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Sunday, January 31

Snowpocalypse 2021


It’s been snowing since around 4pm yesterday off and on. I just went outside with the dog and shoveled in front of the garage, the sidewalk, the front porch and a patch beside the sidewalk for Bitzi to relieve herself. The snow is heavy and wet and slides pretty easily. I came inside because I was pretty sure Bitzi’s  paws and legs and belly were packed with snow and ice. We came inside and I peeled off her sweater and harness and put her in some warm water in the utility sink and dried her off with a towel. Mike is still in bed sleeping. I’m not sure our snow blower is going to handle this stuff. I’ll let him deal with it. 

I have a nice beef roast in the crockpot. I browned it in my cast iron skillet with some olive oil and spices then put it in the crockpot with onion, mushrooms, garlic, celery and a bay leaf. I’m going to make beef barley soup with the leftovers. It’s smelling good. 

Mike is up now. The guy who is in charge of high school sports just called Mike about some big screw up in a sports story in today’s paper that was the fault of some woman on the night desk. He talks to John a lot more than he talks to me. F sports. Ignore Ignore Ignore

I am waiting to have “ the talk”.

My potato soup, crockpot roast and beef& barley soup turned out really good. Good stuff on a snowy day. 

Saturday, January 30

Waiting for the storm to hit

The sun is shining and it’s cold outside but not nose hair freezing cold. We are supposed to get a big snowstorm of up to nine inches starting this afternoon and continuing until Sunday night. I hope it will be this winter’s last hurrah. I’ve been up for a while and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, wiped the counters and stove, fed and took Bitzi outside to pee. Mike just got up and is watching the morning news. He said he’s lost ten pounds. I’ve noticed he’s eating less and reducing his carbs. He’s been on diabetes medicine about five years but never checks his blood sugar and until recently has never watched his carb intake. He also has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout and two painful shoulders that surely need replacement surgery. I’m sure he has sleep apnea. He won’t ever listen or go to the doctor. I’m living with an exhausted surly grouch-ass bear. There is no playful puppy left. I hope if he continues watching what he eats things will improve. He never exercises or will go for a walk or swim with me. He’s just stuck at his laptop or the TV all the time. It does zero good to try to talk about it with him. He just gets mad and defensive. It is what it is. No one can change anyone else. They have to want it. He has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever known but he also is very gruff. He’s a combination of Lou GrantLou Grant and Andy Sypowicz Sipowicz  a scary  teddy bear. 

I’m going to try to go walk Bitzi as much as I can before the storm hits. I was feeling kind of yucky again last night and my mild sore throat / sinus junk came back. It seems like I’ve been trying to come down with something. I had that horrible digestive ick a couple days ago.

My old friend from high school,Echo,  has yet another skin cancer spot on her back that needs to be surgically removed. She’s had about ten removed so far from all over her body. She used tanning beds for years in her twenties and thirties and now the damage is done. She has had one hell of a time the last several years. 

5 years ago today ( after my stem cell transplant) 

And this morning .....

Saturday, March 28

Rain on the roof


I’ve been up for quite a while. I couldn’t get back to sleep and laid there tossing and turning, bothering Michael so I finally got up, put on my tone and slippers, washed my face, took out my retainers, brushed my teeth and came out to the kitchen and made myself a coffee with milk and cinnamon in it. I can hear the heavy rain on the roof and the gentle growl of thunder. I think it’s supposed to rain all day and night and into tomorrow.

This whole pandemic is like some weird bell tolling in my mind. I keep thinking of the principal of naturally occurring forest fires supposing to be nature’s way to clear the way for new growth. Is that the same deal as pandemics?Ive become so troubled watching the news with increasing numbers of deaths across the world. It’s very hard not to get bugged out by it. I’ve been trying hard to not let it get to me.

Yesterday Mike got an email from his company notifying all employees that effective immediately there would be an across the board 15% salary cut. About nine years ago it was a 20% cut so Mikes now down 35% of where his salary should be. Plus lately he’s working from home and having a lot more to do and longer hours. Frankly I’m surprised the paper’s still in business. They’ve been making cut after cut for years but at the same time buying up lots of smaller downstate newspapers. I call bullshit. Mike also has a dear old friend who’s on the edge of death. Yesterday was not a good day. The rain is now pelting down harder and louder.

