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Thursday, February 11

Getting back on the horse

5:46 am This is the first morning in a while that I haven’t canceled my 6:30 pool time. I’m drinking my coffee and read my news and trying to come awake......In a little while I’ll go change into my swimsuit and put my easy stretchy pants over it and go to the pool to exercise. I haven’t been in about a week because of the bitter cold, going for the vaccine and yesterday my arm was sore but now I’m getting back to it. I’ve been eating more carbs lately because of the cold Weather I guess so I’m going to shift back to lower carbs. My gut feels better with fewer carbs. Or just not overly- processed junk carbs. 

I watched a bunch of the impeachment trial. Even at this point it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that most of the Republicans will not vote to convict Trump of inciting the insurrection. It’s plain as day. What a gutless bunch of assholes. He is such a big boogieman that they’re afraid to cross him and his cult. Total horseshit. 

Mike is still sleeping. Bitzi is sleeping. Mike is getting his first Covid vaccine ( the Pfizer one) on Friday morning here at our main lodge in Sun City. The last two weeks they’ve been doing the 75+ people but now they’re scheduling others 55+ with underlying health issues. Mike has type 2 diabetes and asthma. They also already made his second vaccine appointment. The update on the availability of these to us came AFTER I already got the Moderna vaccine in Elgin through my old school district. I’m still waiting for the email link to schedule my second dose. The Pfizer vaccine has a 21-day wait. Moderna 28 days so I should get my second one around March 9 and they say about two weeks after that for the full immune effect.

8:04 I had a great refreshing workout in the pool! I feel good now. I hate dragging out of bed so early when it’s dark but I always feel better after I go. At the end of my workout I always stand in the middle of my lane, look up at the skylight and silently thank God for all my blessings. It rejuvenates me.

This morning Sun City has a free Valentine Goody drive-thru giveaway. Usually they have one once a month themed to different holidays. I tried to go to one last year but the line of cars was shockingly long so I didn’t do it. I’m going to try it this morning. I’m taking Bitzi with me so I can take her for a walk at the lodge afterward. 

Friday, August 21


I’m typing with one finger on my iPad in the still of the early morning. I can hear Michael’s faint rumble snore from the bedroom behind the sound of the ticking wall clock. I had a pretty good sleep although I woke up a couple times itching. I think a mosquito must have gotten in. They always find me.

I have an indoor pool one- hour time slot reservation this morning. The schedule five time slots each week day allowing twelve people total. There are also four two-hour times you can swim at the outdoor pool. You don’t need an appointment and just show up but they only allow fifty so it’s a first come basis. I’ve been there twice now. Most of the people are there just to stand ( or float on pool noodles) and chit chat. At the indoor pool everyone is exercising or swimming laps. I took my foam barbells and did my exercises at the outdoor pool the other day but everyone else was just standing around. I just did my exercises for an hour and left. I was worn out.

Tonight is the wedding in Elburn. I’m looking forward to it. There are only going to be around fifty people there. It’s probably going to be kind of strange with people in masks but oh well. I’m wearing a new royal blue wrap dress and haven’t even tried it on yet. I hope it looks good.

Mike at Rush hospital 11 years ago when I was very bad and near death.

Lola a few years ago learning to shoot her bow.

I know the pandemic is going on but I keep daydreaming about getting away somewhere- the Florida Keys, a cruise, Gatlinburg, The Mirage in Las Vegas......I just want to get away. Mike is too wary of one of us contracting the virus . The damned virus.

9:15 Mike is in a Zoom meeting in his office. I cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed the crusted baked beans dish with an SOS pad and got it clean finally ( it soaked overnight) and I loaded the dishwasher, wiped the counters off, took out the trash and recycling and cooked the two remaining ears of sweet corn in the microwave so I can keep them in a ziplock bag in the fridge. Mike loved the ribs I made yesterday. I let them char on the grill then wrapped them in foil and cooked them slow in the oven for several hours sealed in foil. Mine was a bit too salty for me. I think the rub plus the barbecue sauce equaled too much salt but he loved them. I haven’t made ribs in a couple years. 

Wednesday, February 19

Porcupine in my throat

The TV news makes my head throb. I want to watch it but I don’t want to watch it. Reading the paper is kind of the same but usually not as cheesy. Yesterday president Trump commuted the prison sentence of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. That didn’t surprise me at all. Trump is just doing things for that flash, shock and publicity. I hope I live to see the day he’s run out of office and locked up for all his crimes.
Tonight is another Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, the first one including billionaire former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. He is the eighth richest person on earth worth an estimated 68 billion dollars. I am anxious to see how he functions at the debate.

I feel like crap this morning. My throat is sore, I’m congested and my eyes have been watering, itching, matting shut and sensitive for weeks. I’m going to the doctor after school today. I just feel like sleeping all the time lately. Part of that is the weather and gloominess every day.

