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Friday, December 11

Merrily down the stream....

Good morning. And I’m using my headset microphone and dictation and trying to get used to it. The sun has not come up yet. I’m simmering cloves,lemon slices and cinnamon sticks in a little pan on the stove. The aroma is scenting  the house in a wonderful way that smells like Christmas. I love doing that in December. It makes me happy. I still feel a little sad that the kids are grown but now we have the grandkids. Due to the pandemic we don’t see them much. My sense of taste and smell never fully returned after the stem cell transplant. There was some wicked chemo that was used to penetrate the blood- brain barrier. It took me about seven months after that to be able to taste or smell anything at all and even now five years later I’m still not normal. I can smell the simmering Christmas concoction a bit. I can sometimes smell my own armpits. Some perfumes I’m unable to smell nor natural gas from the stove. It is what it is. I’ve stopped dictating. It seems weird to be speaking out loud while I’m sitting here alone. To me it’s somewhat cathartic to type. 

This is Friday and the students I’m subbing for are asynchronous. I have put activities in their online folders. It just seems weird. So I have three more weeks of this gig- two after Christmas break and the last week of it, on Jan.11 is supposed to be in person with kids. I’m a bit ambivalent but keeping an open mind. It would only be five days. 

The sun is coming up now. I just went out to the kitchen and made another cup of coffee and opened the blinds on the back windows and sliding glass doors and Bitzi didn’t wake up or come out of her igloo so I just let her sleep. On days when I’ve been starting work online at eight I take her out for her first walk at seven but today she can sleep. Mike still takes her out to pee in the middle of the night but she surely doesn’t need it. She usually just wanders back in to her igloo by nine every night and puts herself to bed. She’s very well tempered and behaved.

After this sub job is done I’m not sure if I want to take more especially as schools are talking about returning students before the pandemic is over and vaccines have been given widely. Maybe my immune system is strong enough now but I still don’t produce immunoglobulins like normal humans so it’s a bit tricky....

Friday, October 23

Stormy morning


My rooster alarm went off at 6:45. It hadn’t been working right but it did today. It’s raining and thundering outside. I’m going to take Bitzi out with the umbrella then drive over and tend the spaniels. I hope it’s not rainy and overcast all day.

Monday, October 19

Who wants to be a millionaire?

2:55pm Monday

This day has been weird from the start. I intentionally downloaded an alarm clock app and set it for a rooster crow for 5:45 am this morning so I could make my 6:15 indoor pool slot but I woke up by myself at almost 7 and was horrified. WTF happened with my alarm?  Damn it! I’ve reset it and I have Wednesday and Friday 6:15 slots scheduled. So after I got up I took Bitzi outside to pee and then fed her and then went over and fed the spaniels and let them out. I came back home and took Bitzi for another walk. Then I did some stuff at home and then went over and took the spaniels for walk. Then once I got home I got a call from an attorney with the Miller firm in Virginia. I’m a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Roundup (Bayer-Monsato) for my non-Hodgkins lymphoma brain & eye cancer  and this class action lawsuit has been dragging on quite a while. They’re getting close to the final settlement but ( the lawyer Jeff) said that in reviewing my and a couple other peoples’ cases ( medical records), they suggest I opt our of the class action and instead go for individual mediation because they’re thinking we few (and the firm) will get a whole lot more than the average share. He said the other lawyers and he have discussed my case and medical records and they plan to ask for 5 million on my behalf.I’m not paying a dime out of pocket and really have nothing to lose so I told him okay, I’d sign the document to opt out. The hearing for these individual mediated cases will be probably next summer in NewYork. I’d either have to attend in person or via Zoom. Hey whatever. It all seems so crazy far fetched anyway, so whatever. I was exposed to RoundUp for years on the farm spraying weeds around the barns and fence lines. We’ll just wait and see. Surely something good will come out of all my horrible suffering.
I don’t really even want to think about it at all or get my hopes up. Mike has always assumed I was being scammed but I’ve investigated them pretty thoroughly. I dunno. Whatever.

We had to go back down to South Elgin to our attorney after lunch for Mike to sign a document for my IRA and drop off some forms. I now have a nice lump sum nest egg in my IRA after transferring funds from several places. Supposedly I should get a minimum of 8% gain on it each year (fingers crossed.)

Mike’s in the other room working and struggling with technology. He will never ask me for help. I’m Certainly no Steve Jobs but I am way better than he is with technology and apps. He is kind of dinosaur-y, He barely uses his cell phone and doesn’t have any apps on his phone or utilize a lot of tools that he could benefit from. He has a brand new IPad and keyboard he never uses and keeps it in the original box in the closet!

When I took the spaniels for their walk around 12:30 the sun was shining brightly. Now the sky is overcast and milky and looks like snow is coming. I don’t think it is but it looks that way.

I have some more cleaning organizing to do but have been avoiding it so far today. Ugh....I’ll feel a lot better when it’s done. A smaller house shows more clutter than a bigger house because everything is condensed down.

We’re having leftover chili for supper tonight. I made the Chili on Friday and used some tomatoes and jalapeƱos Sallie gave me from her garden and some hamburger I thawed out from the freezer. It was really really good!

My sister Sallie and her husband Pete (66&70) are now at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN for Pete’s kidney biopsies. He has had some kidney disease and had been in remission for years but last year started having troubles and they’ve been trying to deal with it but it’s gotten worse. I saw him last week when I was in Canton and he look much older than he had-very thin, pale and his hair and beard have turned from gray to white. His legs were showing (wearing shorts) and they looked like really old man scrawny white chicken legs.  I hope things go okay and Mayo can help.

OMG I just overheard Mike talking on the phone to somebody about us taking his mother up to Mennomonie WI to visit his cousin the weekend after Halloween. I thought this trip was canned. He hasn’t talked to me about it. His mother has been a problem lately and has mean rude crazy stuff to me. Now I’m filled with angst and dread...... that’s a long drive all the way up there and back!

Tomorrow I have my labs and check up at Loyola with my oncologist Dr. Patrick Stiff.  Stiff

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