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Saturday, October 3

Very nippy

I made some old fashioned oats with cinnamon, berries and honey. Pretty good but I like it with crunchy peanut butter in it better.

I took the dog outside about 30 minutes ago but there were too many distractions and she wouldn’t pee. It’s really cold out there and I was surprised to see so many people out on the sidewalks walking their dogs. I didn’t stay out with her very long. I haven’t been feeling good the last several days. My knee is acting up again and my neck and back have been hurting and I’ve been tired and wheezing a little with some occasional pain in my left lung. This morning I kind of feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I’m going to hunker down and take it easy. It’s cold enough outside I could have used a second jacket and gloves. I just changed out of my footie socks to tall wool socks and put gel insoles in my Skechers. It’s hell to get old. Mike was up quite a bit during the night with his left shoulder pain. 

10:04 I took Bitzi for another long walk up the steep hill of the park path across the street. It hasn’t warmed up since earlier this morning. I still needed gloves. Cliff is here-Mike’s longtime friend who is a professional carpenter / handyman. He just got home yesterday from a big job in Utah. We’re having him do a bunch of stuff to our house. We’re on the edge of getting a lot of things done around here. 

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