I want to be here....

Yesterday Mike took his mother to the oncologist. Her tumor on the left side is about 2” in diameter. It is mutation PDL1. The oncologist said this cancer type responds well to immune therapy but she has to have tests to make sure it hasn’t metastasized to other organs before treatment is decided. She has to have a brain MRI and a full body PET scan. Once they were done with the oncologist appointment it was too late to schedule the scans so Mike will do that today #cancersucks, #lungcancer, #curecancer. Mike is all too familiar with all these procedures, testing and medical linger from being ny cancer advocate for years.

I need to go to the grocery store again. Mike will stop at the store but he doesn’t shop to cook meals. He’ll pick up an item or two if I ask him but mostly he’ll get himself Gatorade or hot dogs or stuff like that. He doesn’t cook so doesn’t get the meal prep shopping deal. Maybe I can go during my time gap between schools. 

Thursday, January 16

I have become comfortably numb

I'm feeling pretty glum tonight. I'm frustrated, sad and feel helpless. You can only do so much. 

Friday 4:98 am

I still haven’t really spoken to my oldest daughter in a few weeks but have got a couple quick dodging text responses. I’m pretty sure something awful has happened and she doesn’t want to tell anyone. I am vexed and can’t quit worrying.  I just have this suspicious feeling and it’s driving me crazy. I want to help. My protective mama bear alert has been going off. I’m afraid it’s her husband and she’s afraid or ashamed to tell. I have lived that situation and I know. I wish she would talk to me. I guess when she’s ready.She’s an adult and I can’t make her do anything #parentinggrownadults 

Pink Floyd  I Have Become Comfortably Numb 
Comfortably Numb

My ex father in law is supposed to be near death my younger daughter told me yesterday. He’s 90-some and has lived in Florida for many years. I can’t even remember the last time I saw him.  He and my ex husband had a very weird not close relationship.One reason my ex was messed up.  I did not like my ex father-in-law. He was a very harsh , brash know-it-all asshole in his younger days. I have actually been getting along with my ex husband the last year. Funny how times fixes things and you come to realize so much more and grow wiser. It took a long long time for all that anger and hurt to heal #timehealsallwounds 

 For a couple months I’ve had this sense, this funny feeling in my gut that something was coming, something big was going to happen or someone was going to die. I’ve felt it looming in the background, a premonition or whatever.I feel it hasn’t happened yet but it’s still unclear and I still feel it hanging in the air out there #premonition, #intuition

I’ve been fighting a sore throat and a wolf cough the last few days and it seems like maybe it’s not going to get so bad. I’ve been taking my Emergency C powder every morning, my vitamins, probiotic, kefir, flushes my sinuses, gargling with warm salt water, running the vaporizer beside the bed at night, washing my hands a lot and I take Advil Cold & Sinus gel capsules . 
Advil cold gel caps

The flu is going through the schools. My six year old grandson has been sick with a fever and cough all week but is feeling better now. If the weather isn’t bad I’m going to drive down to Lewistown in the morning m hopefully see my grandson Waylon who I haven’t seen in a long time and the other kids and come home Sunday afternoon. I have a dentist appointment for fillings Monday at 8am. I have 5 small cavities that developed while I had braces.  

I’ve been awake since about 2am. I tried to go back to sleep for a while. Mike was making his funny breathing snoring sounds, obviously asleep. I don’t want to wake him so I just got up and made coffee, put my socks on, grabbed my throw blanket and turned the thermostat up. Today should be an easy day. I’m only at one school.

Yesterday some mysterious yellow envelope was delivered to Mikes newspaper office with crazy 9-11 scrawlings all over the front so the police and EMS were contacted and eventually the FBI. The building was evacuated and the deemed the envelope safe for transport and took it to the lab. Mike was notified before he left the house in the morning so he just worked from home. After a few hours the staff was allowed back in the building to resume work.  They’ve received crazy threats many times. Some nut job gets pissed off about some story or editorial they read in the paper and decide to come down to the office and kick somebody’s ass or shoot up the building. One crank threaten to slash throats and rape all the women. Journalism can be a risky profession and it has only gotten worse in our current political climate and current administration. Mike has been confronted in the parking lot walking to his car in the past. He has fielded numerous threatening calls. They have a secure facility and security guards on hand but things still happen.
The Daily Herald

Wednesday, January 8

Funky town

I keep trying to avoid the news but you really can’t. I don’t know why more people aren’t going postal and over the edge batshit crazy given the current state of our country. There is no place to run and hide. It seems like a nightmare. Pray for peace people everywhere.

Back to work this week. I’m only starting to get out of my vacation brain fog head funk. Five more months.
Still havent heard from Samantha.....

Testing testing testing

I’m trying to figure out how to work this Amazon Affiliate business in a way that I can easily manage.  Discount birdbath!  I hope I’m doing...