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Saturday, August 8

I have become comfortably numb

8:39am I’ve been up for a couple hours. I’m waiting for the UPS store and Kohl’s to open so I can take in some Amazon returns. I started feeling a little creepy with a sore throat last night. I gargled with salt water, flushed my sinuses and took a Benadryl. I slept pretty well but I still feel a bit of a sore throat and a little feverish but my temperature is normal.

2:36pm we went to a couple stores to return a few of my Amazon things and came back home and cleaned up some kid messes and put bedding away and ran the vacuum.
Our next door neighbor, John, is 100 years old today and some of the neighbors put together a parade for him and some military guys came dressed in uniforms and gave him military salutes and medals. I took a bunch of pictures and Mike is getting a story in tomorrow’s paper ( I’ll get credit for photos!). At five the neighbors on the other side of John and his wife Fran, Steve & Marcia are holding a birthday party on their driveway so I’m taking down my rolling Bluetooth speak and have created a playlist of 40s and 50s and military music for the party. I have a big insulated thermos I filled with ice and sugar-free lemonade & vodka to take. I’m already buzzed from tasting it while I was mixing it up.

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