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Thursday, June 18

Rip snorting

7:14 am.  I’m awake and still foggy headed. I’m sitting here drinking my coffee. Mike is bustling around in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. The landscapers came today - normally they come on Friday. It took them under fifteen minutes to buzz the yard and vanish. I’m taking the boys back today - meeting Sarah in Lacon. They started getting homesick yesterday and asked if they could go home a day early. I’m tired. I got too much sun on my arms and back while working in the yard yesterday. I had put sunscreen on in the morning but didn’t reapply it in the afternoon. I’m planning to leave here with the boys by 8:30 and I’m taking the puppy along so I’ll have to stop to let her out to drink & play. 

Thursday, May 14

Sheets of rain

It’s pouring rain really hard, hitting the roof, windows and siding. It was storming earlier so I just got up out of bed. I was rereading some of my previous posts and was horrified by some awful glaring typos! OMG I’m usually posting quickly here and there in the mornings and in spare minutes throughout the day on my IPad with one finger without proofreading before hitting publish. Gaaaaah! I’ve got to quit doing that. My apologies. 

A couple weeks ago  my daughter invited me to join a Facebook group “ Wine Fairies of Central Illinois” so out of curiosity I joined to discover thousands of women across central Illinois are members and they anonymously deliver presents of wine and other treats to members in the group. It’s sort of like secret Santa to bring cheer and fun during these troubling pandemic times when we’re all stuck at home. So I watched the group , saw the great posts and pictures and comments from people delighted by their surprise gifts and treats so I decided on Monday to start one here. On Facebook it’s called Wine Fairies of Sun City Huntley. I invited one neighbor friend but now there are 20 new ladies. It’s a good way to get to know other women, make friends and spread a little cheer. When this is all over we’re going to meet in person for a wine party. So far everyone’s liking it and telling their friends. I went out and made two deliveries Tuesday. 

7:24am The rain has settled down to a drizzle and I heard faint thunder in the distance and the dripping from the roof and gutters. The sky is bleak and now I hear another wave of rain again.

Sarah told me her dad finally saw an oncologist for the first time. He said the nodules showing up in his lungs aren’t cancer but typical farmer lungs ( caused from inhaling grain dust, livestock dander, etc. for years.) They are getting a PET scan done ( should have seen an oncologist long ago and had one) but he has to be off his blood thinner for a couple days prior to scan ( he has a blood clot in his leg) and then depending on results will surgically remove his colon cancer. Sarah has really been the only one helping her dad and she has three little boys and just finished a couple college courses online. I’m going to go see her Friday for a bit. I worry about her. I’ve been talking to my oldest daughter for a few weeks now ( after months of her not communicating with anyone) but she is not helping with her dad much at all. There is a big swirling turbulent ocean of memories and feelings mixed up in that situation. 
Mike is up now and staggered out of the bedroom and groaned walking in to the kitchen for a drink. I’m chilly and have a blanket on my legs and lap here in the recliner in the front sitting room. The rain is beating down hard again with increasing thunder. The ground is going to be soaked. 


5 years ago. Chemo at Rush University hospital in Chicago before going to Loyola for my stem cell transplant. This was my chemo buddy pig. 

I’m getting better at practicing more seriously. My chops are improving. Need different strength reading glasses. 

This is a Snapchat filter of me as a guy!

Thursday, April 16

These are trying times


Mike is on a phone meeting with the high school sports editor in the back office behind two doors across the room and down the hall from me and I can still hear every word he says. He has a big boomy resonant voice- not as deep as Darth Vader but in the team picture.

The landscape crew has been working away in our yard for a couple hours this morning. They removed this odd dirt hump berm that had held these skinny evergreen carrot-shaped trees we had removed when we moved in last March. They also got up on the roof and cleaned all the gutters, re-edged the flower beds, mulched and put sod down. We used Renee Alvarez’s Greenside Up company at the old house for years. They’re such nice guys and do great work for reasonable prices. Our old house yard was MUCH bigger than this current one. 

It’s supposed to snow again today.

I couldn’t go to sleep last night for a long time. I don’t know what the deal was. I’ve been sleeping so good. Maybe my sleep tank was full.

Thursday, February 6

The world as it is

Good morning. I go to six different schools during the week. My Thursday school just had the principal removed and put on administrative leave and I still don’t know why but the district has made counselors available to staff. Since I’m only there for three quarters of one day a week I’m not in the teacher gossip loop. Now last night someone posted a threat for this school I’m going to today and police have been called and plant ops came in to inspect the building to make sure it’s safe. This is the world we live in. I’m sure at some point I’ll find out about that principal.

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