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Friday, January 12

Snowmagedon, snowpocalypse

It started snowing a lot during the night. Right now we have around 8 inches of snow. It’s still snowing pretty hard with big fluffy flakes. It supposed to stop for a while and then snow again and the temperature will drop. I was outside a little while ago with Bitzi and shoveled for a while. Mike is still out there using the snow blower. At least the snow isn’t as wet and heavy as the other day. 

Saturday, January 6

Saturday, Jan.6, 2024

I love mornings. Mornings are some of life’s most wonderful pleasures. Just the fact to wake up and be given another day, another chance, another blessing. Each day is filled with possibilities. You have to be able to see the miracles in all things. You have to be able to suck all the juice out of the life you’ve been gifted. You have to wake up and smell the coffee and connect with the universe and your spirit ancestors and angel guides. Count your blessings, not your sorrows. 

It’s 5:56am and I’ve been awake since about 4. As usual I tried to go back to sleep after I used the bathroom but I just couldn’t fall back asleep so I got up so I wouldn’t disturb Michael. He fell on black ice Thursday morning walking the dog. Although he never tells, me I knew he was sore yesterday. Falling when you’re older is much more serious than when you’re a kid. Last night we got some snow and the temperature has dropped so it seems like winter has finally arrived after so much mild weather lately.

The remodeled kitchen is looking much better than before. We still have to get the walls painted. Pete, the carpenter, installed a new electric fireplace and moved our wall- mounted TV up on the new panel he installed on the living room wall. We’re getting a new mantle next week. It looks really good. We brought a few things home from Mike’s mom’s house and have been rearranging furniture accordingly. We went and looked at a house for sale in our neighborhood the other day. It’s the same model as ours but has an extra bedroom and bathroom in the finished basement and it is on a quiet Culver’s-de-sac sitting on the edge of the golf course. It has NO updates at all. It had all the original 1999 carpeting and appliances and laminate counters. The kitchen had wood floors that needed refinished and cabinets needing replaced.We decided that we’ve done WAY too many updates to our current house to start over so we’re just going to continue improving this one to suit our needs. 

In the last few months I’ve gotten my shingles, Covid, flu and RSV vaccines. I got an immunoglobulin infusion at Loyola in November and December. I get another one on the 18th then 3 more until April when I go back to see my oncologist. I haven’t been subbing. I’m trying to limit my exposure to crowds (and humans in general…) in an attempt to be healthier. I need to ramp up my exercise and nutrition and be more consistent. I can always do short intense bursts of about anything but it’s the long haul stuff that’s the real challenge and true test of real change and improvement. Am I tough enough and mean enough? Can I switch in to full “ Rocky” mode? Tuesday I go for my annual check up with my family doctor (I already had the labs and they’re good). I seem to be getting more high maintenance! 

Tuesday, December 5

Keep going

Mike’s mom passed on yesterday morning in her sleep. She was in no pain as far as we know. We packed up our stuff from our room in Lake Geneva, stopped and got the dog at the kennel and then Mike headed over to his mother’s house. I stayed home. I knew there would be a flock of his family there. I don’t like crowds. The funeral home representative didn’t get there to take her body until 2:30 so the family was there with the body for several hours. She will be cremated. In two weeks there will be a mass and a celebration of life for the family at a restaurant. Many of the family members are coming from across the country.
I went to alto practice last night but I’m still ( as always) congested and wheezing now and then. It’s so aggravating. The last couple weeks I’ve mostly been stress eating junk I shouldn’t eat like the squirrels gorging themselves to survive winter. After several weeks of not going I’m going to go do a water aerobics class this morning. After that I’m going with Mike to the funeral home and then to his mom’s house to pay bills, cancel credit cards and other business for her estate. 
It’s a relief not worrying about her health and mental decline. She’s with Jerry in heaven now. 

Tuesday, November 21


It’s 5:24 a.m. I’ve been awake a couple hours now. Later on this morning we’re going to Loyola hospital in Maywood. I’m having labs and then getting an immunoglobulin infusion to help boost my immune system. I’ve had bronchial congestion, wheezing and coughing since late September. I’ll do whatever it takes to feel better. Mike has enough on his plate right now without worrying about me. My poor health has been increasingly limiting my activities with family and our community. I’m hoping today’s treatment will help.
I fell asleep early last evening so it’s no surprise I woke up so early. We went to see Mike’s mom yesterday morning. The caregiver, Charity, had bathed her, helped her out of bed into a chair and fed her breakfast. She looked worn out and haggard to me but Mike thought she looked good compared to previous days. Her time on earth is limited. It reminds me of tending my own mother before she died. It’s hard for Michael. We all will pass through the gate at some point. No one escapes it. 

I’ve been getting a lot done at home lately- lots of cabinets and drawers cleaned out. Clutter weighs you down. I feel panicked when I can’t find things. I feel more relaxed and at ease when things are clean and organized. I’m a big fan of feng shui and minimalism.
feng shui

I’m needing to start meditating again. I used to do it regularly in my younger days. There’s more reason to do it now. I have so much more going on now. I need more connections with the universe. 

I’m 64 now!!!!!