Most  all of the day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I did technology training for distance learning. The platform the district has been using and pushing us to use and training us on ( well one of them) is called Zoom. It’s a free video conferencing app. As of last night at 6 pm we were told NOT to use it with our students due to liability matters with minors. I’ve already used it with a few students. Some teachers have built their whole distance learning units around it. Fucking swell guys.

Mike’s mother had her single brain tumor radiation treatment Wednesday from a gamma knife technology procedure. Evidently the cancer detected in the lower back of her brain was super tiny so it was just a one shot and done. In a week or so she’ll start going for her immunotherapy infusion treatments for the lung and lymph node cancer. Mike and his siblings are taking turns taking her. I haven’t been out to visit anyone or go inside any stores in a couple weeks. My immune system still isn’t strong or normal. We have about 90 confirmed cases of the virus in our county and 8 deaths so far. I’ve been going for walks every day so I get out of the house and don’t completely lose my shit. I’ll greet or chat with neighbors and passersby from a distance as I’m walking. The rain is slowing down now and dwindling off. There is a relaxed soft trickle sound of water out the front sitting room window. 

In the last week several the neighbors around us have had their landscape companies come and do their spring yard opening clean up and prep- remove branches and leaves, re-edge the flower beds, mow, mulch. Most of the neighbors in our 55+ community use landscapers. None of the yards are very big. Most of them also hire snow removal services. We do not. Yet. So anyway, the yards on either side of our house look all spruced up. Ours is not but it’s not bad. I walked around and inspected it yesterday looking for flowers coming up. 

Mike said his daughter is now having pretty bad postpartum depression and Justin, her husband, and Coleen, her mother, have been helping a lot with the baby. I have never been very close with her. She hasn’t let me and I haven’t pushed it. I try to be nice in a gentle way. Not pushy. I hope it gets better for her. 

Now I don’t hear any rain, just the high-pitched squeal and whoosh of the furnace in the laundry room. It’s taken some getting used to living in a house all on one floor with no basement. It is easier to take care of though. We got rid of a ton  of stuff when we moved. Our old house had a large finished basement and we accumulated so much stuff over the years.

Birds have woken up and are chirping away outside. I love birds. There is a wetland / marsh area behind down the hill from our yard and a park across the street with lots of tall stately oak trees so there are a lot of places for wildlife to live nearby. We seem to have a LOT of birds here. When we moved here birds had a big nest in our exhaust vent on the side of the house. You could hear them scratching around in there and going in and out. Pretty creepy. We put a screen up to prevent them from doing it. Every once in a while you can hear them scratching at it trying to get in. They frequently fly into a window too. 

So I have to fill out my TRS retirement forms, scan them and send them in this weekend. I also have to scan our 2016 income tax return because I was on disability due to my stem cell transplant that year and TRS needs that or I won’t start getting my pension. Also, due to Covid-19, there is not any school district retirees banquet planned. Yeah this all blows big time. Oh well.... onward and upward.

Fire And Rain
Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone
Susanne the plans they made put an end to you
I walked out this morning and I wrote down this song
I just can't remember who to send it to
I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again
Won't you look down upon me, jesus
You've got to help me make a stand
You've just got to see me through another day
My body's aching and my time is at hand
And I won't make it any other way
Oh, I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end
I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that I'd see you again
Been walking

Friday, March 6

Laugh a lot

6:26 am

Sipping my second cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon looking out the front window at the hazy gloomy sky. At least it’s Friday. At least it’s Friday. 

4:08. Due to my weak immune system and the fact I catch colds and flus and everything frequently I’m more than a little nervous of the spread of the corona virus. I’ve been trying to be extra careful and washing my hands thoroughly several times a day at school. SO many germs are at schools.

We’re going to the Huntley legion fish fry later and then coming home to watch Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. We are not partners, drinkers or night owls at all. I almost never have an alcoholic drink and Michael less than me. Life is exciting enough. I’m six try now and trying to stay as healthy as possible and take care of myself inside and outside. Great anti-aging creams.  best foundation Best primer product

Monday, February 24

FN Monday

Pretty bad sore throat this morning. The sky is really gloomy and overcast. There’s a bunch of snow, rain and wind coming tonight and tomorrow.

More later. 

