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Saturday, May 2

Ya do what cha gotta do

11:12am   It’s warm today and I’ve been outside several times. I tended my perennials and took my snippers and cut off all the dead tops to ease the new growth coming up. I filled my hummingbird feeders and relocated them. My solar birdbath fountain is actually dead I believe. I don’t know what the hell happened to it. Disappointed and mildly pissed about it.

I have bread rising and I baked a pan of chocolate chip brownies and I have a beef roast in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes that will cook several hours.

In a little while we’re going over to see Jackson our new grandson. He is Mikes daughter Shannon and her husband Justin’s baby. It’s their first baby. She’s been a nervous wreck and suffered with terrible postpartum depression and anxiety. We are seeing the baby on the back patio, wearing masks, not entering the house, not touching the baby or anything. She has called and rescheduled the viewing appointment twice today in response to Jackson’s schedule. She has it all written out to the minute. I’m not really feeling like going given her obvious angst. I want to tell Mike I’ll just stay home but there I’m sure he would be mad and hurt. This all feels terribly strained and awkward. Her fruit loop mother has been staying over there helping with the baby. She is a little skinny hunched over old crow with ridiculously bowed legs. She has a really harsh voice and cackle laugh and she’s really LOUD and always starved for attention. I try to be polite but keep my distance. Sigh......

I ordered from Instacart for the first time yesterday. It will be delivered this afternoon. 

2:31 We’re back home now. We’re back home now. Baby Jackson is beautiful and perfect. Mikes ex was there and had to come out to the patio and get right in the middle as always. She’s been staying here the whole six weeks since the baby was born.
Now I’m really missing my grandkids and feeling very sad. 

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