with them though. It feeds my soul and restores me. I’ll go see them again in a couple weeks. 

The two landscapers are here. I can hear them using a weed eater out back. It’s extra brisk out there this morning. I took Bitzi out to pee about a half hour ago. I have on long pants, wool knee socks and two hoodies and I was still cold.

I’m finishing my black coffee and have to run over to the Griffins’ house and take care of the Tibetan spaniels Holly and Divot. They’re nice old gentle dogs. I feed them and let them out in the small fenced yard. I take them for a walk at noon if the weather is okay. Holly pulls at the leash but Divot lags behind and struggles. I think he has some hip problems and doesn’t see well.

Yesterday morning I dropped off some clarinet books & music to another music teacher in Elgin and then drove to St. Charles to my mother-in-law Annette’s house. She has recently got a 2 year old female Yorkie. Her old Yorkie died a few weeks ago. The new dog is much healthier and prettier but has ear mites and Annette couldn’t get the ear drops in so I went over and chatted a bit and showed her how I put ear drops in. I let the dog smell me, then I petted her and rubbed her ears. Then I put her on my lap and petted her and massaged her ears. Then I wrapped a towel around her to swaddle her and calm her down and put the ear drops in with no trouble at all. Annette said the dog fought her and absolutely would not allow her to put them in. You have to warm them up first so they’re not afraid. 

I’ve been afraid for a while that if Trump loses he will tweet out rage to his evil horde of followers and there will be a shitstorm of violence across the country. I seriously am dreading it. I WANT HIM OUT but feel like we need to prepare for a political explosion from his deplorable. 

8:29 I just took Bitzi over to the spaniels’ house, fed them, let them out to potty then let them sniff Bitzi for a bit before leaving. I’m getting Bitzi socialized with all sorts of animals and people. She’s doing really well, gets along with everything and is not fearful or aggressive at all. I’m still leaning toward having a litter of puppies with her once she hits 18 months but Mike wants to get her fixed. She should know motherhood. She’d be a great mama. 

Im still on my first cup of black coffee. I’m still doing keto and intermittent fasting. It’s good for your immune system and longevity. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Keto kills off my sweet / carb cravings by lowering my blood glucose. I ate dinner a little late yesterday so now I can’t eat until 12:30.

Friday, October 16

Get over it

4:38am I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep so I just got up so I wouldn’t wake Michael. I’m sitting out in the front sitting room with my coffee wearing my long butterfly print nightgown, my gray synthetic zip-up Columbia jacket and my super soft white angora socks sipping my Costco dark roast coffee with milk in it. 

Yesterday a lady from our Sun City compliance committee rang our doorbell saying one of the neighbors had complained about my two small Biden signs that were in our windows. Yard signs are not allowed here but I figured the window signs would be okay. If you don’t comply they fine you. If you don’t pay the fine you’re banned from using the amenities ( most of which aren’t currently available now anyway). This is total bullshit. Mike took my signs out of the windows. He completely agrees with me that whichever neighbor complained and tattled to the compliance committee is a total asshole. We had an issue like this last year because the Nextdoor lady complained our downspout was too close to her property line. That’s the way it had been for 20 years before we bought the property! We had to have it dug up and rerouted at great expense. The same neighbors have a downspout too near our property that violates the same rule but we are uphill from them. As we’ve lived here the last 18 months I have come to realize that this 55+ active adult community is 99% white conservatives. Many are old crusty f-ers and Trumpers.I have come to see how many geezers are racist and feel women’s place is in the home and subservient. It’s subtle and underlying but it’s pretty evident to me in many social gatherings. Our house sits on a corner lot. There are covenants for our community about property maintenance, what colors you can and cannot paint your front door, you have to apply to the committee to remove or install trees, bushes,etc... people walk by our corner house every day inspecting our stuff and frequently making comments and assessments. Several times nosey old busybodies have asked me if I got permission to plant something or enlarge my flower bed, cut down a bush. We’ve always gotten along with all our former neighbors. I just don’t know which asshole complained about my Biden signs. Mike told me to “ get over it” a couple times......

This morning I have to go over to the Huntley school district for a couple hours for a new employee orientation. Yesterday I went to the ROE for my finger printing for criminal background check. Each county has their own requirements. I went to my primary doctors office in Bartlett and got my TB test and dropped off my health form. When that’s done I have to go get it.