5:02 pm  I went to the dentist after work and got my three fillings done. Now the left side of my face is numb.
At about 12:45 Michael called me and said his mother was having a complete hysterical sobbing breakdown. His Aunt called him and said she was over there and Annette kind of had a nervous breakdown and was sobbing and wailing so much she couldn’t talk and could barely breathe. It’s another week until her PET scan and brain MRI to see if the left lung cancer has spread but she is totally losing it. They called the doctor and her nurse called back and finally got her to calm down. This isn’t good. She shouldn’t be living alone. I’ve said it for a long time but they don’t listen to me.

Monday, February 17

(Temporary Backup) Winter in Chicago far west suburbs

Well I’m not driving down to Lewistown. It started snow sleeting yesterday afternoon and continued most of the night. It’s supposed to be warmer for a while this morning then later the temperature drops and it gets windy and flash freezes all the melted stuff. I made poached eggs egg poacher  and toast for breakfast then put on my insulated leggings, thermal Columbia top winter thermal top and my Ugg furry boots Winter boots  and put my hair in braids to control it. We’re going out to shovel and scrape ice in a few minutes. My throat is sore and my cough is getting worse. I’m going to the pool later and steaming myself in the sauna to open up my breathing. nebulizer

Now it’s snowing hard again! Gotta get our asses out there #midwestwinter, #chicagowinter and get to shoveling and using the snowblower.

Friday, February 14

Very cold this morning

Right now it’s -10 degrees outside. It’s supposed to be super cold all day. I’m feeling very sleep drunk and trying to snap out of it and wake up. Mike got me two bunches of flowers, chocolate and a gigantic card for Valentine’s Day #Valentinesday.  Usually he gets nothing or some lame silly card. After he completely ignored our twentieth anniversary and my sixtieth birthday--- a few months later after it kept eating at me how uncaring and insensitive he was I told him how much his lack of caring hurt me. Now he’s kind of going overboard but it actually seems forced, phony and insincere. I got him nothing. I guess you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t but I’m still hurting. You can’t just erase it like marker on a dry- erase board. It’s still there.

Gotta go get ready for work.

I got done at work early due to the valentine parties. I stopped at the store and then came home. It doesn’t seem so cold now. When I got home I made some spaghetti sauce and a yellow cake. Okay I’m trying to be nice for Valentine’s Day.

I’m depressed about the situation with Samantha and also about Annette’s cancer diagnosis. Mike got her oncologist appointment moved up to next Tuesday and he’s going with his mother.  Having been a reporter for years, he asks many great questions at a medical appointments, takes precise notes and has lots of experience being a cancer patient advocate. God knows he’s been through all the crazy bullshit with my cancer crap #cancersurvivor, #cancersucks, #cancerwarrior, #ihatecancer. He has several small wire bound reporters’ notebooks recording all my appointments and test results dating back to 2008.  I’m really glad that he’s going with her to ask questions and record information.

I’m waiting for the two cake layers to cool then I’ll frosting and assemble it. The spaghetti sauce is simmering on low.

Okay the cake is done. It looks good. The sauce is done. I turned it off because I don’t want the bottom to burn. I’ll go clean up the kitchen in a bit. I’ve had a mild sore throat and hoarseness all week. It’s impossible to rest my voice and not speak. I still have some residual congestion in my bronchial tubes and occasional cough but I feel it’s getting better little by little. You have to count your blessings, not your sorrows and have a grateful heart. 
5:51 I am feeling great heartache over my daughter cutting off the family. I can’t even check on my granddaughters. It just came out of the blue over Christmas. We don't have any idea why in the hell she’s acting this way or what on earth could possibly have happened for her to act this way. It really really hurts and worries me. I try to tell myself that it will all unfold and come out and be okay eventually but that doesn’t help. I’m sick with worry. I hope seeing my younger daughter and the kids tomorrow helps.

Sunday, February 9

Sunday snow’s a-comin

I made some cinnamon rolls this morning and now I’m finishing my second cup of coffee. It’s supposed to start snowing soon up to three inches and then start raining. I just don’t like the sleet and ice so maybe the rain will just melt all the snow. My friend who lives in Denver just got slammed with a crazy amount of snow so this stuff won’t seems like much compared to that. 

