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Tuesday, May 5


11:10am. Today is chilly and rainy. Yesterday was a no school day and last Friday was as well. Now I just really don’t feel like doing these Zoom group lesson meetings today. Mostly only the good kids attend. The slackards generally don’t log on or do any of the alternate assignments we make available. I’m getting so frustrated and keep telling myself I’m doing my best and it doesn’t matter. I have 16 days left. Germ masks
Yesterday while surfing online I discovered that there is a job opening for Activity director at a community center here in town  so I filled out an application on zip recruiter and threw together some quick bullshit resume and attached it but at the end was a big long in-depth questionnaire. It took me forever. Anyway so now I’m officially “ hunting” for my next job / adventure. Mike has his tail in a twist over how much our income tax bill and property taxes are with his salary cut and my retirement. Next year our income tax will go up as I’m taking a lump sum from TRS rather than have higher yearly percentage Increases to my pension. I just figured I wouldn’t live long enough to recoup it so I want to make sure Mike has the house & car paid off and the remodeled kitchen but taking that lump will push us into a higher tax bracket. We’ll be eligible for the senior discount rate on property taxes in a couple years. Things will work out okay I’m confident. I’ll find another job. I’m not worried. 
Buddha fountain
For dinner tonight I’m making beef and chicken soft tacos with sautéed jalapeño, Serrano and poblano peppers, queso cheese and avocado and sour cream, yellow rice and black refried beans, salsa and chips.  I have margaritas in individual serving pouches in the freezer. We really love Mexican food. 
Mexican cookbook
Sarah said her dad has stage 4 colon cancer and has 8 nodules in his lungs, a blood clot in his leg and an aortic aneurysm . She said he has sallow skin tone, is weak and boney  and can’t eat. I have been crying off and on the past few hours. This will be so hard on the kids and grandkids. She doesn’t think he has too long. It’s really strange how life goes. 

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