I started pet sitting with the two Tibetan spaniels yesterday. For the next two weeks I’ll be going over there four times a day to tend those dogs. They’re only 11 blocks away. They’re sweet and friendly dogs. The owners are in Myrtle beach playing golf. I told the lady a couple months ago I’d tend her dogs for her.

There’s something in the air this time of year that causes me to wheeze faintly. I suspect it’s mold from decaying leaves but who knows?     

Monday, October 5

Missing you

The sun is splaying golden laser beams through the East sitting room windows. I’m weird and sometimes take nature  things ( clouds, beams of light, flowers, birds, animals) I see as possible signs to direct me. The light rays are speaking to me this morning but their message isn’t clearly understood, maybe they’re saying something like straighten the hell up, quit being so indecisive and DO something. I still have this feeling of being in limbo waiting for something not yet revealed, 

I’m going down to Lewistown this week Wednesday through Sunday to visit my family. I’m looking forward to going and spending time with my tribe. I like driving and seeing the fall scenery. I’m going to the orchard, a winery, the Amish bakery over by Cuba. 

Yesterday I applied to sub at a couple more nearby school districts and applied for a long term maternity leave sub job for a middle school band director in my old district. We’ll see if that happens. I’m not even sure I should be going out places with my immune system and the recent surge of this pandemic. The neighboring county has shut down all their restaurants and bars again for indoor seating due to the sharp increase of people infected with Covid-19. I want to do stuff but I don’t want to do stuff.
The automatic sub caller robot has called a couple times today. Since I decided to apply to sub after school had already started I missed some important information. I don’t know if I accept a job on sub finder ( even though it’s for an online virtual class) if I still have to report to that school and punch the time clock. Also I turned in my district laptop when I retired so do I need to get a new one? I don’t have one of my own. Mike is using his MacBook Pro for his work. I think the woman from HR I dealt with to get hired as a sub isn’t very good. She’s missed a lot of stuff. I’ll worry about that bs another day.

I drove to Kohl’s in Algonquin then back to Aldis in Huntley. They were mobbed. I have some acute pain in the top of my right foot and not sure what happened but it’s more than mild occasional pain.

I just took the dog out for a walk of about 6 blocks. It’s very windy out but much warmer than earlier.

I can hear Mike chattering always on a work call back in his office. He’s talking about retirement now too and suggesting he might take the buyout if they’re still offering good deals if the paper finds it still has to make even more cuts. We’re trying to get the new roof, kitchen, floors and other stuff done now so we don’t have to worry about it in a few years. 

I’ve been feeling more tired the last two weeks. I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or what. 

Saturday, September 12

How to not get depressed during the pandemic

Every day when I get up I have to mentally slap myself and not sink into gloom and depression. Every morning I still have to remind myself I’m still alive and have much to be grateful for. I have to constantly nudge myself away from sliding into worry and dread and dark thoughts. I’m a person who expects the worst doom to happen and then I prepare so I’m ready. In my life I’ve been through some pretty awful dark horrible flaming shit and I never want to go back there but it’s always possible. You always have to keep your antennas up to watch out for monsters and you have to make yourself intentionally think GOOD thoughts all day every day. Plus my batshit crazy head always has this inner snarky,cynical, sarcastic,  bitchy voice commenting about everything and I’m always trying to tamp her down and remain outwardly pleasant and polite. If you think good thoughts, good things will come to you. If you show kindness to others, kindness will be shown to you. If you are generous to others, you will receive generosity. Life is an echo. It’s the law of attraction. You will attract the energy you radiate. 

It’s been gloomy and raining for days now. We’re going over to my stepson and daughter-in-laws for their baby gender reveal party ( that’s “a thing” now with millennials.....) and I’m uncomfortable about going. Due to a sonogram Thursday the doctor identified a mass in the embryo’s chest and is pretty sure it’s some congenital defect called C-PAM. So they’re going to wait to see if it resolves on it’s own or the baby may need surgery immediately upon birth. I can’t imagine why they’re going ahead with the party. I feel so bad for them and don’t know what to say. Plus my husbands ex will be there and she is always loud obnoxious and attention getting. I always feel very strained being around her. I’ve got to just relax, take a deep breath and pull up my big girl panties and slap  on a friendly, happy face. I know I had one here somewhere.....

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