Mike and I didn’t do too much yesterday. We took his car ( black Chevy Tahoe) to Fast Eddies here in Huntley for an exterior wash and interior cleaning. I took my Kia Sorrento there Friday afternoon but just got the exterior wash as it was full of my instruments and school stuff. After the car wash yesterday we went to a couple stores then came home and stayed home. Neither of us are feeling very good or frisky. We’re both tired.  

Mike’s mom had a lung biopsy Thursday of a spot that showed up on a CT scan and she should get the pathology report back tomorrow or Tuesday. It’s the left lung. She had breast cancer on the left about fifteen years ago and was treated with a simple lumpectomy and a little radiation. She’s been pretty depressed since her husband Jerry died three years ago. She’s stopped going to mass, bingo and doesn’t want to go anywhere or take a shower or get dressed. We’ve all tried and tried.      

At some Point we’re going to go away to somewhere warm and sunny during February. We both like the thought of the Florida keys. Neither of us like crowds or touristy bullshit places. We really love nature and water.

11:16 It’s snowing very heavily now - crazy heavy but it’s not supposed to last that long or accumulate to much.     We’re cleaning the house, doing laundry and preparing for the coming work week. I think we’ll run out briefly and drop a couple things off at Goodwill. Since our house is smaller than the old one we need to continually thin things down. I guess I’m now used to not having a basement but we need to redo the attic stairs so I can go up and down more easily and safely to store and retrieve things. The aluminum pull-down stairs are hard to pull down and just scary for me#seniorcitizen, #aginggracefully, #retire2020, #chicagowinters.

So after cooking a bunch this week we now have in the fridge vegetable beef soup, pulled pork, meatballs and cheesecake  I should put some in the freezer today.
cheesecake mix

2:30 It's STILL snowing! I just made chocolate chip cookies and will put a bunch of stuff in the freezer ( the squirrel in me!)

3:27   I did some school work in my little back office. After I retire I can get rid of a lot more stuff. I bought Milo a trombone and a different mouthpiece and a padded strap for his case and a beginner book to start. I’ll also give him a folding music stand to go with it.

I put the chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls I baked today in smaller bags in the freezer. I don’t need them sitting out on the counter tempting me. Mike and I are going to go out and shovel before the sleet starts and it gets dark. We have a lawn maintenance company mow and trim all summer. I just tend my flowers. Lots of residents here in Sun City have snow removal service but we shovel our own. Both of Mike’s shoulders are starting to go bad. I’m sure he’ll get them fixed at some point. We’ll probably have the snow removal service at some point too.

5:19 I know today is an unusually long post for me. Sometimes I get on a roll. Also being stuck inside with the snow gave me ample time to blabber on more than usual.

We went out and shoveled then went to the store and ran a couple errands. It’s misting rain now. There’s probably 2-3 inches of snow on the ground but it’s pretty wet and melting and slides easily. Since I’m so congested I got about a third of the driveway cleared and had to stop for a huge hacking attack before I continued. I had a couple of those before we were finished. Got a lot of gunk out from all the hacking though.
We just got home from errands and the neighbor lady kitty corner across the street from us with the loud vicious dog who always barks it’s fucking head off was out shoveling ( and of course, you could hear her fucking dog barking inside the house) so Mike gave me the bags to bring inside and said he was going to go help her shovel. I would have gone to help too if it weren’t for her having that loud fucking dog barking ALL THE TIME. Uh no....

I’m making a little fettuccine after while. I got a new seed starter kit and some zinnia flower seeds!!! The snow plow just went by. We live on a corner lot. Every time the snowplow goes by they pile our driveway closed! Damn it! I think they do it on purpose.

Saturday, January 18

Winter in Chicago far west suburbs

Well I’m not driving down to Lewistown. It started snow sleeting yesterday afternoon and continued most of the night. 

 t’s supposed to be warmer for a while this morning then later the temperature drops and it gets windy and flash freezes all the melted stuff. I made poached eggs egg poacher  and toast for breakfast then put on my insulated leggings, thermal Columbia top winter thermal top and my Ugg furry boots Winter boots  and put my hair in braids to control it.

 We’re going out to shovel and scrape ice in a few minutes. My throat is sore and my cough is getting worse. I’m going to the pool later and steaming myself in the sauna to open up my breathing. nebulizer 

Now it’s snowing hard again! Gotta get our asses out there #midwestwinter, #chicagowinter and get to shoveling and using the snowblower.

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