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Tuesday, January 19

What do you believe?

I just dropped Bitzi off at the groomer, Doggie Styles. She’s just getting her feet, face and butt trimmed and a bath and blow dry. I want to keep her coat longer the next couple months. After I left the groomer place I went across Rt.47 and dropped off the load of bedroom stuff at Goodwill. Bitzi should be done in thirty minutes or so.

My daughter is accusing my two sons of something bad and they swear it isn’t true. Their father, my ex, being the total misogynist he is, sides with his sons. It’s a shitstorm. I believe my daughter. My sons swear it isn’t true. They’ve learned the lying from their father. I’m sad to say it but it’s true.

I watch ( on TV) and read daily news from a variety of reputable sources for my knowledge and to form my opinions. Yes if you only consumed one news source you surely would be more biased as to what that source was reporting. 

I just turned down a high school building float sub job from now until the end of the year. Bartlett High is a good school but I’m not doing any in-person jobs until I’ve had the vaccine.

4:54 I just turned down another full time building float sub from now until the end of the year from Huntley School District. Hurry up with the vaccines already!


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