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Friday, February 28

Quiet day

This is a school district in-service day and I took the day off. I’m still congested, tired, burned out and glum. Still no progress with my daughter who hasn’t been talking to any of us since Christmas ( none of us did or said anything. There was no incident or confrontation.) Its very worrisome, frustrating aggravating. I have been in angst for many weeks now. 
The situation with Mike’s mom continues to get worse. She is depressed, angry, unwilling to do or participate in anything, help herself.Her PET scan is next Thursday but since her initial diagnosis of lung cancer she’s just given up. If the PET scan shows it has spread it will only make things worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if she refuses treatment. 

Mike is getting ready to leave for work. I have to take my clarinet over to Les in Streamwood to fix my pinkie key problem. I couldn’t see to fix it myself. I may go to the pool and sauna and steam myself. All these news reports of the corona virus spreading are concerning. I have a weak immune system anyway and don’t need more stuff to catch #pandemic. I’m glad I’m retiring and in a bunch of schools all the time. 

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