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Saturday, July 11

Knee jerk

5:07pm.  It’s been a good day so far. I have my knee brace on- it’s been hurting again and feeling weird. Mike is off playing golf down by Henry, IL with men from his family.  I’ve been messing with the dog most of the day. I went out to the garden twice and used the hoe a bit. Using the hoe chopping the weeds wears me out so badly in the heat.
The last two days I went to our indoor pool and did a whole bunch of exercises and today I’m pretty tired, slow and sore. There are only so many time slots limited to ten people at a time that can use the indoor pool. One of the outdoor pools is open but I haven’t been yet. 

Saturday, July 4

Independence Day

5:30am Saturday, July 4

Mike just left to play an early golf game with a couple friends. They went last week and are trying to make this a weekly early morning thing.I woke up soon after he got out of bed. This morning I’m going to take the dog out for a walk, go out to the garden to water and come home and watch Hamilton on my iPad on Disney +. Mike doesn’t care for musicals so it’s better for me to watch it without him. He mostly likes to watch cop, detective shows, the food network and Shark Tank. We both like Jeopardy and Real Time with Bill Maher and Anderson Cooper 360.Ive been doing a lot of gardening and my flower beds we created last summer are starting to fill in and look more mature. It takes a lot of watering, weeding, fertilizing, deadheading and transplanting but I get such joy and satisfaction from it. I love picking bouquets from my own garden to give as gifts. 
I’m drinking my first coffee now. Bitzi is still sleeping in her crate and the blinds are drawn. All is quiet aside from gentle bird noises outside. I love the stillness and soft glow of mornings. The news reports are saying the COVID-19 virus numbers are rapidly rising again. It’s seems that this awful plague will never end. 

I have volunteered to be one of three reps from my Sun City neighborhood (#3). I’ve talked to the two outgoing lady reps about it. Mostly my rep slot would include setting up two yearly parties / get together events. It doesn’t seem that it would be difficult, so I said I’d do it. I thought it would be a good way to get more involved in my neighborhood and meet more wouldn’t officially start until October. 

I’m trying to protect myself from getting too overwhelmed and freaked out by life these days. I’m watching less news and unfollowing unfriending people and groups on social media. I don’t want to hear / see / read a bunch of negative ridiculous conservative pro- trump swill. I’m just so tired of it. I’m now living in this 55+ community and there are lots of older ignorant brainless conservative pro-Trump stick up their asses types around here. I have to tread lightly and be good at changing the subject quickly. The zombies walk among us! 

Hello darkness my old friend

It’s 5:55 and I’ve been up for forty minutes. I’ll leave here shortly to drive the mile to our lodge to use the pool and workout. I didn’t g...