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Wednesday, February 8


I still have my cold and feel miserable. I don’t feel up to doing anything.

Saturday, February 4

Winter cold

I’ve had a bad cold for a couple days and have stayed home. I’m not back to normal yet but am better than yesterday. I slept better. I’m glad it’s about gone. 

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital and get another echocardiogram to compare to the one from September ( right after the heart attack). It had improved significantly. I haven’t heard from the cardiologist yet. I have to get done with this cold and get back to the gym. 

Friday, January 27

A new start

It’s a typical January day. We were coming home a while ago and the snow was coming down so hard we could barely see in front of us. We went to the lodge here  at Sun City earlier. I had intended to work out on the fitness machines but there was a whole bunch of people in there and the machines I had intended to use were already taken so I worked out in the pool then I went in the hot tub and sauna with Mike. It was nice. I haven’t been working out in the pool the last couple months ( due to rehab) and I can really feel it in my muscles now. I have to be dedicated to working out daily now that rehab is over. It’s a new start for my health.

I just played my clarinet for a bit but I’m really tired so didn’t play very long. In a little while I’ll start cooking dinner. I just ate a handful of walnuts to curb my hunger. I had a little bit of oatmeal for breakfast. I finally got Mike to agree to go on another cruise so we’re going next year in May. It’s a long way away but hopefully by then we’ll both be healthier and he’ll be over his germ phobia. He’s always afraid I’m going to catch something. I’m going to start subbing again next Monday now that rehab is over. Mike is nervous about that too- me being exposed to school germs again. I’m not subbing younger than 4th grade and no special ed- too much hands on with those kids. There’s so much going on from now until the end of May that I had to double check the dates before I accepted jobs. It’s good to be busy physically, cognitively, socially.

I may go downstate  to see and visit with an old friend next week - who I haven’t seen in years. I hope it works out. It will be kind of surreal and weird after all this time. We shall see. It’s good to reconnect. I tend to be very sensitive and emotional. I get drippy about things that most people don’t. 

Tuesday, January 24


The Sun is coming up. The quiet pastel display out of the front window is beautiful and awe inspiring. I love my mornings alone to read the newspapers on my iPad and sip my coffee. 

I have to go get dressed and take Bitzi out to pee in a few minutes. Mike is still sleeping. He had a rough day yesterday with his mother’s latest test results. He’s dreading talking to her about it, talking with his siblings about it, talking with his mom and her oncologist tomorrow. It’s a difficult situation. I’ll just try to be as helpful and supportive as I can.

Wednesday, January 11

Two thirds done

I’m now going to cardiac rehab workouts every day. I have twelve more to go before I’m done. Besides that I’m also walking with the dog every day.

Saturday, January 7


The morning is a typical cloudy cold January day. I just opened all the window shades the reveal the bleak, milky sky. It’s the lack of Sun that gets me the most from January through March. I can take the cold and snow but I need sunshine. Mike and I are both sick although I’m at the end of my cold and he’s at the beginning. Both of us have sore noses and chapped faces from blowing our noses and wiping them so much. We both managed to get some sleep last night. We stayed up last night watching the clown show of electing a speaker of the house. When I finally went to bed they finally voted for the fifteenth time and elected Trump puppet McCarthy. I’m so disheartened at all the crazies in this world but then I guess I’m one too. It’s all a matter of your opinion and perspective.