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Saturday, February 29

Blackberry pancakes

10:24 It’s Saturday and I’ve been up for a couple hours. We went out a did some errands and I made blackberry pancakes when we got back. I just ate one with my coffee. Pretty darned tasty. Mike just left to go to the Chicago golf show with his son Casey, son-in-law Justin and nephew Matthew. He’ll be gone several hours. I’m going to go get my car washed and then go hang out at the lodge pool #justkeepswimming, #watertherapy, #wellness. I am trying for calmer, happier, healthier.

This Tuesday Mike goes to the doctor for his shoulders and neck issues and Thursday he’s taking his mom for her PET scan and brain MRI. That will be a big ordeal to get done.

Testing testing testing

I’m trying to figure out how to work this Amazon Affiliate business in a way that I can easily manage.  Discount birdbath!  I hope I’m doing...